Why Is Joe Biden Suing Facebook And Instagram Over Vaccine Posts? 1

Why Is Joe Biden Suing Facebook And Instagram Over Vaccine Posts?


Facebook is back in hot water after an explosive New York Times investigative report found the company hid the truth about its most popular viral content after the company discovered the most-viewed link on the platform raised doubt about the coronavirus vaccine. MSNBC’s Chief Legal Correspondent Ari Melber reports on the legal implications of Facebook’s cover-up and the Biden administration’s “anti-trust” complaint against the company. (This interview is from MSNBC’s “The Beat with Ari Melber, a news show covering politics, law and culture airing nightly at 6pm ET on MSNBC. ).

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    1. @Blue Lagoon Anyone ever recommend mental health to you ? Guys are guys. Since your hiding behind a silly pseudonym, I don’t know which you are. If you are a guy, I’m betting you wish you had his cash so you could indulge in whatever weird crap is going through your mind. You don’t know anymore about Bill Gates than you do me. Not that you didn’t get from some nutball website, or Facebook. Go seek help. I honestly don’t care what you think. Go away.

    2. @robert caldwell it’s always the fools with the iq of a rock that call out those telling the truth. nothing has added up or made sense from day one. covid is the biggest scam ever imposed on humanity. If you respond to me, you’re getting blocked. I no longer deal with unintelligent, brainwashed fools.

    3. @Greg Dickinson anyone who is capable of adding 1 and 1 and getting 2 is capable of knowing for a FACT that covid is bs. It is the biggest scam ever, and the hospitals are full of vaccine injuries… one point 7 million lives are now GONE forever from the vaccines. graphene oxide.

  1. Think he left it really clear to those people who say on here “the media wants to control us” as to who really wants to have the control.

    1. @PointZeroTwo Nah Zuckerberg isn’t an actor he is a hacker thief. As for the rest.. you really should focus more on learning how to see if things or real or not because you are off base.

    2. That’s the A.I. Zuckerberg has been a CGI character for years. That’s why they got that Jesse kid to make a movie about him, and make him more real. No one real has ever met him, HE’S NOT REAL.

    1. Only thing they are “peddling” is marketing from the free data all you boobs provided them. Deleted your account? Sure ya did😂😂. Look at what terms of service were/are and what else FB owns now. Data-Trapped everyone for life.

    2. @Bart Man This is what happens when one chooses videos games as their reality. You are a product of poor decisions.

    1. I find it amazing that the taliban is allowed on Facebook and Twitter yet president Trump isn’t…
      And the unvaccinated killing people?
      No what killed people was the lab that created the vaccine and Dr. Fascist Fouchi who funded it

  2. What about suing the news channels that have ppl spewing misinformation and politicians who also are?? Not everyone is on Facebook!!

  3. Do people still use facebook? I closed my account and that was the most rewarding thing I’ve ever done.

    1. To be fair, Google isn’t buying up all of the YouTube competition. Dailymotion, Vimeo, Twitch and a ton of other Video Platforms exist. Facebook eliminates the competition by Buying them, Google/YouTube actually competes.

    1. @SMA Productions so what have you been producing since you started your channel 6 months ago besides irrelevant replies, hmm? 🧐🙄

  4. Facebook started out as a convenient and entertaining way to communicate with family and friends. Not a bad idea, really. But from that to what we’re seeing now is disgusting and destructive.

    1. I agree, its disgusting partisan censorship like North Korea does, they tell the people there the same bs you are cheering on here. Itz not disinformation!! Get off your high horses and out of your liberal media bubble

    1. And only lets what the government tells him is true have a voice on his neutral platform that he has Goverment protection for being a neutral platform for. He belongs to the Biden administration he must have forgot. We are children in America now and our government has to protect us from misinformation

  5. The “most popular potus in world history” wouldn’t have to sue anyone b/c everyone <3s him...Unless of course, he isn't?...Yeah, he isn't.

  6. this MSNBC report, or whatever you’d call it, seems suspicious about how he’s wording things. i’m not convinced it’s FB is the real culprit even if they do help stoke the flames sometimes but when they censor that is also stoking flames

    1. Freedom of speech is the important remedy for lies, slander, propaganda, and such promoted by the powerful. “Censorship” is what the powerful do to hide the truth. That’s why we already have laws about slander and other lies that cause harm.

    1. Freedom of speech is the important remedy for lies, slander, propaganda, and such promoted by the powerful. “Censorship” is what the powerful do to hide the truth. That’s why we already have laws about slander and other lies that cause harm. Comparing rules to rein in Facebook’s powerful spread of harmful misinformation to Nazi persecutions is obscene.

  7. Best news I’ve heard in a long time. It should have happened way sooner! Big social media is destroying this world.

  8. My belief is that when a corporation reaches a certain size, say the size of a small state or country, it should be treated as a government entity for purposes of the US Constitution; it should be obligated to honor the Constitutional rights of its customers/employees/users as if it were a government entity and its power should be limited by any and all relevant laws applying to state governments.

    1. Yup. It should actually come with going public and having their stock listed on public exchanges WE are paying to regulate.

    2. @Funny Money I like it! I studied the origins of corporate law for my post-JD degree and arrived at the opinion that limited liability needs to be limited. Anyone claiming to be a small-government conservative or libertarian should agree.

    3. @Liz Hall No, isn’t. The first amendment protects you from the government. Freedom of speech is a concept that supercedes the first amendment or any legal concept. It’s a principle.

    4. @Liz Hall Exactly. Under my suggested rule, large corporations would be required to honor the right to free speech in the same way that a government must. Then, everyone crying about “free speech” when a corporation censors someone would be spot on. For example, if Google were forced to comply with constitutional free speech protections, they’d be prohibited from banning, shadow banning, and censoring political speech in any way, whether conservative, liberal, or otherwise. I am not a conservative by any stretch, but I am 100% against censoring conservatives except to the extent that they’re directly advocating for violence, perpetrating fraud, or otherwise engaging in unprotected speech. I’m not a liberal either, and the same applies to them, but it does seem like conservatives are censored more by mass media institutions. But who knows. My perceptions of censorship could have been influenced and may be inaccurate. If anything I’m against the aggregation of power, whether by government or corporations. I guess that makes me a liberal by conservative standards and a conservative by liberal standards.

  9. It’s comical that the news does the exact thing. Just stop believing what you see and hear and go pick up books and read. If you blindly follow any source that’s not self researched then you deserve your fate.

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