Why Is Warnock Outpolling Fellow Democrat Ossoff In Georgia? Steve Kornacki Takes A Look | MSNBC 1

Why Is Warnock Outpolling Fellow Democrat Ossoff In Georgia? Steve Kornacki Takes A Look | MSNBC


Democratic Senate candidate Jon Ossoff is lagging behind Rev. Raphael Warnock, even in places where he’s leading his opponent, GOP Sen. David Perdue. Steve Kornacki explores possible explanations. Aired on 1/5/2021.
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Why Is Warnock Outpolling Fellow Democrat Ossoff In Georgia? Steve Kornacki Takes A Look | MSNBC


    1. All these angry democrats selling their rights for 2 grand.
      Good thing ya’ll don’t mind socialism because china will be here soon.

    2. @B B Not sure you understand Germany’s history very well when you’re advocating for staunch antigunners to run the country

  1. Way too close to say who won.
    I just don’t understand why anyone would vote the gop candidates in. They both are corrupt people who do nothing for their constituents!

    1. @TOLA KANN your correct, this isn’t about them as individuals, the Republicans are trying to hold onto the senate no matter how despicable the candidates are.

    2. How so?! The remaining votes come from HEAVILY DEMOCRATIC AREAS in Georgia! ITS A WIN/WIN FOR THE DEMOCRATS!!!

    3. I will never ever vote for the Republicans, but I see why others might.

      1- Republicans have an image as stronger leaders because of their nationalistic tone vs. the Dems’ laissez faire attitude, which endears them to rural voters and nationalists.
      2- They’re more openly Christian, oppose abortion, LGBTQ marriage, legal marijuana etc. which makes them attractive to rural voters and conservative religious communities.
      3- Some people were really concerned about Democratic control of the presidency, House and Senate all at the same time because they fear leftist/communist takeovers. This is particularly appealing to people who tend to have a very broad definition of “communism”, especially some older citizens.
      4- Their take on small government and tax cuts for the affluent make them an attractive choice for the suburban rich.
      5- Unlike the Democrats, their base is very tolerant when they go extreme in their right-wing policies, allowing them to target the far-right vote without losing their original supporters.
      6- Their anti-immigration stance is extremely appealing to nationalistic and/or less educated individuals who feel threatened by immigration because the immigrants might take their jobs.

      That’s quite a few people they appeal to.

  2. Perdue is an incumbent and Loeffler attacked the black church
    Why are people surprised she is behind

    1. @Randy Couch I heard the My Pillow guy is donating pillows specially designed to soak up ALL your LOSER snowflake tears

    1. @B B We know and helpless to change unless the poor and middle class realize republicans are only for the wealthy we are doomed and after 4 million voted for these 2 corrupt republicans hope is fading fast

  3. It doesn’t surprise me that Loeffler isn’t popular. She was appointed, and didn’t earn her wings to make it to the senate

    1. Take a Zantac, ads say you may have a class action claim. Ha, but I hear there’s a CBD or smoke. Certainly Relate, a half sigh of relief just like Nov 3. Let’s keep this memory to avoid another constitutional crisis in Midterms 2022, 2024

    1. Let’s hope Biden will realize his power. The Freedom/faith?breakfast club has become greedy, dangerously authoritarian with the goal of one party only America. Ingnore that dirty dozen The Bipartisan Working Caucus can work together, for the people and UNITEDStay strong Joe.

    2. I see I’m not the only one that doesn’t care too much for that purple guy Mitch…his name becomes him

    1. Because while they think trump isnt president material doesnt mean they disagree with local politicians.. plus you know they said in georgia it’s harder to get certain people to vote twice so close

    2. Many people are stupid and vote like morons. That’s why Warnock won by enough and Ossoff will squeak by.

    3. I am not American but British living in Azerbaijan but watching this with great interest Steve did explain Republican voters in November voted Biden but voted for their state rep split voting even I understand

    4. @Samantha Boyer the next few years are going to be hard for you. Might be good to turn the tv off, put a mask on and go for a walk. And please don’t wear that silly magat hat again, we already know you are a loser.

    1. Radical liberal is an oxymoron. Nothing radical about being a liberal. Leftist would be a better term.

    1. @Oscar Martinez The senate already invoked the “nuclear option” to pass anything with a simple majority instead of 60/40 to prevent filibusters on supreme court nominations, and there’s a lot of conjecture about whether they can do so again to remove the ability to filibuster/cloture at all. It’s always progress up and until the moment it’s not, and if you’re supporting the current direction at the very least, we have to be the ones to grab the party and make it our own over the next few years.

  4. Billionaire Loeffler’s pandering with her red Walmart jacket, baseball cap and denim shirt insulted some Georgian voters.

    1. That explains alot when you have such a radical ideology for the left that can ruin this country not only your state . Your worried about a jacket she wore wtf is wrong with people.

  5. Not many people know this but the party in power gets to choose what desserts are served in the Senate Cafeteria.
    Democrats means puddings and pies. Republicans sugar free Jello…..

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