Why It’s So Difficult To Safely Reopen Schools In The Era Of COVID-19 | All In | MSNBC

Why It’s So Difficult To Safely Reopen Schools In The Era Of COVID-19 | All In | MSNBC 1


Chris Hayes and Dana Goldstein, New York Times national correspondent covering education, discuss what we’ve learned from other countries about what it will take to get kids of all ages back into the classroom. Aired on 05/14/2020.
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Why It’s So Difficult To Safely Reopen Schools In The Era Of COVID-19 | All In | MSNBC

49 Comments on "Why It’s So Difficult To Safely Reopen Schools In The Era Of COVID-19 | All In | MSNBC"

  1. Darrell Sadler | May 14, 2020 at 9:55 PM | Reply

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  2. My children will not be going back to school this year. I may even keep my youngest out for her remaining 3 yrs (she’s in highschool) until I have further information, I don’t feel confident in doing so anytime soon. And P.S. trump does not care about us, nor our children.

    • @Rino Ponce Yes kids are dying from covid. FFS

    • @Mel B yes everybody can die from Covid 19. I never said kids can’t die from coronavirus. Look at some information .06% under 18 years of age unfortunately have died from coronavirus. Compare that to someone who is over 75 years old 48.7% of them have died. Like I said they have better chance dying from a car accident than coronavirus.

    • @kande Meyer “it’s mutating more and more”

      Which virus strain are you referring to and what scientific evidence have you seen to support your claim?

      Influenza kills many children…do you keep your kids away from school in case they catch that as well?

    • @Mel B More kids die from flu though. And massively more people die due to lockdown policies than could ever be saved anyway.

      Staying at home selfishly destroys other people’s lives…and costs them…these are avoidable deaths of all age groups.

      Lockdowns make things worse.

    • kande Meyer | May 16, 2020 at 9:01 AM | Reply

      Vinny Mac They have said it! Listen when the experts talk! New facts come out about this everyday it’s a NEW VIRUS UNLIKE INFLUENZA. it also spreads considerably faster and is more contagious… since you compare covid to influenza does that mean you are one of these people that don’t wear a mask? Believe it’ll disappear? Stay safe mr Mac!

  3. It’s not enough just to open the economy ppl have to feel safe to go back to work and sending they’re kids back to school to bad trump refuse to understand that despite what science says

  4. If the children get the disease, they will most likely survive but spread to their parents or grandparents. And I am not an expert. Hehehe.

    • @Bunny Bubs and Trump wants to open and kids going back to school? Isn’t there a state program to hook WiFi access for home schooling.

    • Brenda Heeligan | May 15, 2020 at 5:09 AM | Reply

      Rino Ponce Over a hundred kids in the U.K. have this illness, it’s a form of inflammation that causes kids to have inflamed bodies especially their feet, the symptoms are like sepsis and Kawasaki syndrome, they are very ill. The U.K. was one of the first countries to identify this.

    • @Brenda Heeligan 100 kids out of what 20 million kids it is sad to hear about it. Hope they all survive but probably not likely.

    • Paul Wilson | May 15, 2020 at 7:56 AM | Reply

      likely survive? there is like a 0.00001% chance they will die

    • Paul Ferrante | May 16, 2020 at 1:23 AM | Reply

      @Paul Wilson that % is still TOO HIGH !!

  5. Glad I do not have school age children. Look at what is happening now. Children do die from this. I would home school.

    • It is only a short time, hopefully 3-4 months till a vaccine. For a few months what is the point, kids crowd together and even with masks hundreds of outbreaks will occur and they will not test 55M kids even weekly. High school and Collage is better than grade schools, but High School kids will bring the virus home also, probably at a lower rate than grade school.

    • @myko freder 3-4 months how do you know?

    • Isaac Delacruz | May 15, 2020 at 12:13 AM | Reply

      Rino Ponce Oxford university has said that they can get vaccines out by September or October

    • Dumbass Boi | May 15, 2020 at 2:31 AM | Reply

      Isaac Delacruz i doubt it, a vaccine might take 1-2 years to developed

    • @myko freder they have never completed and brought to the public a vaccine in 3 – 4 months. Even if they did they would not be able to make enough for all. Producers also don’t have enough masks to supply all. It will take time. See reports regarding the vaccine production and Mr. Bowen’s testimony regarding mask production.

  6. Gunflint Viking North | May 14, 2020 at 10:31 PM | Reply

    Trump has decided that he don’t care about American citizens dying he only cares about the economy and getting re elected that is why he has deliberately weakened the CDC , forced to keep the meat plants open virus or not… ect. I am very angry about this my mother is in a nursing home and vulnerable, we can rebuild our economy but we can’t ever bring back our loved ones.

  7. Name Redacted | May 14, 2020 at 10:35 PM | Reply

    Why it’s difficult to put kids who spread fluids better than a firehose in a spatially cramped building… BECAUSE YOU SHOULDN’T. This is absolutely stupid. Those kids are as good as dead.

  8. T. Fails to recognize that there are more than children in schools. Besides staff, faculty,, cafeteria, security, there are persons of all ages on the grounds. Each person then returns home after school, home to siblings, parents, grandparents, friends, neighbors, stores, post offices, government buildings. If ONE of us is at risk, ALL of us are at risk. Period.

  9. Those are some cute kids!

    Kids are reckless and fearless., the mask and distancing is highly unlikely.. Bring it home.. Wont work, teens ever worse

  10. Jeffrey Boser | May 14, 2020 at 11:09 PM | Reply

    Anybody, even people without children, know what it is like to be near kids during flu season. One year, despite the vaccine, my friend’s 3yo gave me the flu 5 times. five! Kids are social-distancing-antimatter.

  11. I’m just glad my grandson is too young for school. I feel bad for the children and their parents.

    • Iceberg Rose | May 16, 2020 at 2:23 AM | Reply

      In New Zealand we had no new cases today. The kids are not back at school yet. I can’t imagine sending them back in the USA at the moment. Insanity.

  12. I TELL YOU:

    • B. Amoakohene | May 16, 2020 at 12:38 AM | Reply

      He doesn’t care he already killed over 80,000 now he is after your children they must die then maybe he will be happy.

    • @B. Amoakohene Well, When Trump Supporters ‘ KIDS COME HOME AND SPREAD IT TO EVERYONE ELSE IN THE HOUSE ,
      (Or maybe not, it’s that Crazy with the Worshipers

  13. No one is even talking about special education. My cousin has severe autism and asthma. He refuses to wear a mask because he can’t stand it. He is unable to comprehend even the most basic hygiene procedures. If he contracts this, he will definitely pass it on to us, and he will likely be hospitalized due to his asthma. Children with special needs should be considered as well!

    • Daniel Schlobach | May 15, 2020 at 1:18 PM | Reply

      I’m so happy someone mentioned this!!! Some special needs kids I worked with when I was a sub for awhile really didn’t comprehend basic hygiene as they would wipe their nose on their sleeves or not use tissues or cover their mouths. It’s not their fault, but they could act as super spreaders so to speak. These kids are very very vulnerable yet no one has mentioned this so I thank you!

  14. Velma Lathan | May 14, 2020 at 11:39 PM | Reply

    Until they get this under control my child will not be returning to school. Kids got one another sick before this ever happened!

  15. Bill Gates, back in March 2020: Schools will open in the Fall.

  16. Insane!! My children will Not be going back to school, Homeschooling is Much More Educational And Safe.

  17. manuel sandoval | May 15, 2020 at 12:42 AM | Reply

    I prefer my children a year behind in school than to lose any of them. And I think they could serve as a transport to the virus to every home in US.

  18. Harley Quinn | May 15, 2020 at 1:04 AM | Reply

    Don’t think your kids will be safe at school because Covid 19 is linked to the old. The virus is changing so be careful.

  19. None of these people are being honest when asked about children and schools reopening. Why? They know kids NOT going back to school, equals some parents not returning to work, which equals no starting up of the economy, and they all have an agenda. The people they are counting on to “restart” the economy are not the high earners. Those people are working from home right now. The economy thrives on the backs of the working poor and yes, the illegals that nobody wants to talk about. They are the ones those meat packing plants and farmers depend on. The working poor!!! People who work pay check to pay check. Dr. Oz said 2% mortality rate for our kids is doable. You can’t get more cold hearted than that. He’s NOT speaking of his grandkids or his friends. He is talking about children of the working poor. Yes, other countries were able to send kids back to class. You know why, instead of lying and sitting on their hands. They started to implement CHANGES, class size changes, desk were refitted with enclosures, kids eat in class… etc. The USA has done NOTHING to date. Our schools are locked up, staff is gone, teachers are home. NOTHING has been done to prepare for reentry on an actual campus. They basically want our kids to go back and take their chances. See how many lives or die. That’s the plan!!!

  20. Christina Robinson | May 15, 2020 at 11:59 AM | Reply

    Some schools were giving away laptops so the children can do homework.

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