Why Meta’s metaverse could turn out to be an epic flop

The New York Times’ Emma Goldberg tells “Nightcap’s” Jon Sarlin about a new academic study demonstrating the professional downside of remote work. Plus, CNN’s Allison Morrow disses Mark Zuckerberg’s metaverse dreams. And The New Yorker’s film critic Richard Brody argues a long movie can be a huge canvas for an artist. To get the day’s business headlines sent directly to your inbox, sign up for the Nightcap newsletter. #cnn #news

00:00 – Welcome to "Nightcap"
00:42 – Study examines downside of working from home
05:16 – Goodbye Metaverse, hello AI?
09:38 – In defense of long movies


  1. Been working from home for 3+ years now and in that time I’ve turned down a few dozen recruiters from better-paying companies that would’ve forced me back in the office. My work gets done (probably a good bit more then my usual work if my promotions and kudos have been any indication), my team is thriving (we’re almost all wfh), my pets are happy, my budget is lower (gas, eating out)…. yea. If managers are having a hard time looking useful in this model then I suggest they find themselves some training or hiring more capable managers.

    1. @Keeping IT 💯 Just because he isn’t forced to commute 2 hours a day doesn’t mean he is a useless part of society.

  2. Social Media is so dystopian that whenever I come onto it that I feel like I’ve entered the alternative-reality META/MAGAverse!

  3. I love VR, i think it is great technology with lots of potential. But it should always be seen as entertainment, not replacing real life activities and turning our lives into digital dystopia.

    1. i think it could have useful applications in therapy. trauma victims and ptsd and such. and it could enable remote sessions in a more relaxed “environment” than an office.
      and it can be used as a very immersive learning tool for history lessons.
      not to mention the obvious tactical advantage of creating a virtual simulation of a target zone for briefings.

      but as you say, it should augment, not replace, our lives.

  4. Old School managers FEAR remote work, because they are limited in how much micro-managing is possible. But the Financial guys love it for the cost savings. Plus, the push for contractors replacing employees, has already weakened those intangible bonds binding teamwork.

  5. I’m all for the 3 hour movie if and ONLY if they built in an intermission as they used to do.

  6. At least he can cheer himself up at a Twisted Sister cover band performance 😂. An IRL Meet up!

    Chat gpt can pass the bar in 90th percentile!

  7. I love longer movies, which is also why i love series that tells a story over multiple episode like Babylon 5 started so well.

  8. Going on 8+ yrs remote. It doesn’t change anything but it depends on the person and the field. The company saves money and so do I, while still getting promoted and raises.

  9. I’ve worked in IT professionally since 1990. I currently work in a department that puts me in contact regularly with the new, younger generation interested in IT as a career. I can tell you there has never been any interest or discussion about what Facebook/Meta metaverse is about or can do. If they shift from VR to AI, they might get some traction.

    1. You must not no about the gaming part of it, if you logged into grillatag or rec room you would definitely agree that the 5-10 year olds are the majority of adopting VR

    2. But you can’t just make money off of these kids at that age, in 5 years when there older you will definitely see that lost money coming back, as a develop for quest and PC I can assure you the the player base is there there just not old enough yet to make money from them

    3. You can’t just log data from that age group to show the user counts, but like I said actually log into one of those games and you will see millions in the age from 5-10 with avarge Daly logine at 100s of thousands,

  10. Meta, jumped the gun. VR and AR is pretty cool, but its early days and only a few number of people have access to it. And even those that have it are rarely using it for work, or for shopping. Its not fair to say that “no-one likes VR/AR” but Zuckerberg’s image of the Metaverse was not based on reality. A lot of the features he talks about simply don’t exist yet. There’s no way I’m giving up my VR headset. I love it, but its expensive.

  11. In tight economies more people want an experience to take up their freetime. A long movie does that and is, sometimes, worth the time.

  12. At least he can cheer himself up at a Twisted Sister cover band performance . An IRL Meet up!

    Chat gpt can pass the bar in 90th percentile! very useful information

  13. Working from home is better for high performing staff..they don’t have to work in a collective with Under performing and average staff who take collective credit for doing nothing…they are more likely to be notest by their bosses for their solo performance quicker than in a office environment…meta and Twitter are what happens when a billionaire surrounds them selves with “YES MEN”…no one has the 🏀🏈s to tell them their being “DICKS”!!!.♥️🇺🇸🇺🇦

  14. There was a metaverse technically already. its called Second life lol and has been around for 20 years

  15. Not everyone can work from home. I can’t. My ADHD takes over and I want to get all the spider webs, pull the weeds in the yard and pet and love my dogs. I have a very hard time focusing.

  16. I deleted Facebook about a week ago. I do not miss it at all. The level of “stupid” I’m exposed to has dropped dramatically. very useful information

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