Why Michael Cohen thinks Trump will soon face accountability

Former Trump attorney Michael Cohen shares whether he believes Donald Trump will face repercussions over New York Attorney General Letitia James' civil investigation into the Trump organization's business practices.

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  1. The world is watching how the US of A is handling this super straight-forward situation.

    1. @Matthew Chick Live on?… I believe he will!
      And decent Americans will have to carry that shame and embarrassment for decades!

    2. @Matthew Chick Trump reelected? Very possible. American voters are sure just dumb enough. But you are not going to “get an amen” from the international community. Just a thunderous roar of laughter.

  2. I appreciate a fellow that would correct the journalist by reminding him he didn’t give it he was raid. Gangster

  3. Though it maybe his constitutional right, innocent people don’t act this way! Like Donald Trump said, only guilty people plead the 5th!

    1. @Mark G you’re wrong, guilt can be inferred in a civil case but not a criminal case when someone pleads the fifth.

    2. @On Couch Arrest In some states, during the trial phase, if the judge hasn’t instructed the jury otherwise and even then not really, “draw a negative inference from a defendant” is unequal to “allowing the assumption of guilt for invoking the defendants 5th amendment” rights.

  4. Halarious that trump would call Cohen a convicted felon after being convicted for basically trumps behalf. Irony is comical sometimes

    1. That’s a fact he was convicted of a crime. You know what else is a fact Trump has not been found or convicted of a crime, period.

  5. That’s funny on one hand he has five charges. Pleading the fifth more than 400(could have been 450) times as the 45th. Only he could do that!

    1. what happened to believe all women and Tara reade she is a woman she told her story??? where is it now? remember all those pink hat protesters?? where they at now?

    2. 🦆 Democrat Joe Biden and Pete Bootygege have been telling Americans to buy electric cars or take the public Democrat transportation. I might as well pay for he expensive fuel as the public transportation costs more in my neighborhood and it’s slow moving. One hour to go 12 miles. And the windows are all covered with hair grease so you can’t see out. Now we have to do battle with the local savages ,,,

  6. “Pleading the ‘5th’ means you’re guilty”.
    So says trump repeatedly. Yet trump himself
    pleads the 5th 400+ times in the NY AG
    case. Go figure.

    1. @Biden is Garbage It is Trump who is crying, he knows they are about to crush his company, his fortune and his family. he has went through countless lawyers and still thinks all he has to do is deny. Unfortunately the world has had enough of his Bull.

  7. Bragg better do the right thing!! The case cannot be any more straightforward!! The fact that it took so long to reopen the case is criminal!

    1. Because, Trump was protected from prosecution by the presidency. And Trump knows strategies to slow the legal process down.

    2. @Rod you don’t know the facts. Trump was protected from prosecution because he was president, and Trump knows how to slow the legal process down. I hope when Trump is indicted, that you go around celebrating how wrong you were.

    1. @Sharing the World We’re living in bizarro world so people who tell lies are telling truth if that make sense

    2. @PIPE DOWN We live in a world full of the mentally ill who follow sky people off both real and metaphorical cliffs in hopes magic will save them. Personal responsibility is dead and everyone is looking for an enabler or an apologist who will work hard to convince them that they aren’t failures failing forward but are in fact perfect in every way. UGH! What’s next participation trophies for sucking air!?

    3. One small example…..for years the leftist media and Dems in Congress screamed…..”RUSSIA COLLUSION” about Trump…….turns out all that was a lie and they knew it was a lie…..not only that….as it turned out…..MS CLINTON AND THE DEMS DID IN FACT COLLUDE WITH RUSSIA TO MAKE UP LIES ABOUT TRUMP…….this is a fact

    1. If I have to explain, then you’re too young to watch CNN. Go get your juice box, baby, and watch something else Boo.

    2. Scripted and totally unacceptable for daytime t.v.You see…the leopard can’t change it’s spots.He weaponized words for Drump and now he is weaponizing words against Drump.That is how he makes money without a law license. I can only envision Ancient Rome and how that society cheered as men fought to the death for entertainment.

  8. To be fair, I think it boils down to DJT saying “I’m not going to answer any of your questions here today”, so if they asked 2500 questions he was going to plead the 5th 2500 times
    which sounds much worse than “I’m not answering any questions” said once.

    1. But they still have to ask the questions. That applies to anyone. He could’ve changed his mind at any point as well

  9. I’ve been hearing that he’s finally going to be held accountable for years. I’ll believe it when it finally happens.

    1. @Turrell Henkelman wow a politician that lies? GET TF OUTTA HERE??!!

      “If you like your plan, you can keep your plan”.

      Barack, the Liar in Chief, Obama

    2. @ST7A Bad Karma  You have to admit Trump has turned Republicans into potty mouths. F—- the President signs all the place. Very classy.

    3. Exactly. Obviously at this point the media and Democrats has been lying. This is the Democrat and their lapdog media’s way to manipulate the people for future elections.

  10. Oh my!! The statement “The former president got his perker pulled by a porn star.” Just left me rolling on the floor. Dan, how do you not burst out laughing with such a statement? I give up to Michael C. You made my morning.

    1. CNN Lemon Aid can’t find another character to try assassinate because only Trump needs to die for them to have self esteem

    2. next on CNN, our poster boy and convicted felon, Michael Avenatti…
      next on CNN, disgraced former FBI agent Andy McCabe
      next on CNN, disgraced former FBI agent Peter Strzok

      All criminals. All paid CNN contributors.

  11. What’s funny is how Trump called Cohen a convicted felon, yet he himself is facing numerous charges and is pleading the fifth on every question involving it.

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