Why President Trump believes US should default if White House doesn’t agree to spending cuts

Former President and 2024 candidate Donald Trump answers a voter question during CNN’s Republican presidential town hall about the US’ approaching debt limit. #CNN #News


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  2. If the government defaults,on purpose, no person of either political party should be getting paid.

    1. Exactly. Why should they get paid for dereliction of duty when federal workers, SS recipients, etc., don’t get paid?

    1. @Southern Charmyou can think what you want of him but when it comes to leading country he is the best we got you can take that how you want but it’s true

  3. The government can default on its debt using taxpayer money without any consequences to our leaders’ salaries, but the taxpayers have to take the hit….seems like justice to me…🤦‍♀️The politicians responsible for our debt should have their salaries cut, period….if they don’t have any consequences for their irresponsible behavior, then what incentive do they have to stop behaving in such manner?!?!

    1. If the people are held accountable through high taxiation they will vote accordingly as long as the election is one day.

  4. This was suppose to be a 90 minute interview. CNN cut it short to 70 minutes. Gee, I wonder why 😂😂

  5. This is not a budget ceiling. It’s a debt ceiling. These are all expenditures that have already been agreed upon. It’s like signing an agreement with a building contractor and then negotiating the price after the project is complete. Oh wait…

    1. If they where agreed upon, there wouldn’t be a problem.. and no, debt don’t work like that.
      When a country take on debt, it raise inflation so all the products become more expensive, and wages don’t keep up with that.
      So when you propose a budget that says you will need to borrow 7 trillion too complete it, you are actually just spending money you don’t have, and by doing so, you are making everyone more poor.. If you do it long enough, you won’t be able to make the payments anymore because they will become too big, and you will have to default just like Greece a few years back.. Which is horrible for the US dollar.

    2. No a debt ceiling is a debt limit. It’s like taking out another credit card and saying your paying your bills

  6. Defaulting on the U.S Debt would be far more devastating than just psychological! Millions of senior citizens without their monthly check, millions of disabled unable to to pay their bills and federal workers not getting paid is that psychological?

    1. trump doesnt care about any of that. this is always his answer, “do not pay your bills.” He never pays his own

    2. A monthly cheque thats going to be worth nothing if you keep kicking the can down the road. Rip the band aid off now and start again instead of waiting a few more months and years and have it worse off

    3. @Doris Faust republicans do not care. they are always the first to say “Pull yourself up by your bootstrap, why should i help you, No one helped me. Help yourself, i did it that way. ” Which is the most UNChristian thing to say. Plus most who say this came from money.

    4. The negotiation is all psychological. Listening comprehension requires consideration of context.

  7. Raising the debt limit is a soft default. It’s no different than telling someone, “yeah I can pay back your $50K as soon as I can borrow $100K”

  8. It’s people like her, and the questions she asked, and her attitude toward President Trump, that makes people not want to ever watch CNN.

  9. It will never end. I don’t think we can stop this country from full failure and it’s closer than everybody thinks.

    1. because they need to make real money by replaying it on it their network. Say you’re not a business owner without saying “im not a business owner” 😆

  10. It’s just so refreshing to see somebody that can put a sentence together wow got to go eat some chocolate chip ice cream

    1. Exactly!!! You can’t even understand anything Sleepy says it’s an embarrassment to this country.

    2. @Mike Sy you cant be that coherent and peaceful when lying. When you lie you mumble like Joe.

    3. @LOOKINGUP🙏 you haven’t listened to Joe Biden then. He has done some terrific speeches, and he answers the questions. Your disrespect of him is atrocious. He isn’t a bit sleepy.

  11. I’m not saying love him or hate him ; he definitely runs the country like his businesses.

  12. Why is it impossible to find the full video of this?? Shameful. It’s totally unfair how media is now days.

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