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  1. I’m surprised that they’re striking with the amount of money they’re paid. An engineer makes about a six figure income.

    1. you also become a literal slave. and for the millions of workers employed by the railroads there are only so many engineers. you get no time off, you get mandatory overtime and depending on which rail line you work on you may not get overtime pay for it. your sched is not fixed, nor is it ‘flexible’ you work when and where they want you and if you argue it you are fired or put into an even crappier job. sick leave is a joke and i’ve seen plenty of people fired over having to leave to get a sick child out of school. working for the railroad these days is nothing compared to what it once was.

    2. @k333rl What? Well in that case I can see why the workers would want to strike. What’s the purpose of getting a well paying job if you’re not able to enjoy spending it with family?

    3. @L01 J that’s why I got out a while back. It’s hard rewarding work for someone who is single and lives and breaths it. But if you have a family or want to have a home life it’s not that great unless you are a top dog in an office or like you said, an engineer. Each train only has 2 maybe three guys tops at any given time. The majority are laborers.

    4. @L01 J I’m BMWED and if I found a job half as good with better home life I’d take it in a heartbeat

  2. Railroad workers and their families can get by without food and basic essentials no worries. ITS A RECESSION ANYWAYS SO MIGHT AS WELL SHUT IT ALL DOWN. When the senators and union bosses can’t get their favorite cut of steak is only when things happen…lol

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