Why The MyPillow Guy Could Be Dangerous To Democracy 1

Why The MyPillow Guy Could Be Dangerous To Democracy

The Atlantic's Anne Applebaum joins Morning Joe to discuss her latest piece on MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell and why she writes he is a 'clear threat to the nation.'

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Why The MyPillow Guy Could Be Dangerous To Democracy


    1. @Kennedy Suggs who else that is totally irrelevant to the discussion, is running around in your head, Hillary Clinton maybe Her emails, Obama’s birth certificate,

    2. @Kennedy Suggs do you realise that Donald Trump Jr is Donald Trump’s son?
      He’s the biggest user of the Colombian Marching Powder this side of trump’s pathetic wall.

  1. That is why, when 2022 comes around, we HAVE TO vote all these fascists out of congress and out of state government. That’s our only hope, right now.

    1. @evelyn hopklnson Gotcha kinda like Dems who support criminals over victims and refuse to prosecute laws on the books. Gang members who terrorize minorities neighborhood. Yet the Squad and other race baiters yes Black Lives Matter who want to abolish police departments and empty jails and prisons. So sad!!

    2. @Carin Somers Wise words indeed Grasshopper however Socialist movement join the Dems because they are widely accepted. Transform America, bankrupt the economy, lead to rising crime wave, open borders during a pandemic. Thanks for your Concern!

    3. @Juan Soto no hes not ahole, just vote out the “fake conservatives” aka fascists/communists pretending to be republicans. That party has clearly been compromised by traitors! There are also traitors in the Democratic party but fewer.

    1. @J B I’m a republican and I wont buy Lindell’s cheap pillow. Its a silk purse over a sows ear! Its a bunch of shredded foam inside! So I doubt a liberal will buy one.

    2. @Point of consciousness I’m shopping for new pillows now… But Mike should’ve stayed in his lane and out of politics and definitely out of trying to overthrow our democracy.

    3. Yes use fetanol the Migrant President has opened up the Southern border to. 3 times more drugs entering the country!

  2. The “stollen” nutters find it inconceivable that anyone could have voted differently to them. They need to learn non-cult members have free will.

    1. The American people have rights to vote no matter colour of your skin or age or elderly it’s in the constitution which was written in stone which mean you can’t change unless you vote on it

    1. @Marvin Guigar actually buddy there was an investigation, people were indicted and if it wasn’t for the Republican Party having the majority in Congress, Trump would have been ousted. And at some point, when the Courts aren’t maxed out, Barr is going to be disbarred if not charged.

    2. @Marvin Guigar Considering everything has been taken out of context from what people have said, I think you might find the argument isn’t who you are saying is the problem.
      Context is everything and usually conservative media does not state the context at all.

    3. @Marvin Guigar Except the Republican party as a whole has been claiming that dead people vote based on voters having death certificates and their birth dates, which have been repeatedly explained.
      A mail-in voter who dies after their ballot has been cast did not commit a fraud. They had a valid expectation that they could vote in the election, and then they died. No fraud at all, but here’s the thing. That means criticisms aren’t valid because they are already checked. It is how Trump supporters have been found guilty of fraudulently voting. It even goes with missing persons cases. What’s worse, is that these anomalies were explained in 2012, and yet they are still brought up.
      If you want, I can show you a link to the birth records controversy and the Voter Registration Act of 1993 from that time, and yet Rand Paul used that bad dataset to claim that people were getting social security benefits this year. If you want the gist, before 1993 no one needed to report their birth dates so the various states came up with their own way to mark that the birth date is unknown. Now, next problem is what if a family always names a particular son or daughter a name to keep a line going? This creates multiple hits on records, but the searches are actually picking unreasonable results in an effort to prove a bogus claim. All you have to do is claim it was John Smith II instead of John Smith IV, which have the same inherited property, and amazingly, John Smith IV is old enough to legitimately claim social security benefits, but claim fraud there by defaming John Smith IV, and yet no one is calling out the politicians.
      Republicans have created their own reality. It doesn’t matter that it has already been proven not to be real.

    4. @Marvin Guigar Excuse me, but you fail to understand that we indicted nearly a dozen Russian officers for actually campaigning as Americans. You also fail to understand that we know that the Trump campaign at least understood that they were in violation of foreign interference, but they thought they were Romanians instead of Russians. What was the difference? In regards to that law, nothing. By the way, do you know who passed the law? Republicans in 1994, and yet the law is ignored.

      The FEC has consistently been understaffed, and Trump in 2020 actually made it impossible for the FEC to actually enforce the law by what appears to be a purposeful lack of nominations as well as giving a job to one of the commissioners. There needs to be 4 to rule on anything. That transfer created 3 commissioners.

      Before you start claiming the election of 2016 was on the up and up. You might also want to consider that the Green party’s candidate was also at the same event as Michael Flynn that was held on behalf of the Russian President. She asked for a recount. The court denied it, and there were claims of statistical anomalies, which is the extent of the Trump campaign’s claims, and yet not one Republican legislator clamored for recounts or one call for election integrity. If you haven’t realized what I’ve implied, the Russian government in 2016 had a candidate from the left and a candidate from the right (who also happened to be claiming the election was rigged) who could contest the election. The candidate from the right also asked for information that the Russian government started to attempt to supply within hours.

    1. smart guy, died before the french revolution but his ideas were groundbreaking ?
      such as no link between church and state

    2. Speaking of atrocities against mankind…Pillow man combs the hair part down on forehead and trims the mustache…Adolf clone.

  3. Gaslighting works, democracy is not a given, and stupidity abound, the well has been poisoned. We ignore the fools at our peril. Never forget 2016.

    1. Well said..as Biden said that the leader of the kkk was his good friend and mentor.. remember who they hang out with

    2. @Bryan Main The entire KKK are Trumplicans, and white nationalists like MTG are also Trumplicans, so your point IS made. Trumplicans = white nationalist racists.

    3. @TheUnitedRepublican zero wrong with being a nationalist, white, agreeing with MTG or having a different opinion of how to run a country. Being racist is a democrap character trait, all they see is color and gender.

  4. Trump’s own administration found that there was no China election interference, but there was (again) from Russia. Trump’s representatives did state the opposite, however, which is what Lindell continues to spew to this day.

    1. Trump and his loyal base are playing into Putins hands directly & indirectly. They have no idea how much they are lending themselves to Putins agenda. Nearly everything they believe from from Covid to the economy is backwards.

    2. Now they’re saying it’s the Chinese? Ever hear of a firehose of falsehoods? A common porpaganda technique to saturate the public with more disinformation than can be absorbed.

      -The Kraken
      – Rudy has all the evidence
      – Mike Pillow flying around the country with voting machines
      – voting machines being flipped
      – Hugo Chavez and Venezuela
      – Voting machine seized in Germany
      – bamboo in the ballots
      – 40,000 ballots shipped in from China
      – Ballots being fed to chickens, who were then incinerated to hide the evidence
      – cvd 19 to get rid of trump
      – Watermarks on the ballots
      – People pushing suitcases out from under the table
      – Italian satellites flipping votes
      – dead people voting
      – mail-in-voter fraud
      – is now obsessed with routers

      Problem for them is, if you aren’t drinking the kool-aid, it’s plainly obvious to see

    3. When Putin stated the he was in support of trump and trump supporters for the Jan 6th. insurrection attempt shouldn’t
      that concern any of the trump supporters?

  5. This voting “rights” legislation proposed by the red states needs to be stopped in it’s tracks.

  6. “With Lindell, it is like a religious faith, not based on reason but on illusion.”
    Just say it as it is – Lindell is a typical evangelical religious fanatic.

  7. “Why The MyPillow Guy Could Be Dangerous To Democracy” There’s no ‘could’ about it. The guy showed up in the White House with a written plan to use martial law.

    1. Exactly, and then lied about what it said…we now know that that plan was on the table! So Mike is an insider who was briefed on the Trump Plan to use the military to overthrow the government…

    2. Lol…any halfwit could show up at the White House with a “plan” to use martial law. That doesn’t mean they’re a real threat to democracy. This is the hyperbole of the Right.

    3. @Zev B I rest my Pillowcase, thanks for evaluating Mike as a half wit, as he had a paper outlining a treasonous plan to take over the government, on a paper everyone in the media saw, brilliant!, that is evidence of treason right there…but Mike knows how to make a buck, even when he appears to be crazy.

      If those on the right can read, (you know you learn that in school where you repeat the Pledge of Allegiance over a thousand times, and are required to be vaccinated for Mumps, Polio. Measles, Chicken Pox, etc. etc. unless you were Home Schooled,),please read Thomas Clare’s lawsuit against Mr Lindell…
      a lawsuit can only contain FACTS, and then and only then , will people realize that Mike is as sly as a Fox…even though he is too crazy even for Fox to let on the air.

  8. Im surprised that mike hasn’t asked anyone interviewing him ” are the voices in my head bothering you?”

    1. @bill worden I would agree except there aren’t any glaring anomalies. There aren’t any significant inconsistencies. There aren’t any un compromised witnesses. And there have been investigations – dozens. You are stuck on fully believing theres no way 80 million voted for Biden. I agree with you. That didn’t happen. What happened is 40 million voted for Biden and 40 million voted for anyone else except stumpy. A friggin pop can could have won over stumpy and he did it to himself.

    2. @bill worden quite frankly, stumpy could have and would have won if he had demonstrated as much dedication to doing job as he did to wearing the title at any point during his first tenure. The reality is that he pulled a fast one on the religious community to get the first win. That’s easy to do to those who study blind faith.

    3. @bill worden stumpy didn’t win them all over the 2nd go around because, thankfully, not everyone who goes to church disbelieve inconvenient facts.

    4. @Jim K apparently you have done the investigations that nobody else has done. Maybe you could testify to your findings since the election officials are doing everything within their power to keep from having to open their books.

  9. The argument of, “Where the he*l is the evidence ?” He produces gibberish, non-sensical arguments that mean nothing. He can’t listen. Probably a bit of brain damage from being former crack addict.

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