Why the struggling housing market finally bounced back

Melanie Nagy reports on why the housing market, which struggled last year, appears to have bounced back, with a jump in home prices.

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  1. Finally! I’ve been sitting around all year waiting for houses to get even more out of reach.

  2. 100k up in a year is not “bouncing back”. This is absurd and I feel for all those families looking to plant roots.

  3. Who is buying?
    We are a declining population; how is it that houses get more expensive? It’s all foreign money!!!!

  4. Because wage growth has been absolutely crazy. I heard Nobody’s making the minimum wage anymore, most Canadians are looking to buy a house within months and home price may hit record high again. Never underestimate how rich Canadians are

  5. What happened is that new builders
    New building house is too expensive to
    Real estate want to make buyer to put more offer then other
    IT’s problem with realtors not with government

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