Why the US is holding off on sanctioning Putin’s rumored girlfriend, according to WSJ

The Wall Street Journal is reporting "US officials paused proposals to sanction Alina Kabaeva, the rumored girlfriend of Russian President Vladimir Putin over fears it would be felt as too personal an escalation in US-Russia relations." Putin has never confirmed that Kabaeva is his girlfriend. #CNN #News


    1. @one+one To the second part… The crazy lies we tell ourselves…
      Grand Duchy of Moscow (1263–1547)
      Tsardom of Russia (1547–1721)
      Russian Empire (1721–1917)
      Russian SFSR (1917–1922)
      Soviet Union (1922–1991)
      Russian Federation (1991–present)

    2. @one+one  Neither history or logic are your strong points. Before you cut and paste things you know nothing about maybe you should get an education.

    3. @one+one Oh, I’m just thinking about how the Native Americans enslaved each other and committed atrocities like mass murder and scalping non combatants. But that’s just me.🤷‍♀️

    4. American military analyst Scott Ritter: In 1991, I was one of those who planned and executed Operation Desert Storm. This operation included a 44-day strategic air campaign. The work of the Air Force began with the fact that we destroyed all means of communication. We hit radio and TV stations, we destroyed all bridges, all highways, all power plants, oil refineries and fuel reserves. It took us 44 days! And we thereby exterminated the inhabitants of Iraq. We have killed a huge number of Iraqi civilians. Russia is carrying out a large-scale military operation against the forces of Ukraine. Do you want to know what they didn’t do? They did not destroy cellular communications and the Internet, did not destroy railways and highways. They made it possible for Ukrainians to move back and forth. They gave Zelensky the opportunity to arrange videoconferences with the US Congress, the British Parliament, the EU and NATO. Conferences that not only raise his status, but also lead to receiving billions of dollars in military aid that helps kill Russian soldiers. The military necessity to destroy the means of communication is indisputable, but the Russians did not do it. Why? Because the Russians do not see for themselves such a war as we saw against the Iraqis. The Russians see this as a special military operation. Many scoff at this formulation, but this is not a war. If it had been a war, Ukraine would have been long gone. They would have wiped it off the face of the earth without a trace. Unfortunately, events lead to that. Because the Ukrainians decided to defend themselves in residential areas, those where innocent people will die if you start bombing. But Russia’s initial approach was soft. They did not use their military doctrine of superior firepower, when artillery compares everything to the ground, and then tanks iron everything in a row. They sent lightly armed detachments that tried to negotiate with everyone, persuading the heads of cities and towns to let them pass. The Russians were not accepted in peace, they suffered losses trying to act gently. But they have not changed their position. Their goal is not the defeat of Ukraine, but the defeat of the Nazis, disarmament with minimal damage. We must understand that the Russians have done everything humanly possible to minimize the damage to Ukrainian cities. Former adviser to the Secretary of Defense of the United States of America, retired Colonel Douglas McGregor drew attention to the fact that the Russian army is acting very carefully as part of the special operation in Ukraine. He stressed that this is not typical of Western countries. This is reported by the Spanish edition of El Mundo. “The Russian forces have done something that we in the West did not expect. It was instructed to avoid collateral damage and civilian casualties,” McGregor explained to reporters. This is not the first time the American colonel has commented on the actions of the Russian Federation that are “uncharacteristic for Western countries.” In March, he said that in his opinion, Russian President Vladimir Putin continues to treat Ukrainians as his neighbors, and does not “walk with a sledgehammer” through their country. P.S. Ask yourself: who bombed Yugoslavia, Iraq, Libya, Syria, Afghanistan… The answer is obvious: NATO. Today they do it with the hands of Ukrainians, because they are afraid of Russians. Strangely, no one studies the chirology of events… And it is not in favor of Ukrainians. The Russians are totally losing the information war. Western media are factories of lies! An amazing fact, the Russian media is forbidden to show the act of the death of Ukrainian soldiers. Humane. P.P.S. In an information war, the one who tells the truth always loses. He is limited by the truth, and a liar can carry anything. Robert Sheckley https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rXkFpu7pH2g&ab_channel=SignsOfTheEndTimes%3F https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Hg3WKP2iirs

    1. I agree with a comment I just read take all their money of these oligarchs and Putin and his mistress and so forth give it to the Ukrainian people who need it desperately!

  1. In Slovenia (yes the country of origin of 45’s wife) has just elected a new prime minister, & political party: Robert Golob & the Freedom Movement party. Therefore ousting the incumbent Janez Jansa of the Slovenian (so called) Democratic party, who is known to be a trump supporter.

    1. @Darth Wiizius you can ask the 22% of Europeans living within the poverty line what poor really means but what impresses me is how you invented your system of standards for poverty thats a first. US and Europe without Germany are economies which services is the largest percentage to their GDP in both US and Europe almost produce nothing. With services in the EU contributing 74% to GDP and for the US around 66% for both their future is glim compared to China 53% . Asia is on the rise and has become the new business centre of the world while the West is on a path of decline and things will only get worse. If you visit a US,Canadian or UK University the majority of students are from China and India its called progress and future. Im sorry I didn’t know you have gone so low to steal rates from foxes to eat must be terrible bad but i will pass

  2. Where is the female basketball player? We have not heard anything about her since she became missing after being arrested in Russia for a vape pipe.

    1. @one+one if I am following you correctly. It is okay for Putin to behave in this manner because it has been done before.

    2. @one+one what did you do to help? In 1622? You probably just typed a comment and felt self righteous then too.

    3. His family will never be hurt, they are VERY RICH. They can live in Russia VERY COMFORTABLY. Sanctioning Alina Kabaeva, his wife, is about going after HIS MONEY.

  3. Putin shouldn’t be surprised if his mistress does get sanctioned. His daughters have already been sanctioned, so what’s to stop them from sanctioning his mistress as well? At least Putin knows that if he keeps on this path, they may end up sanctioning her as well.

    1. @Cropper Copper sorry I have work to do and family, no time for Putin’s bots

  4. Don’t make excuses. She’s not just his mistress and may also now be his wife according to the Russian wedding she was photographed wearing, but she is also a governmental aid and if you sanction his other kids and the oligarchs why not her? She has probably has access to all his ill-gotten gains and will be a ready and willing conduit for this money.

    1. @MG 42 зачем ты такую фигню выкладываешь? что это значит?

    2. @one+one Russia terrorized Inuit in Alaska before the US did. As USSR, it forcibly relocated Tatars into Siberia. It also invaded Eastern European countries like Poland in the 20th century. Finland also. Oh, Afghanistan too. It still claims islands in Asia Japan was previously given by treaty with Russia. Do you think we are dumb?

  5. “The world is in more peril from those who tolerate or encourage evil than from those who actually commit it.” -Dr. Albert Einstein

  6. So he has three children out of wedlock? Isnt´t it extraordinary for someone who pretends to be a stronghold of conservative values! Anyway, it´s sad to see that he gets away with so much because people are afraid of his impredictability.

  7. … and women shot as they ride a bike along their village street ? Not escalatory ? Double standards an hypocrisy … 🇬🇧

    1. Dove. What happened to the impending Ukrainian victory heralded just weeks ago ? Welcome to the black hole for west aspiration

    1. Slap me across the face, eh whatever, touch my wife, you’re going to end up in hospital. Sigh, better say it, I know she’s not his wife but it’s on the same level.

    2. @one+one why didn’t you stop it!!!! Ohhhh 1622 nvm. How bout 2022. You just copy and pasting in this fight too.

    1. Did you not watch this video or what? They didn’t say they were worried about hurting his feelings. They said they worry his reaction would be worse retaliation against the Ukrainian people. Quit making up your own facts here. 🙄

    2. America in 1622 destroyed 100 million Indians, and since the Second World War to this day, more than 20 million civilians have died, millions of refugees, millions have gone missing, more than 10 coups in other countries of the world, 50 countries have been destroyed by America and NATO.
      Russia has never fought with anyone, has not taken land from anyone, and the war in Ukraine was also unleashed by America. What are you people talking about?

    3. @Fumi Yama Why? Did someone appoint you king of the galaxy and you just make up rules of behavior willy-nilly?

  8. What a miserable excuse. Holding immense property on her relatives’ names and being a shadow board member on many media holdings, she has been an important element in providing funding mechanism to the Russian huge propaganda machine. Navalny’s team did excellent investigation providing details and strong reasons for sanctioning her.

    1. @Dan Archer The purpose of any sanction should be to reduce Putin Russia’s capabilities to wage the war. Kabaeva IS one of the many Putin’s assets holders. The one you mentioned is irrelevant in this case. It is not about going after everyone who shook hands with the Mr. Evil.

  9. I have to say…America “One Day hoping to have a civilized relationship with Russia” is insane. I believe that will never happen. Just my take.

    1. If they get rid of Putin, his mindset and cronies, we might want to.
      Russians need to oust him though.

  10. Total BS. Sanction her yesterday. It’s ridiculous. “It would be escalatory?” Are you joking? Tell that to the myriad victims of rape, murder and brutality in Ukraine. Total BS. Sanction EVERY person connected to him. Pisses me off.

  11. It’s worrying how few people really understand the Russian mindset and are sleepwalking into some dreadful trouble further down the line.

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