Why There Is Vaccine Distrust Among Black And Latino Communities | Stephanie Ruhle | MSNBC 1

Why There Is Vaccine Distrust Among Black And Latino Communities | Stephanie Ruhle | MSNBC


We are closer to a coronavirus vaccine than ever before, but a new poll shows just how difficult it might be to convince people to get it. Pediatric and adult general surgeon Dr. Ala Stanford who left her concierge medicine business to focus on low income neighborhoods when she saw the pandemic disproportionately affecting Black communities joins Chris Jansing to explain what’s happening in those communities to improve trust in safety and the science. Aired on 12/03/2020.
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Why There Is Vaccine Distrust Among Black And Latino Communities | Stephanie Ruhle | MSNBC


  1. As a Black man I don’t plan on taking the vaccine! I don’t trust it! Way too soon! I don’t care who takes it on television


  2. I will trust the experts that the vaccine is safe and will take it.
    But that said, how do you know what the long term effects are if you don’t wait the 12-18 months to see what the long term effects are?

    1. Great point, which is why I am not going to take the vaccine until a year from when it’s released so that I know it’s safe.

  3. There’s no way I’m taking some rushed vaccine just so that Trump can get credit for it it hasn’t had time to be proven what about side effects I’m not risking my life

  4. Tuskegee, Henrietta Lacks, the history of Eugenics of doctors getting paid to sterilize black women after they give birth. The only way black people will probably consider trusting a vaccine is if a vaccine is created by a black owned pharmaceutical company with black scientists, geneticist & pharmacists. America has done a lot of dirt to minorities the wound might have healed but we still have the scar to remind us of what has been done to our people, hence the distrust.

    1. @Deborah Freedman First responders are to get the vaccine first. And honey yes other people will need the vaccine more than I, educate yourself on blood types & covid-19 as well as other illnesses. Certain blood types are carriers, (asymptomatic) Carriers who pass on viruses or diseases but the virus/disease doesn’t negatively affect them it bonds with their DNA based off of their blood type or DNA sequence tied into mitochondrial DNA that we inherit from our mothers. There’s a plethora of information out there, some people go their whole life without getting sick because of their diet, blood type & genetics. Their are carriers with covid19 whose health isn’t being compromised. Take care & get vaccinated if you think you need it but do your research before you put anything unknown into your body.

  5. Tuskegee for one, besides that, there are just toooo many racist in government and unfortunately, Covid19 and the vaccine is very political!

  6. In the sm. fine print it states “the drug company will not be liable for any complications” is why I’m suspicious.

  7. You must not have lived in America too long–even if these people do it on TV live there will be people that will say they didn’t get the real vaccine. You are not going to win anyone over that doesn’t already feel compelled.

    1. It is the other way around: the cranks and grifters will lie and tell conspiracy myths no matter what.
      The publicity shots of trusted people getting the vaccine will sway at least a part of the much bigger group of people who are on the fence. sure they will not win over everybody who is on the fence, but every part count on the way to get enough immunity in the population to stop the spread.

  8. As a Native American, when I saw a FB site in AZ wanting more minority people for their vaccine test, I commented and not only I, but many others who also questioned had all our comments removed. I wondered if this was why Trump all of a sudden gave money to HBCU’s, when their black deans asked students to volunteer to test these vaccines. As a NA, I am definitely pro-vax, because of how many of our people died from your diseases. And I believe white people should be the first to volunteer to test them. I commented on how our people had been used as guinea pigs. Navajo uranium miners used by the DOD as unwitting test subjects on radiation poisoning. Native children being used to test experimental cancer drugs and for other things through the IHS (Indian Health services). How First Nation children in Canada in gov’t christian residential schools were used in STARVATION experiments to test the efficacy of vitamin pills. How in my state of AZ, ASU had to pay a large settlement to the Havasupai tribe for what they did with their blood samples to get grants, etc, when they did it without informed consent, and when they’d been paid by the tribe for something else, (trying to get a handle on the diabetes epidemic in the tribe). That we know, native people know about the unethical bio-prospecting practices of pharmaceutical companies, and the outright bio-piracy, from indigenous people. And, yes, I know about the things with black people, like the Tuskegee experiments. First, if Trump wants credit for the vaccine, let him and all his family get publicly vaccinated for the “hoax”. WE DO NOT TRUST YOU. When you look at us, you only see your own private pool of guinea pigs for medical experimentation, just like the Nazis and Japanese in WWII.

  9. If you don’t trust the vaccine then enjoy 2021 lockdown are y’all willing to wait for Biden to scrap everything and start from scratch? He’ll be dead before that even happens

  10. I’m feeling a great deal of anxiety and pressure about taking it. If you do not take it because of existing illness or disorders, seems like you will be attacked endlessly and signalled out through public alienation. Constant attacks on people who distrust by those who lack experience for those reasons.

  11. I have food sensitivities. 3 years ago I started breaking out in hives from most foods. The next year swollen lips, places on my face, & this year trouble breathing. It’s gotten so bad that i am allergic to everything now. So a vaccine could be dangerous for me personally.

  12. Because the govt and leaders have always lied, over charged us, thrown race under the bus for identity politics and its a virus woth less than 1% mortality rate.. Minorities are hurt far more from the quarantine/lockdowns more than the virus..without a doubt. These stats you can find.

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