Why Tom Mulcair thinks PSAC strike could actually benefit Justin Trudeau

Former NDP leader Tom Mulcair says the PSAC workers strike could end up providing Prime Minister Justin Trudeau with a political advantage.Subscribe to CTV News to watch more videos:

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  1. Sure Trudeau will twist this strike too his benefit.And say see We got this great deal
    and gave Canadians help when they needed it.😂

    1. Of course, because it’s all about “being there for one another” and making for a stronger country going forward. “THAT’S what we are, THAT’S what we do!” Hahaha

  2. They, PSAC members, actually don’t have a current contract. The previous contract ended 2 years ago when the government froze salaries for the duration of the pandemic. Despite how you feel about the demands of the union, the government employees have a right to have a contract that the government must legally be obligated to live up to.

    1. ​@Heinermann by that logic everyone should get a raise to combat inflation.

      See how that works? Or in this case, doesn’t.

      Their raise comes out of our pockets, thus increasing the burden of inflation even further.

    2. ​@Youtube Championthis is the way it usually works. The private sector usually follows in the footsteps of the public sector. It’s how it has always worked.

    3. @Heinermann time you see things from the bottom. That’s who pays their salary if everyone middle class and up matches inflation.

  3. I like Mulcair. He focuses his attention on the government in power, instead of trying to dunk on the conservatives like other commentators. He also treats Polievre fairly and doesn’t just dismiss him as crazy and incapable.

    His biggest weakness is the NDP of course, who he still strongly supports so he’s not objective there.

    But overall very diplomatic (a “mistake” when he obviously means “screwup”) and interesting takes.

  4. Mulcair seems like a nice person talking like this… all i remember from watching him on tv back in the day was him always being angry and fighting in the parliment

  5. At least Tom did not share the same underwear with JT, unlike JS love to share underwear with JT.

  6. Muclair set the NDP back 10% (20 years). They still have recovered from his stupidity. It’s dereliction of duty putting him on air. The opposite of his opinion will be more likely.

  7. very nuanced take by Mulcair. its a shame that jagmeet is the NDP leader, though im not a fan of the party.

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