Why Trump is ‘very anxious’ about possible indictment

CNN political analyst and New York Times senior political correspondent Maggie Haberman discusses how former President Donald Trump is preparing for a possible indictment from Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg. #CNN #News #shorts


    1. I won’t, they have tried everything to get him in trouble, which is evil.
      You look at a crime and then find who did it, if you look at a person and try to find a crime you are litterally the most immoral kind of evil there could be

    1. He has to get bail first. The court sets that not donnie. If they feel like he’s a flight risk or will incite violence they will hold him. If he does get bail there will be rules. If he breaks one of them it’s to jail he goes.

  1. The idea of Trump facing the demoralizing experience of being booked and possibly being sent to “lock-up” makes me feel warm and fuzzy inside. 😁

  2. American people really need help and more prayers because this man is really sick, and people still with him tell me that most of them do not have a mind or a brain of their own .

  3. He’s also terrified Jack Smith says no bail he’s too dangerous and he made it worse last week w5 the first reaction being to go on social media and call for protests, he has no compunction about causung violence and death of law enforcement to save himself any hardship

    1. House arrest without access to social media seems prudent and reasonable in the context of his past and ongoing behaviour.

  4. Will this be televised like the Heard/Depp trial? Bc it should. Every American deserves the right to watch an ex president face accountability.

    1. @TryNDoxMe Well then it would be in the best interest for everyone in the World to hear what former president Trump has to say. Thank you for reinforcing my desire to have the court case televised. How does that sound?

  5. Getting arrested can “help him politically?” What country is this?!?! What happened to us?

  6. ..Hey..he’s doing what he can to help drain the swamp since he couldn’t get around to it..what a guy..he should be HAPPY!..

  7. This man has many flaws and the fatal one is hubris. That’s what takes all cult leaders down. His drone has gone on too long. Most people see how he treats friend and foe alike and have come to the conclusion he needs to fall on his sword before he destroys their reputations and lives. He just has no value to anyone but his sorry self.

  8. I just don’t see how a political judge in NY has any kind of jurisdiction? Everything was in DC and he lives in FL.

  9. House arrest without access to social media seems prudent and reasonable in the context of his past and ongoing behaviour.

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