Why Trump’s Imprint On The GOP Is Likely To Remain | Morning Joe | MSNBC

Why Trump's Imprint On The GOP Is Likely To Remain | Morning Joe | MSNBC 1


    1. George republicans-“don’t vote for the republicans on the Jan 5 run off , don’t give these republicans candidates your votes” this is the head of the Republicans saying this maybe listen?

    2. @Harris Biden 2020 WON !!! it’s Georgia! I was born there! Please check your spelling because you aren’t very credible when you can’t even do that much.

  1. The orange killer’s voters have been here, for decades, they’ve just never had an entire admin. that supports the racism so openly.

  2. The same democracy that elected him, has now chosen Biden yet Trump is crying FRAUD. And the cult has bought into it. I’m afraid of all the deluded brains living among us.

    1. @Chuckie Puppet Fool? You’re the one sending your hard-earned troll roubles to grifter Wussolini. 😂😂 Sucker much?

    2. Meh — they will find a new shiny object to fixate on . Social media trolls don’t represent real voters. Many of them aren’t even Americans .

    3. The democracy didn’t choose Bribme. A bunch of fraudulent voting scams did. The Cheatocrats see cult-like behavior in everyone but themselves.

  3. Talk about history repeating itself…the GOP represents the white supremacist movement in America just like the Nazis did in pre-WW2 Germany. They are a threat to decency and democracy in the USA.

    1. Joe ,what I do not understand is why these Big Maga,Ministers have not condemned his filthy mouth and hate.,not one word.And i’am from the South.I just can’t understand.unless you it is called Donations and they send him half.

    2. @Tal Moore
      Actually – No. Both were responses to Democracy following WWI. Both were driven by their founders (Mussolini and Hitler) who worked off the notion that their respective nations were either cheated (in the case of Italy which expected to get large tracts of new territory) or backstabbed (in the case of Germany) by the Versailles Treaty following WWI. Nazism especially worked to present itself in opposition to any view which wasn’t their own, and that included eventually the USSR. Italy had a bit more tolerance for different political systems. Germany had none.

      Oh, and I shouldn’t have to remind you that Socialism and Communism are 2 completely different things, but sadly it would appear that I do. I’m beginning to think that civics, economics, and philosophy need to be required courses.

    3. Your hatred of your nation and its people is actually more racist and bigoted than anything your Red instructors have taught you. Your lack of knowledge is entirely due to this flaw.

  4. Trump isn’t fighting for the American people, he’s fighting to stay out of prison 😔

    1. @FatAlbert Lol naaah that’s you, Dems want to imprison people who commit actual crimes. Btw, trumps old lawyer Michael Cohen claimed under oath that trump committed tax and real estate fraud, and he even outlined exactly how he did it on national tv. So if they look at trumps taxes and see that the Cohen told the truth, do you feel trump should go to jail??

    2. @Asher Houseman Trump has lied more than any president in modern times 😆 but he fights for honesty😏 I like your sense of humor 🤪

  5. conservatives will never renounce their history of plantation slave ownership or their ties to the trump – putin regime

    1. @Linda Star
      Q). who flew the STARS AND BARS confederate battle flag during the Civil War ?
      A). southern conservatives

      Q). today who flies the STARS AND BARS confederate battle flag ?
      A). southern conservatives

      I would trade insults with you but humiliating you in a discussion is more intellectual and more satisfying.
      good day !

    2. @FatAlbert
      im the OP and i guess you are addressing me.

      im not a hypocrite.
      i dont really believe either side cheated.
      it would be impossible to get enough people to participate in that huge of a fraud and NOT get caught.

      i didnt vote for trump .. the corporate fascist.
      or Biden .. the guy who would have been a republican until reagan … and then newt gingrich .. pushed the republican party to radicalized right wing extremism.
      today Hitler wouldnt be radical enough to be a senate TEA PARTY REPUBLICAN

      i AM an anti fascist and then an ex democrat.

      i voted 3rd party in 2016 and 2020

      but that doesnt mean i dont believe in my original post.

      conservatives ARE the antibellum plantation slave owners

    3. @Linda Star no such thing,it’s the pure truth leopards don’t change their spots they simply try to hide them under the bush lerking waiting for a time in history to make pray of their target victim. That is the REPUBLICAN mode of operation and the target is America’s democracy.

    4. @BIG RED your the one in need of a true history lesson and how there were a northern Democratic party and a southern one that hated the views of the north.BRUSH up every true book on history foot notes and send you to deeper history the REPUBLICANS keep trying to hide.

  6. You should certify news outlets. News is based on facts. Democracy contenders should be expelled when they lie. Alike in Switzerland.

    1. There is alot of disinformation here in the U.S. people here don’t even realize alternative facts are lies. L’chaim. I love Switzerland. I have not been there in awhile. My mother went to University of Lausanne. Blessings.

  7. I for one will never forget how the GOP enabled him, how they kept their silence, how they showed their hypocrisy, how they showed exactly who they are. It is no longer a political party it is a cult and that I fear will not change, it will just go into hiding until the next Republican “Messiah” comes along.

    1. As soon as they can show themselves again they will… someone will come along a little smarter and wiser to fool the people again into allowing them power to lead is when they will bring more destrortion to the United States. When the memory of Trump and his cult is long forgotten.

    2. And we the American people need to make sure that NO REPUBLICAN will ever of the UNITE
      We The people of the United States of America must make sure that never again will there be a REPUBLICAN PRESDENT in this COUNTRY DURING OUR LIFE TIME.They have shown who they really are and they ONLY wish to distroy our democracy and create a one man rule like in CHINA, Russia and North Korea.

    3. @Joaquin Valdez that’s why their keep making sure they stay UN and under EDUCATED so they don’t put up much of a fuss.

    4. @Wonder Wonderful 2024 nore will 2028 be that year the REPUBLICANS ARE WORTHLESS CULT NOT a party that believes in this democracy and have no respect for the rule of law and should be demolished.

    1. A great book by Stewart Stevens “It Was All A Lie”. He’s come to that realisation and it broke his heart.

    2. And Democrats didn’t happen “to” the US. They’ve been treasonous and corrupt for years, much like their base.

  8. Because there’s millions of nuts he and the GOP indoctrinated. Except the GOP has lost control of them and now they’re trump cultists. And they’re dangerous and ready to commit violence.

    1. Very true, insomuch as Dr. Frankenstein is alias Mitch McConnell, whereupon, his monstrous creation – Trump – is out of control.

    2. @Chuckie Puppet are you kidding me, what about the Gov Whitmer of Michigan kidnapping and murder plot by white supremacists Trump followers, Trump followers saying they going to start a civil war, they have the most aggressive, gun toting cult like behavior of any group in America since Jim Jones, they believe whatever Trump tells them and refuse to listen to facts or science because Trump tells them not to. They would follow him down to their own destruction. This is not just supporting a presidential candidate it is a cult following.

    3. @Chuckie Puppet then you only seen what you have been spoon fed all of your life that makes you a hopeless little lam in a den of wolves.

    4. There’s nothing more nuts or treasonous than the Democrats who want to turn this country over to the Communist Chinese.

    1. He will pardon himself, Kushner, his adult kids, rudy and others before he leaves.And the Conservative majority in the Supreme Court will protect him.

  9. “I’m not black, but there’s been a whole lotta times I have wished I could say I’m not white” – Frank Zappa

    1. Nearly all men can stand adversity, but if you want to test a man’s character, give him power.
      – Abraham Lincoln

    2. No be happy that you’re white. I’m not happy to be black and that’s saying a lot. It’s good to be you and your people. Y’all are good people. Y’all work hard and like to take care of y’all families

    3. Do you hate white people, then? Most Democrats do. That’s why they think it’s OK to cheat at the ballot box.

  10. The Republicans are ready for dictatorship. They, the Republicans, think that being the strongest is always being the best, a very big mistake.

    1. Democrats want to abolish elections, but their shills tell us that it is the republicans who are stealing the elections.

    1. “Greed is a fat demon with a small mouth and whatever you feed it is never enough.”
      – Janwillem van de Wetering

      If people don’t see Donald Trump in that quote they just aren’t looking .

    2. Yes, if we just let Democrats cheat the people in elections, greed would magically disappear. Omly the cheating remains..

    3. @FatAlbert aren’t you scheduled for your final brain washing session on oan or news max tonight. Don’t be late.

  11. The Republican party is about lying and cheating to get power. The partys not about doing anything for the people.

    1. It’s about Socialism. National Socialism. IOW funneling as much money as possible from the poor and what’s left of the middle class into the hands of the idle rich.

    1. Anyone who votes for the election stealing Cheatocrats is worse than a cult. They are cheerleaders for dictatorship.

    2. @FatAlbert I’m a 30 year plus Republican.. voted STRAIGHT BLUE. I’m not in a cult or a puppet… McCain called out this party and said it was compromised, so did the CIA and the FBI when Trump took office. The ONLY reason Trump was NOT impeached was REPUBLICANS Refused to call witnesses because they held the majority. I saw the Mueller Report.. did you? If not, do your due diligence as an American and read it.. if so, You’re a traitor to the country

    1. Nah. Trump simply sees the same thing his supporters see: a corrupt Democrat party happy to support America’s enemies, and its deranged base which longs to be a vassal state to Communist China.

  12. “When stupidity is considered patriotism, it is unsafe to be intelligent.”
    — Isaac Asimov

    1. The whole aim of practical modern politics is to keep the populace alarmed and hence clamorous to be led to safety by menacing it with an endless series of hobgoblins, all of them imaginary.
      H.L. Mencken

  13. “Nothing in the world is more dangerous than sincere ignorance and conscientious stupidity.”
    ― Martin Luther King Jr.

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