Why you shouldn't believe Donald Trump's self-funding brag 1

Why you shouldn’t believe Donald Trump’s self-funding brag


The Trump 2020 campaign’s financial health is in question after it has been significantly outspent by the Biden campaign in swing states. The President has often said that he will funnel millions of his own money into his campaign if necessary, but Chris Cillizza explains why that‘s a stretch.

Analysis: Don't believe Donald Trump's pledges to pay for his 2020 campaign

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The Lie of Trump's 'Self-Funding' Campaign

"I'm self-funding my own campaign."

How Trump’s Billion-Dollar campaign Lost It’s Cash Advantage

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    1. @Franklin Vess keep on listening to Q and other conspiracy nuts. If you’re concerned about nepotism and corruption, you would be outraged at what trump has done. Kushner, Ivanka, his body guard, a truck driver, felons, goons and conmen, who are the hallmark of this presidency. You guys are such hypocrites and simpletons.

    2. @Franklin Vess He was found guilty by congress and is impeached. Many people when to jail for him he pardoned them later and Republican majority in the Senate gave him a free pass.

    3. @martha acosta Then your statement is false, he was impeached in the house of representatives, but it failed the Senate, so therefore he wasn’t impeached by congress, because just like a bill to be passed in can be passed in the house and not pass the Senate. It isn’t official till it passes both houses.

    4. @martha acosta You can dream about he was impeached in the house, but officially it failed and he wasn’t. Precisely why he is still your president and will be for another 4 years.

    5. A better question would be: where did the 3.8 Billion dollars go that went missing from the State department under Obama, Hillary and Biden during Obama’s administration?

    1. 4 keys to prevent Trump & Putin from rigging our votes:

      1. Check your voter registration status NOW.

      County clerks in Republican districts across the country fraudulently purge voter rolls of legitimate Democrat voters prior to each election. In the 2014 mid-term election, I arrived at my local polling station only to discover I was no longer registered to vote, even though I had been a resident of my county and living at the same address for seven years. I was forced to cast a “provisional ballot,” which I suspect was not counted in the final vote tally. Since then, I have always verified my voter registration status well ahead of upcoming elections to ensure I have time to re-register in case of any Republican shenanigans.

      2. Vote early.

      In Republican states, there will no doubt be attempts to suppress voter turnout in Democratic districts by limiting the number of polling stations and reducing polling hours. This will likely be under the guise of protecting voters and polling workers from Covid-19 exposure.

      Laws no doubt vary by state. In Texas, voters must vote at their designated polling location on Election Day. However, during the early voting period, voters can vote at any open polling location in their county of residence. This makes it more difficult for Republicans to target Democratic districts for poll closures and restricted hours. Find the early voting laws for your state, and vote as early as possible. This will point you in the right direction: https://www.ncsl.org/research/elections-and-campaigns/early-voting-in-state-elections.aspx

      3. Use no-excuse absentee voting in states where it is available.

      “No excuse absentee voting” means you can request an absentee ballot from your state or county election official for any reason. Currently, 29 states offer no excuse absentee voting, including the most important swing states: Florida, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Virginia, and Wisconsin. If your state is on this list, request an absentee ballot and mail it no later than October 20th to ensure it is received and counted: https://www.ncsl.org/research/elections-and-campaigns/vopp-table-1-states-with-no-excuse-absentee-voting.aspx

      Mail in ballots can be dropped off at your local election board in most cases, or authorized ballot boxes at various locations in your state. That will lighten the burden on the Post Office that Trump has kneecapped.

      To New Yorkers: New York State has Republican districts. Due to COVID-19, the legislature recently passed several bills to make it easier to request an absentee ballot. The date was moved up so you can request one today. You can use COVID-19 as a reason. For more information see: https://www.governor.ny.gov/news/governor-cuomo-signs-law-sweeping-election-reforms#_blank

      4. Do NOT waste your vote.

      Yes, my fellow Americans, I am also frustrated by the two-party system, and I understand the appeal of underdog third-party candidates. You must realize, however, that a vote for a third-party candidate is effectively a vote for Trump. Don’t believe me? Just look at the numbers. Two states, Florida and Wisconsin, tipped the Electoral College for Trump in 2016. Trump won Florida by 113,000 votes and Wisconsin by a mere 23,000 votes. The top two third-party candidates, Gary Johnson and Dr. Jill Stein, captured 271,000 combined votes in Florida and 137,000 combined votes in Wisconsin. According to exit polls, the overwhelming majority of these votes were from disenfranchised Liberal voters who refused to vote for Hillary Clinton. Joe Biden is not my preferred candidate (“Bernie/Warren 2020” was my dream ticket). Nevertheless, *we must be united in taking back our country* and make America thrive again. *VOTE **#BLUE**!* If you’re not sidin’ with Biden then you’re rootin’ for Putin! Please share this message as often as possible from now to Election Day. Say “NO” to another four years of fascism.

      Flush the turd on November the 3rd!

    2. @Z. Deutch Good advice!!! All of my friends on TikTok are voting for BIDEN!! We learned that Trump is racist from Cardi B! Let’s get this Orange Cheeto out of office!!! BIDEN/HARRIS 2020 (masks forever!!!!)

    3. @Z. Deutch True AMERICAN PATRIOT
      Thanks for your great advice.
      It’s really necessary that everyone makes their vote count.
      It’s the vote of our lives and your advice is gold.

      Mega blue tsunami coming soon to wash away the putrid stench of Trumpism.

    4. @Z. Deutch Just a bit of my snarky self
      1] registered again a couple months ago from “none” to “monarchist” [which shows as “no preference]
      2,3] A few years back I had a stroke, which my doctor refused to sign off on my renewing my driver’s license, so have mail-in absentee ever since.
      4]As much as I dislike most candidates, there is the “lesser of two evils” concept, or “voting against” the “bad” candidate. Most of my votes.

    1. @SCOTT THOMAS You assume he has 0 IQ because you’re emotional with Franklin’s comment. You chose this topic as it bothers you, yourself. This is the first thought of action for a verbal revenge through your perspective proving that you have been called this yourself and maybe it’s true thats why you use it as a counter for self-satisfaction. This is a natural human behavior in the mental processes proven through models of Psychology. Cheers.

    2. @Private Number Sorry I didn’t make it clear enough, but I was referring to trump, not Franklin, as having an IQ of 0. On the other hand, if you knew I was talking about trump can you deny his low intelligence?

    1. I agree DJT may indeed be a sociopath, but he’s no where near on the same level of sick that these two are. Watch what America’s favorite clowns were doing on tax payer dollars, while untold numbers of lives were being wasted in their political bloodbath in Afghanistan. Warning: the following may induce vomiting.


    2. Okay, I’ll play. If that propaganda video were true, and the evidence was SO obvious it was on YouTube (LOL), dont’cha think Trump, who is DESPERATE to find something on Obama would’ve been all OVER this? It’s not even decent EDITING, my man.
      And there never HAS been, or ever SHOULD be a ‘but’ after the statement “I agree DJT may indeed be a sociopath”, when talking about the POTUS and Leader of the free world.

    3. @Rick the Swift Not sure that link leads to where you initially had intended to point us to. A humourous “Couch Commander” what’s-next-for-Obama vid???

    1. He will spend his own money, cause it means going to jail, a lot of big donors are dropping him like a hot potato, now he has to rely on the low income inbread cultic followers

    1. He’s a real coward for ya…
      Gotta go hide in the bunker…
      When he rises come November…
      Folks be going Trump’s a real coward for y’all…

    1. @132 Gaming Probably, but mainly fairly close to home whereas Trump has always gone to one of his own golf courses and charged the tax payer excessively for his security team’s accommodation which has always gone into his own pocket. Trump hates parting with cash but is very quick to take it from tax payers.

    2. @Sara Pulford Hi Sara, nice to see an Obama shill still working to uphold her savior in the Liberal light of hypocrisy. Investigation by whom? Some left leaning trash factory like CNN or NBC? TMZ? Progressives progressively lack morals.

    3. @Sara Pulford When you view the world in your Liberal light of hypocrisy. Who paid for Democrat Presidents security? If you can’t see your own hypocrisy in that statement, Here’s your sign. “Liberals are Liberally Hypocrites”

    4. @Kathy Wannberg The State department under the Obama administration is still missing 3.8 billion dollars. You think Obama and Hillary split the money? After leaving the White House Obama has bought two mansions, one a 10 million dollar shack in Hawaii, and a lovely 12 million dollar Ocean front place in Martha’s Vineyard. Now if Obama really believes that ocean waters are raising due to man-made climate change, why in hell would he buy ocean front property? “Progressives are Progressively Hypocritical”

    1. @Sam Wilt To be fair, his disparaging remarks weren’t without substance or political implication, unlike all of your comments thus far. He made an assumption about you (which may or may not be true), though his reference to inner city education isn’t without merit. Stats for urban schooling are pretty grim. The reason why that notion is relevant in the context of a political discussion, is that urban city-centers tend to be dominated by Democratic politicians. Democrats dominate cities. And cities are statistically where most of the crime, violence and failing education exist.

      It may make you feel better about yourself to disparage rural and suburban communities, though statistically these regions are relatively peaceful. They trend towards Republicanism. Suburban and rural regions tend to retain genuine smaller-scale communities and less government. The people are more often self-reliant, own land, property and businesses that contribute to the community welfare. Cities, on the other hand, rely heavily on government and large corporations for their illusion of community. The people are ironically more isolated despite being crammed together in a smaller land mass. Many of the individuals here are not land owners and are often paying premiums to real estate developers. The companies in cities are usually multi-national and global corporations sucking up any real potential for strong community standards. Sure the wealth and GDP is higher in cities, but this rarely equates to a net benefit for the hordes living there. Ironically, Democrats feign being the party of green-initiatives while dominating the polluted concrete jungles. Republicans politicians on the other hand, govern the greatest regions of nature within the United States. But the Democratic platform is full of irony like this with deceptive policies which in the long run remove autonomy from the people and funnel their output into big government and large conglomerates.

    2. @A You are an idiot. In fact the inner city community does far better in education than the well funded wealthy suburb Red States community. You get a better education in California and New York then Kentucky or Tennessee. Blue State inner-city communities are far more smarter than those hillbilly Red States Community by far. In fact if you want a better-paying job is best to move to a blue State Community than stay in their lapidated State Community back in Kentucky to Tennessee. Public School in the inner city is a hundred times bigger with students than a suburb School. The average inner-city school students are way smarter than a poorly taught suburbian students who lack a diverse curriculum than a religion controlled Suburbia School. I did both an it’s not even close. If you want a better education go to Blue State schools.

    1. @Jason Martin I can type any way I want, or use abbreviations if I want. I do know the difference, but this isn’t an essay for an english exam, it is an internet forum. Also don’t get so upset by people responding snowflake, people are going to respond, when you post on an open forum. People always go to argue over grammar, when they know they have lost.

    1. Let Trump tell THAT to the IRS– AFTER Joe Biden and Kamala Harris win the 2020 Election. Uncle Sam WILL seize everything like they did with Paul Manafort.

    2. @Cynthia Brent Wishing won’t make it true. Joe is brain-dead and Kamala is a commie. Check her votes, all left of Bernie. Joe is now stealing Trumps stump speech about bring American jobs back home. Sad thing is, he was the one who spent 40 years plus selling American jobs to China and Mexico along with the Bush family. That’s why Trump got elected in the first place, Trump is not a politician. Those are just the facts, upsetting to Democrats and Rinos alike.

  1. WHEN HAS HE EVER PAID FOR ANYTHING IN HIS MISERABLE CORRUPT LIFE ?he will steal it from donors and the country….you will pay ….

    1. New Republicans: racism is always bad, log cabin republicans are great! babies lives matter, god is good, families matter, country should be respected, illegal illicit drugs are bad, addiction is a disease, capitalism is mostly good, violence is sometimes ok. Government should stay out of issues regarding race except for individual acts of hate crime. Foreign wars are bad. we should try to stay out of ancient tribal conflicts. Subsistence life style is good. Farmers are good. Energy independence is important. Globalism is bad. Sovereignty is important. Merit based immigration is smart. Vote security is smart. School choice/charter School and vocational schools are good. College is not critical to success and in many cases is a waste of valuable time and money. Good jobs matter. Free healthcare is impossible under a capitalist system. Non-profits and Religion affiliated hospitals like providence St. Pete’s should cover/wave bills for people who can’t pay. It should be a write off. 99.9 percent of police are heroes. America should be proud.

      New Democrats: Black Lives Matter. racism is bad but not always, god is offensive and religion is stupid, socialism is good, drugs aren’t that bad, addiction is a disease. all white people are racist, killing babies is ok, violence is sometimes ok and preconceived notions based on skin color are normal. Gender is fluid. Government should keep detailed demographics records and involve itself in as many aspects of daily life as possible in order to help minority groups gain advantages based on skin color. Systemic racism is rampant and out of control. The police are killing black people whole sale for no reason. White men and their families stop democrats from gaining power. America must act as a world police force. Fossil fuels are bad. Energy independence is impossible. Globalism is inevitable and good. Borders are bad and racist. Open borders are good. Mail in vote is good. Public school is good because you can implement federal education programs on a massive level. STEM programs are more important than vocational school. Charter schools that operate outside the purvey of public system guidelines are not good. Capitalism is unfair. Tax payers should pay more to support the education of all people regardless of their interest in school or going to college or the likelihood of college leading to some sort of gainful employment. College is critical to success and should be paid for by tax payers. Healthcare is a right. socialist universal healthcare is good. America should be ashamed.

    2. @An Sar What do you mean, he layed out what both parties basically stand for. I mean each individual has slightly differing views, but as far as the overall goals of both parties that is spot on by prespicacity.

    3. @Franklin Vess Not even close to basic stands of each party when you judge them by what they actually attempt to do.
      As I wrote, the writer is making strawmen that are very easy to destroy.
      Much too simplistic and biased to a right wing view.

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