Widower: Covid 'long haulers' need mental health support immediately 1

Widower: Covid ‘long haulers’ need mental health support immediately


Nick Guthe said his wife Heidi Ferrer, a well-known Hollywood screenwriter, had been battling debilitating symptoms for more than a year before she died by suicide. Guthe tells CNN's Alisyn Camerota about his late wife's struggle as a Covid-19 "long hauler."

If you or someone you know needs help, call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline: 1-800-273-TALK (8255). #CNN #News


    1. @Dearly Diane she asked for a link giving evidence of how CNN has killed thousands with misinformation. The kind of question that should really be posed to networks like Fox where they promoted sh*t like hydroxychloroquine

    2. @DEX Wrecks The term “killed” is a figure of speech and we all know what it means. In the same way as how many were killed by CNN announcing that “Assad gasses his own people” or “Saddam has WMD”. Don’t play stupid, dear child.

    1. @Commando Brick feeling from vaccines is usually due to the second dose, and they already tell you this ahead of time. And it usually just means people feel tired and sleepy for a few days.

      These characteristics are not beyond the realm of expectations. I mean.. The acceptability of any side effects from medical treatments will vary based on the severity of the illness being treated. For example, yes chemotherapy causes nausea and hair loss, but most find that preferable to dying from cancer so it’s justifiable, you have every right to say you’d not go through that and spend your remaining time in agony only to die broke. Alternatively,, people getting kidney transplants can’t eat certain food groups anymore even after they recover from the surgery itself, but it’s justified since the patient’s only options were “a limited kidney” or “no kidney at all”.

    2. @DarthSailorMoon look.. I don’t want to have to go off on you and use all kinds of threats because you decided to talk back.. I will refrain because you DO NOT MATTER AND I DONT CARE ABOUT YOUR LIFE OR THE LIFE OF YOUR FAMILY.. I WILL BLOCK YOU.. BYE

  1. Feet so painful you can barely walk, wacked out blood pressure, heart skipping, and the ability to sleep just gone. Got all the same post covid symptoms, but my doctor just shrugs. Now I can’t afford a doctor anymore

    1. @Faux Que
      No it’s not. If you ever got ME/CFS you would know better. I was a super athlete who ski raced and mountain bike raced and I got sick at 23 years old. That’s not old age. You’re clueless.

    2. @Faux Que
      Oh! I get it! You had a medical issue and now you think everyone else has what you had. God that’s idiotic!

    3. Please try Vitamin D3 It can help with the massive inflammation that Covid creates ask your doctor (up to you) but do try

  2. This long hauler stuff ain’t no joke. When I finally got the Pfizer vaccine it mostly went away – not kidding, it was a “cure” for me

    1. @FactsarenotdirtyFwords yeah that’s a scary thing, not knowing what’s in the water and food. Especially the microscopic level. I’m glad you’re able to do that because a lot of people can’t afford it or don’t have access to it. I mean you can’t fish sometimes because the damn fish has high Mercury levels. But luckily the DNR post it on a main River. So at least we can agree on wanting healthier lives for us all. And I mean that

    2. @UC78DG7ReQO8EzVV3kBxUb5A that is very true and a good point, and I come off harsh but it’s with love I swear lol listen I hate Biden, but I’d like to see him do good because that helps us regardless of political views. Or in my case his logic and values. I mean maybe some things I’d agree on but I’d have to be reminded because there’s not much I agree with him one

    1. @Aro
      Im jo grandmammas sisters stepmammas baby mamma, bigboy, and you smoke pipe in the park urinal where you play with your tiny stub

    2. Waxy boy troll joined 5 days ago. His harassment is unacceptable. Disregard his EXTREMELY juvenile and offensive comments.

  3. Am one of those people going through this thing and am tired of it, sometimes it’s feels like am having a heart attacks, it’s hard very very hard to live like this. Sorry for your loss.

    1. @Kelly Green Awwww! How sweet! Thanks, you put a smile on my face! God bless you and your loved ones! I know the world is full of kind, compassionate and understanding people like you, it’s just the few that spoils it! Wish you the best in life!

    2. @Kelly Green
      You lined up for democratic deep state corporate beast system nanotech injection.
      Kits vaccination genocide
      Democratic fake news murdered you thru textbook brainwashing tactics
      All you have now is Christ. Repent

    3. @Kelly Green
      You have been exterminated by democratic corporate beast system fake news.
      A sad ridiculous embarrassment pawned out by unholy weakling serpent men posing as human gutting humanity from the inside..
      AND you bought their fabricated lies straight into a casket.
      Without Christ you are history now

  4. This poor family. I have a friend who is suffering from long term damage to her lungs after contracting Covid. It’s sad that some people think it’s just about surviving the initial illness.

    1. You should ONLY get Medicare when you are at least 65 years old. What you need to do is find a job and get benefits and stop whining like a little girl. You’re Welcome!!!

    1. Please ensure to eat, your body needs the nutrition to heal, as a respiratory nurse, we know good nutrition is vital. Even if you stick to soft foods like fish, avocados and such like till you feel better. Good health to you.

  5. I’m heartbroken for this man This a legit issue, I suffered from long haul Covid and it took over a year for doctors to figure out that it stopped my production of estradiol (maybe my diagnosis will help someone else narrow down their problem). Felt so much better after the treatment, took the vaccine and have battled a little fatigue and brain fog. Still feel better than before treatment and don’t want to risk ever having Covid again!

  6. Unfortunately, this is part of a much longer problem. Patients with chronic conditions are treated horrendously by our terrible health care system. We are left to figure things out on our own. We are constantly ignored and dismissed. As a chronic pain patient, I understand just how hard it is and have been suicidal from excruciating pain more than once. Nobody believed me and nobody cared.

    1. @Lisa Eischens They are feeding on your misery and you are feeding them. Yes, I am talking about MSNBC. Not that it’s a solution for your health problems but turn them off for two weeks and I GUARANTEE you that you will feel DRAMATICALLY better.

    2. Absolutely. The average quality of life for people with ME/CFS and post viral fatigue syndromes has been found by multiple studies to equal the average AIDS or cancer patient in the last two months of life; and it goes on for YEARS! Even decades!

    3. @Lisa Eischens
      28 years with ME/CFS. Your story is so similar. It doesn’t help that Trump started a war on pain patients and has made getting pain meds impossible now. The medical community has been brainwashed to think like they did 40 years ago.

    4. Same chronic pain sufferer and a long hauler. Mostly same symptoms I’ve always had but heightened. I’m still waiting for a dr or specialist to take me serious.

  7. I never understood why covid deniers always focused on death counts when so many people are also permanently fucked by covid. And also the death count is unimaginably high.

    1. @Dearly Diane I’m not even American, let alone an employee for a corpo fascist propaganda network like CNN, you clown. My country hasn’t had a covid death since November because we took it seriously.

      You’re so far down the alt right trail you think right wing propaganda is left wing. This is the first good coverage CNN has done in a long time.

      Also only one of us is posting with their real name and photo.

    2. @Love Joy i got covid in 2/20. Got the vax in 5/21. I went from perfectly healthy to a mess ever since. God I hope I didn’t poison myself permanently. I’ve certainly learned the hard way that their are tradeoffs in life. I would have been best taking my chances without the shot. Especially since I likely had some natural immunity.

    3. @Dearly Diane The YouTube app has also deleted comments of mine. However, rather than jumping to wild conspiracy theories, I assume this is due to a bug. Normally a relaunch of the app, or running the app from a different host fixes the issue. Based on your comment history, you clearly WANT to believe various conspiracy theories which is why I tried to console you with “Whatever helps you make it through the day.” Seriously, I recommend you see a psychiatrist to try to get a handle on your reasoning process (or lack thereof).

    4. @Dearly Diane “You will recognize them by the fact that they…” No Diane. YOU recognize them using methods you cannot verify, and haven’t verified (e.g. so called “artificial” promotion). That they don’t reply to comments is likely more a function of a desire to avoid useless spit-ball arguments with the inevitable barrage of deluded crazies that respond. And, yes, it’s not lost on me that I’m literally accusing myself of engaging with the crazies (I’m working on engaging less but it’s hard to resist when the level of crazy is so high…).

    1. Where???? I think you are confusing people claiming factual stats that Covid is less severe for certain groups of people as denying its deadly. Stop listening to lies on lib media. Trump never said Covid was a “hoax” as in the virus didn’t exist but that’s how the media reported it. He was talking about all the crap the dems were pulling with Covid as the excuse a hoax. I don’t know one person that actually thinks Covid isn’t real and I live in a very red state yet some of you people on here act like they are everywhere. Now, yes plenty of people see the stats and with that knowledge claim Covid is less severe for certain groups of people but that’s listening to the science.

  8. When you lose someone you love it’s a tragedy it gets so hard but one day I hope for him it gets a little easier

  9. As a sufferer of ME/CFS for the past 8 years I have suffered losses that I have found hard to cope with and understand in entirety this lady’s actions as I have been in her position many, many times. They say everything’s great if you’ve got your health, but catch a virus one day and all that goes away. My thoughts are with you Nick at this time, hang in there.

    1. Same here. Many years with ME/CFS. I think it is probably the same incapacitating disease.
      So, so sorry for your family’s suffering and loss, Nick.

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