Wife of Azovstal soldier describes fears after his surrender

CNN's Suzanne Malveaux speaks to Natalia, whose husband was one of the Ukrainian soldiers trapped under fire in the Azovstal steel plant, as she's unsure if he will live or die in Russian custody. #CNN #News


  1. I look at your thumbnails, fellas, and all I see is you reporting people’s feelings. _’Wife describing fear, ‘politician expressing outrage, ‘sister explaining the shame she felt…’, ‘person A offended at thing C’_ etc. etc. And these feelings always seem to take precedence in the narrative building in the stories. How outraged or offended somebody was seems to be the main qualifier for a story and the main aspect of it.

    1. @Ivares Kesner Maybe so, but the feelings of those directly going through this traumatic event are extremely relevant. These are real human beings going through this hell. It’s not all nuts and bolts and military machinery.

  2. ⚡”We can’t do it, we don’t have the strength to repel the attack!”

    Ukrainians in a panic as the Russian army smashes the Armed Forces of Ukraine in Liman. Canadian journalist Neil Hauer writes about this.

    “We will not be able to cope with Russian aviation. There have already been 5 air strikes, the planes were flying directly above us. We do not have enough strength to repel the Russian attack,” he quotes policemen who had just returned from Liman.

    “I am watching Russian rocket artillery salvoes on Liman from about 10 km. We saw shell explosions hitting Ukrainian positions,” Hauer writes.

    1. Yes, the world’s second most powerful army. My hope is a torment new winter for the russians in Ukraine. The more Russia advance the more vulnerable their logistic lines which isn’t good like it is. Meanwhile Ukraine will arm and boost morale.

    2. @Jack B ⚡”Russia has 20 times more military equipment we do not have enough equipment because we are fighting against such a large state and a large army. They (the Russians) have 20 times more equipment” Zelensky said in a speech at Davos, begging for arms supplies.

    3. @VMan29397 ⚡Many corpses, no equipment and no desire to fight: the remnants of the 14th brigade of the Armed Forces of Ukraine are begging Zelensky for help.

      The 4th, 5th and 6th companies (or rather, what was left of them, of the 14th brigade of the Armed Forces of Ukraine recorded an appeal to the command because of the terrible moral and psychological state.

      They cry for help, they say that they receive tasks that cannot be performed physically. They don’t have the technology, they don’t have enough weapons, and they refuse to go into battle and die unless the situation changes radically.

  3. How do the numbers keep increasing? Even way before the surrender, one of the commanders there said there were about 1500 of them there. And that was before dozens of them died from injuries or in combat. So how can over 2000 have surrendered if there were around 1500 before some died?

    1. Bec the azov battalion wasnt the only unit defending mariupol their was also the 36th seperate marine brigade, the city police and several other national guard units

    1. @Clint Coop they dont if your going on their nazis only 20% of the azov battailon are nazi and they werent the only unit in this seige the 36th seperate marine brigade also was captured in the fighting they arent your so called nazis but watch russia label them as such

  4. Why didn’t you show their very interesting tattoos with svastikas? This is why there are a lot of videos of the azovs undressing!

  5. Lots of the soldiers have swastikas tattoos in other media but censored here. One have a tattoo of their leader with the weird square mustache.

  6. 20.000 internationale soldiers fighters to Ukrainiane Fighting for Zelensky where are them ?

  7. What you do is what you get.. Unnecessary provocation by Ukraine.. This kangaroo trial can wait till this war is over.. Does anyone think that only this person is responsible for war crimes conviction..I certainly do not..

  8. It is a crazy life when you don’t know what happened to your loved one it’s even harder to find out the awful news🤔

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