Wife of Canadian detained in China defends his innocence

Wife of Michael Kovrig, Vina Nadjibulla shares what her concerns are for her husband who has been detained in China for more than 830 days.

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    1. If you guys can find a way to release Meng by the government, that definitely will help. The government do have the right to do it. Other then that, I see nothing Canadians can do to help the situation, and USA can do nothing too.

    2. @Maolin Ren Tell me what law is in place that allows the PM to override court proceedings. I won’t hold my breath

  1. Canada should trade the two WE brothers for the two Michaels at least they act like criminals.

    1. exactly. If they were guilty of a crime like stealing or even murder they would have send their asses back to canadian prison pretty easily

  2. USA needs to step up. This is China’s retaliation for Canada arresting Meng wanzhou at their request.

    1. @g5macdaddy well we’re crafting the path to lead directly to that…..so you’ll eventually get your wish at this rate.

    1. @SteelCom Because…she…talks..like…you…don’t…have …the…capacity…to…understand…what ….she…is…saying. Annoying as hell!

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