Wife of Justice Clarence Thomas received thousands in hidden payments, Washington Post reports

Conservative activist Ginni Thomas, the wife of Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas, received thousands of dollars in hidden consulting payments, according to new reporting by the Washington Post. CNN's Jake Tapper discusses with CNN's Senior Supreme Court analyst Joan Biskupic and former director of the Office of Government Ethics, Walter Schaub. #CNN #News


  1. Come on bro, this is insane at this point there has to be a crime he can be charged with

    1. @Burk Bernard
      your name is #BurpBernard
      & you calling someone a goofball? LMAO๐Ÿ˜ญ๐Ÿ˜ญ๐Ÿ˜ญ smh surely you jest

    1. How do these crooks spend their salaries if most expenses are donated or gifted by their friends? No pockets on a shroud!

    1. LOL nope. Well I don’t about the wife. But Justice Thomas is the key to our holding on to the majority in SCOTUS. You can have her – IDGAF – but not him.

    2. @Darnell Jackson What? He committed the crime of taking gifts larger than 250 dollars, the Republican needs are irrelevant.

    3. @badboyvr4 I didn’t use that word, so I don’t know what you’re referring to.

  2. Are the Appeals Court judges cheaper? I donโ€™t think the rest of us can swing one of the Sups.

  3. we`re not going to get out of this mess without convicting people of capital crimes

    1. You know that means “crimes punishable by death” right? That seems harsh for ethics violations. I’d just be happy with impeachments and expulsions.

  4. Can anyone imagine if this was happening with one of the liberal judges? Law and order Republicans would be going out of their minds.

  5. With Kellyanne being named in the payment scheme with Ginni, George Conway was wise to recuse himself from the marriage.

    1. George Conway and wise shouldn’t be used in the same sentence. Although, it is a great Oxymoron.

    1. @Video Time Capsule I think the monied powers acquire Executive, Legislative and Judicial favor by expenditure of capital. You may not see huge monetary “gifts” as problematic, but many of us consider that naive.

    2. @Musgrave-Griffin The topic at hand is “purchasing power.” Did Thomas rule in favor of a case for the donor? What exactly is the donor purchasing? Surely, you’re not suggesting Ginni Thomas can’t accept donations or payments for work she’s done/doing.

    3. The problem is there are no rules. There are so many holes in the constitution and laws in America and who knows better than a SC justice how to abuse them. Great reporting by propublica!

  6. Term limits are needed either for Supreme Court justices and federal judges!!!!

    1. That does sort of puts the whole idea of the court being more stable than the government ad absurdum. What we need is some sort of regulated oversight and clear anti corruption rules.

  7. Hopefully, the IRS is listening to all this, and the DOJ should be appointing a special counsel to look into it

  8. Can you imagine if a member of Congress did this. And then it had to go before the Supreme Court? SCOTUS is expected to avoid any appearance of impropriety. Obviously, some thing they are no longer able to achieve. How far they have fallen. They need to be subject to the same ethics and morals, rules and regulations as the rest of the judges, lawyers and people in the judicial system are expected to abide by.

  9. We the people need more than transparency! There needs to be rules and ways to make sure that elected and appointed officials practice what they expect the citizens and taxpayers to follow!

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