WikiLeaks founder Assange extradited to US | USA TODAY

WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange will be extradited to United States where he faces 18 criminal charges for leaking classified documents.

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Britain's interior minister on Friday approved the extradition of Julian Assange to the United States to face espionage charges, the latest twist in the WikiLeaks founder's long-running legal saga over leaked documents he published. But the decision does not completely end Assange's decade-long fight to avoid facing a U.S. trial in a case that could have implications for First Amendment protections.

WikiLeaks said Assange will Patel's decision with Britain's High Court. "UK courts have not found that it would be oppressive, unjust or an abuse of process to extradite Mr Assange," Home Secretary Priti Patel's office said in a statement.

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    1. @Freddy Thomas do you work for the drone manufacturers lol on second thought assange for ministry of truth director 😂😂

    1. @Jamie Villarreal what a pathetic comparison. He did the world a service by showing proof of horrible war crimes the US committed. Not sure what made you think it’s the same thing as carrying cocaine?? 🤦🏻‍♂️

    1. @4 Dub If you’re talking about presidential elections, you still don’t understand how all of this works.


    1. @Garet Roth “Regardless, your logic is perverse. The truth is the truth. No matter who it benefits or who it hurts, it has a right to be known.”

      You sound like you are speaking in idealistic absolutes rather than pragmatic relativities. The truth has no inherent “right” or “need” to be known any more than it has a “right” or “need” to remain unknown. That is strictly dependent on what that truth is and what the consequences of exposing the truth would be.

      “For claritys sake, it’s pertinent to mention that Assange is not being prosecuted for publishing any material, because if he was the New York Times would have to be prosecuted as well. He’s being extradited for allegedly aiding sources in hacking into private data to obtain information.”

      Incorrect. He has been charged with 17 separate counts under the Espionage Act that include charges for obtaining the stolen information and for releasing the stolen information.

      I don’t give a squirt of piss about Siggi’s character any more than I do about Assange’s. The case doesn’t hinge, in any way, on Siggi’s testimony alone.

      Lastly, Assange didn’t go to Russia because he knew he couldn’t make it there without Interpol sniffing him out and snatching him. So he made separate plans. But his original plan was clearly to bail to Poppa Putin.

    1. @Hydra Dominatus do emojis make you feel like you are expressing yourself properly? here is a random lol for you too lol

    2. @wolf settgast Actually, the Geneva Convention reads “allowing an atmosphere of permissibility to exist” is a war crime in and by itself. Thus merely suggesting to keep a warcrime a secret is prohibited.

    3. @wolf settgast You call it a “children’s book”, I call it “obligation” voluntary entered into with the other sovereigns on this planet.
      I agree it does take a certain level of MATURITY to live up to obligations. But hey, it is only the Geneva Accords. Right ? And not bound to be implemented as stipulated by article 6 of the Constitution, or something childish like that.

      Maybe time for you to look the actual meaning of words like “child” (person without responsibility) up, before you start projecting self-serving insecurities.

  1. We need to stand up for this person who showed the world real face of ‘peace bearers’ of this world USA

    1. Have you been whining your self pity all the years since Assange “disappeared” in the embassy? 😭Well, why not STOP ?!

    2. @ScreenArts Media rallies, petitions, pressuring the government on multi level…. that’s we can do

    3. @ScreenArts Media yes most obviously but i believe that if u do what is in ur power thn and only thn u can reach a level where u start to make momentum otherwise we all will sit quiet thinking that we can’t do anything

  2. Love Assange’s bravery and the exposure of the evil humans trying to destroy what was never theirs🤘🏼

    1. They aren’t human. Just human bodies. The consciousness isnt human. Our central nervous system is an antennae for, not the source of consciousness.

  3. We, the people, are tired of the BS. Maybe the US can FINALLY get something right & find him innocent and we can all move on from the shenanigans. Sharing truth should never be questioned. It should be welcomed and something should come from it. A new growth. Real growth.

    1. Rican I think it’s too late to find him innocent at this time. Like you said we all are tired of the BS. Please how are you doing today?

  4. This is beyond frustrating. It’s practically guaranteed that his security guards will just happen to go to the bathroom or something for about 20 minutes and find him “suicided” when they return. This country is so corrupt it’s pathetic.

  5. So, once again America is expected to do the ultimate dirty work. I hope instead the right thing is done by the United States of America judiciary. Remit the evil acts back to whom it is really due. No more senseless wars or punishing people for exposing the truth.

    1. This is who you people are and always have been. Nobody is ever held accountable because you act like you’re infallible

  6. This should be a crime against humanity! What kind of world is this where they can do this to a man!

    1. @Gurka Gurkadurka if you have to ask… Hope is almost lost for you educate yourself and come back

  7. “Death is the solution to all problems; no man, no problem” – Joseph Stalin. Never thought country that value freedom over anything would follow Stalin’s rule book.

    Edit: yes, its Stalin, I hate autocorrect.

  8. Extradition:The new Australian Govt. believed Assange’s case had “dragged on for too long and that it should be brought to a close”. “We will continue to express this view to the governments of the United Kingdom and the United States,” the foreign affairs minister, Penny Wong, and the attorney general, Mark Dreyfus, said in a statement responding to Patel’s decision.

    The prime minister, Anthony Albanese, had said last year, when he was the opposition leader, that he did “not see what purpose is served by the ongoing pursuit of Mr Assange” and that “enough is enough”.

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