Will Boris Johnson have to resign if he misled the Queen?

University of Toronto's Randall Hansen discusses what the fallout would be if Boris Johnson misled Queen Elizabeth.

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    1. In any circus, the clown is the cleverest fellow, just like the court jesters down through the centuries. Traditionally, the court jester could interrupt and ridicule the highest officials. It was his job to puncture the advice given by sycophants who infested the court of the King.

  1. he didn’t mislead anyone. The queen is an “active monarch”, she knows everything that goes on, you can’t pull the wool over her eyes.

    1. The Queen does not exercise any discretion in matters of public law. The President of the Privy Council reads the advice to Her and she replies, “Approved”. The setting is formal. The Queen does not ask any questions and does not decide anything. The Prime Minister decides and he is not required to give the Queen a reason.

    2. @Fred I was not arguing that at all I was simply stating that I doubt a PM can mislead or trick her majesty as she is very well informed on what is going on. And I don’t know what you think about this whole mess, but here in Canada, we had a similar situation back in 2008 with a minority government and it did not cause nearly this big of a stink when parliament was prorogued for a little over a month. In fact the Governor General left the PM waiting for a few hours to make up her mind whether or not to prorogue. the PM was planning on appealing directly to the queen if parliament was not prorogued. this was to avoid a coalition forming.

  2. Being political a resignation could happen..Offending the Queen of England..The Queen of Canada..Queen of the Commonwealth..leader of 16 Armies would make him disappear.

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