Will Conservative committee motion trigger an election?

Will Conservative committee motion trigger an election? 1


The federal government appears willing to go to the polls over the Conservatives proposing the creation of a new parliamentary committee to probe Liberal controversies including the WE Charity affair. Evan Solomon discusses.

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45 Comments on "Will Conservative committee motion trigger an election?"

  1. slow hand clap for evan solomon actually being objective

  2. Liberals are stomping their feet…just come clean Trudeau!!

  3. Dear Liberal Party,
    Make it make sense.
    Sincerely, a Canadian.

  4. I have no confidence in Trudeau.

  5. If Canada is a country of laws, Trudeau will be held accountable regardless of the parliamentary rules currently protecting him and the cronies behind him. Canada has never looked so bad.

  6. The big picture is Trudeau trying to line his pockets and bill Canadians on a 2 billion dollar project from a group of teenage spenders. When are we getting the real budget? Sorry, confidence in Liberals…. GONE!

  7. WE scandal is emphatically not forgotten.

  8. justsayupyours | October 20, 2020 at 12:10 PM | Reply

    The truth is that the WE CHARITY documents were redacted by liberal bureaucrats instead of the rightfully tasked law clerk. Opposition wanted them to be re-redacted by the law clerk. The liberals filibustered the vote to make the documents “redacted by the law clerk” happen. The liberals will call an election to stop this because they have a lot to hide.

  9. We Charity is small compare to the Real Estate corruption that is going on. Propping up real estate prices using tax payer money where only speculators benefit. We need a real estate speculator tax in Toronto and Vancouver.

  10. If an election is called Trudeau & Tam are flight risks, just like Morneau, the RCMP have to step-in, NOW.

  11. I sure hope so, time to get Captain Longstockings out of Ottawa

  12. Evan Soloman is a complete hack. How exactly has Liberal corruption become the Conservatives fault??

    • hey didn’t say that, he talked about the dynamics of things, also stating that this reaction is unprecedented to an opposition committee.

  13. Be Transparent Government. Liberals 2015. Release all documents openly not blacked out for review. What bad could come from that?

  14. Schindlersfist | October 20, 2020 at 12:46 PM | Reply

    I’m tired of the scandals

  15. Liberals are confident to win the next election due to CERB and other moneys are given away to public. Liberal party has no morality.

  16. I bloody well hope so and I hope nobody votes for Trudeau this time

  17. The NDP and the Liberals are one and the same!

  18. Jagmeet will never vote against his boss

  19. lets vote trudeau out of power if he calls an election.

  20. Can we please get rid of this guy Canada.

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