Will New Hampshire Finish Joe Biden’s Political Career? | Morning Joe | MSNBC

With just a day ahead of the New Hampshire primary, the Morning Joe panel discusses new polling that shows former VP Joe Biden failing to capture the lead. Aired on 2/10/2020.
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Will New Hampshire Finish Joe Biden's Political Career? | Morning Joe | MSNBC


    1. @Julius Ebola supply and demand? So Oligarchy fueled government and capitalism have no part or say in the construction of viability of a commodity, in this case labor? 🤦🏽‍♂️You really think you’re doing something there don’t you? Lmao

    2. @r3drift The oligarchy wants mass immigration because it’s a part of their trade policy. You and the capitalists want the same immigration policy. Do you get it now? See, it’s one policy with two parties that give you two different sales pitches. It’s really not so complicated that you should be this confused about it.

  1. “And Bernie Sanders is just sitting there at the top …”

    Earlier graph showed he had the 2nd biggest gain at +3. But Amy is a strong 3rd I guess.

    1. @M P , And don’t forget: Fredrick Douglas, Eldridge Cleaver, Jessie Owens, Booker T. Washington and many more great men and women!

    2. @Dave Schultz I had a therapist but I changed jobs and lost my insurance, now I no longer have any medical care. We need Medicare for all in this country now

    3. @Dave Schultz It is the other way around, the other canditates have given up on change for the better, and just try to cash in for them self while not changing anything, because change for the better is “crazy” right?
      Even if many countries already has most of Bernies policies to prove it is not only possible. It is better! You are ignorant and a fine example of proving that you do not get automatically smarter just by getting older. You gave up learning when you was a kid!

    4. @Jones 8 “When this country has never been richer.” Come on man realizing the young don’t have a clue yet what self-sufficiency is about. Free sounds good but what about that little debt of 22 Trillion? The democrat hopefuls realizing just how ignorant liberals are. They are promising benefits to even the illegals, ROTFLMAO. You guys are living in the “Twilight Zone.”
      “We will take it from here,” lol. How long have you been paying taxes son? You ever served this nation? Finished college yet; or are you living in your parent’s basement? You post like an adolescent child how old are you?

      Come on man what kind of intoxicants does it take to believe this dream? Like all dreams, you will wake up and the “Nightmare” will begin.

      Go ahead and tell me how stupid over the hill, out of touch I am. I had a brief conversation with a clueless liberal this morning who informed me I was lucky to have graduated college, whatever. He was so busy attempting insults he missed a hint sent his way, lol.

      I’m old but I hope I’m alive to watch you, clueless clowns on your knees weeping. How Could This Happen in America?
      You voted for it, lol…

  2. They cant help themselves, This was like watching a shareholders annual general meeting. Anything but Bernie. If it is it’s dismissive.

  3. He can’t raise money because nobody across the political spectrum finds him inspiring or even to have a coherent message.

    1. @Linda Jackson He has always seemed that way – gets carried away boasting about things, cracking jokes… generally unnecessarily overconfident

    2. He was pretty stable😂😂 during the NH debate but the other 7 or whatever, my gosh i thought the mans brain was going to start hemorrhaging everytime he spoke

  4. They’re not even making the slightest attempt to hide their contempt for Bernie. “Just sitting there at the top.” SERIOUSLY???

    1. Americans 🇺🇸 Have Failed People With 💊Mental Illness. Trump’s New Budget Will Change That. “President Trump is exceptionally focused on fighting for Americans who can’t fight for themselves and confronting problems other administrations have ignored. This is particularly true for Americans who suffer from addiction and serious mental disorders,” White House Domestic Policy Council Director Joe Grogan writes
      Although this is NOT for the TDS (💊Trump Derangement Syndrom) of arrogant, unthankful, ungodly bias leftist patients; they have to be deported to New York or Caliphate California parks and forests. Bring (or steal) your own food please!

    2. @shoez91 i am estonian, valgehiir is white mouse in Finnish. Russian trolls are actually pushing Sanders, hard. Sanders’ nomination means certain win for Trump in November. If you read my comments, and conclude that i work for Russia, you are very dumb.

    3. @Bev Sputler It must be nice to not know anyone who’s struggling. Young people see honesty and integrity in Bernie.

    1. @ Rod “Getting things right” isn’t refusing to allow testimony, ignoring all evidence and continuing to lie, so Fox hasn’t gotten any of the things you cite right at all. But you are too ignorant of facts and stupidly obtuse to realize you’re being brainwashed by the cult.

    1. @JukaDominator Wow! We would be at the mercy of criminals, warlords, gangs, and foreign invaders with NO state. I hear Somalia has pretty low government spending. Is their system more to your liking?

    2. @Steve Aikey The state IS an organization of criminals, warlords and gangs. There’s a study called Better off Stateless that shows Somalian’s living conditions actually improved upon deposing the dictator. They aren’t Denmark, but they’re better off than before with their ruthless dictatorship.

    1. It is sad but politics right now is sad, at least to me. It seems Joe Biden has been coasting on the strength of electability but is falling energy wise and not able to add substance in his connections with the public. I think he’s probably an honorable person for the most part but the events in his life and with the controversy over his son’s participation in the Ukraine has sapped his energy.

    2. He might be old but he’s smart. And he’s got morals. And his dignity is intact. And he’s got a lot of experience under his belt. But the wild card will come in. Mike Bloomberg 2020

  5. You can like joe Biden and still have the common sense that he shouldn’t be president. I honestly wish he never ran in the first place. He’s gassed.

    1. JDS Valerie He is out of touch with voters. It’s been 12 years since he ran for president, and even then he face tanked in Iowa. There are simply more exciting options.

  6. I respect Joe Biden, but honestly what does his campaign stand for. A third Obama term. As a wise man once said “he is no Obama”.

  7. Winning is “just sort of sitting there?” It’s Bernie! So let’s talk about Amy and Pete MSNBC, your bias is showing.


  8. On MSNBC, they receive notes before talking: “Remember not to mention Bernie Sanders.” (I believe he is in the lead but whatever you do, don’t mention it).

    1. This goes to show just how dump the Democrat Elitist are. They are opposed to Bernie getting the nomination (even President Obama is against him) and want Biden. But then they go into this impeachment debacle which broadcast across the country that there’s Reasonable Suspicion that Biden bribed the President of Ukraine and now Biden is tanking and Bernie is on top even after they tried to sabotage him in Iowa. Bernie will get the nomination unless the Democrat Establishment steals it away from him like they did in 2016.

    1. No worries this is nothing new to Bern. When he was new to politics he used to get the most blatantly craven communist red scare attacks from his opponents but won anyway. People who actually listen to him knows he’s genuine and the smears backfire.

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