Will Ontario be able to return to normal this summer? Next few weeks are key | FULL COVID-19 update 1

Will Ontario be able to return to normal this summer? Next few weeks are key | FULL COVID-19 update


Officials in Ontario gave an update on the province's modelling data, and there is growing concern about the increase in variant infections.


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    1. @jonbification The positive effects of this lockdown on climate change is making headlines, so they’ll probably make this the new normal for a long time.

    1. We live in new era, am nearby senior highschool it’s mind control seeing these kids wearing a mask outside walking by themselves. That’s

    1. Like he said ( when he was with “Dr.” Jaffe and didn’t know they were unmuted) “ I only read what they tell me” she said. He agreed and said “ so do I”

    1. Lol. Still blaming everything on the general public.
      Provinces lowering restrictions, Ontario raising them and talking a third wave.
      No one but Ontario is talking a third wave.

    1. @begpard
      Really, what makes you say that?
      She has a point
      Are you saying the world doctors alliance is credible?

    2. @begpard there are an infinite number of facts that I’m not aware of but I do have the skills required to do a Google search and the critical thinking skills required to determine if a source should be trusted. If you search “World Doctor’s Alliance” almost every hit is a fact checker debunking their claims.

    1. The predictive modeling has been accurately predicting the outcomes of this pandemic for nearly a year. You just don’t understand it.

    2. @Patty Gould Ahhhh Patty, the paid shill. You realize you’ll get yours like the rest of them, right? You think we’re going to forget about you Patty? Everyone involved has Karma coming their way. You’ll have yours coming too, sweetheart.

  1. The third wave and third lockdown were planned long ago. By May we’ll be in a third longer lockdown that will probably last the summer.

    1. Biden was already saying , hopefully by this time 2022. When they woke him from his afternoon nappy, they forgot to tell him not to say that part yet

  2. I feel like am in a Stephen King movie and everyone is afraid of the government and not the virus.

    1. What’s crazy, my youtube player was on auto this mind control crap comes up. Sure it exists, but nowhere near as government makes it out to be. More damage being done ten folds over, with suicides, couples fighting, businesses losing everything. We can’t go through another summer like last year. I live across from hospital, in Durham am still waiting for this place be a packed house.

    1. @Richard Wellington died? I dont even know anyone who got it… or anyone dumb enough to take a pcr test via free will.

    1. @Bonfoco’s Bassets I didn’t get it and I didn’t pay for it but the money the government spends always comes from taxpayers. Where else could it come from?

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