Will the election in Newfoundland be delayed? | Growing concern as COVID-19 outbreak grows


  1. No there’s no one concerned othan than politicians who are worried there’s not enough covid cases to manipulate the voting methods

    1. only places on youtube where the ratios are 122 :1.5k And they just push on like it means nothing lol.. If it was pweds getting these dislikes he would quit…. or any other “influencer” … But these guys zero fcks givn

  2. Delayed because the Liberal party is behind in the polls. When they regain their lead the election will go ahead no problem.

    1. that is true all provinces love their free money thats why the libs do this and get into power they allow imigration to poor in the give them a house to live in and free money all they have to do is vote liberal thats why we need them out now no more waiting

    2. @baxter gale Ok. Just because Trudeau made pot legal doesn’t mean you should abuse it. Stop it, get some help.

  3. The sitting government was way ahead in the polls. This doesn’t help them. It hurts them. There’s no conspiracy here.

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