1. exactly. we are already making progress. why stop now?

      I mean.. since they have already opened up the schools, then we should wait 4 more weeks to see how that affects the transmission numbers before opening up the rest of the economy.

    2. totally agree! We are in the right direction and they want to ease it right away to go back to the same place? I’m so confused.

  1. 🌴I’ll be flying across the border on a helicopter ($1200) out of Niagara on the Lake while having my truck and trailer driven over to Buffalo ($1000) then open highways all the way to Miami for 5 weeks of sunshine 🌴

  2. The kids need a year at school. They lost more then 1/2 of last year. Let’s educate them before they get out in this crazy world

  3. Can we cancel the Ford government instead? Or at least cancel the paycheques of every politician and public bureaucrat until such time as the lockdowns end? We’re supposed to be in this together, right? So let’s see them share in the loss of income that many others are facing due to their edicts.

  4. No they shouldn’t be a March break because the there’s a lot of catching up to do regarding the children’s education. And if the teachers don’t like it maybe next time there’s a lockdown they should just be laid off.

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