1. @Piter Bilt no matter what CNN say We White People Want Our Mexicans. Y’all make the best food and build the best houses ✌️🇺🇸
      Just keep your cartel 😅🙏

    2. who voted Democrat for this current abomination? at least many Democrat minds have been freed after the fall of Cuomo, collapse of Kabul, and death of American soldiers.

    3. @Mark Shelor – the mango mussolini couldn’t sit and testify under oath for ten minutes without crapping his oversized pants and his pathetic ‘flock’ know it!

    4. @Felicia Walker all six of the contested states after Jan 6th have put out statements that they did have voting irregularities. The state of new hampshire put out a statement that approximately 25 percent of Republican votes did not get counted. Maryland also said that they had voting irregularities. Effectively their statements were equivalent to an admission to things in this last election were not on the up and up but instead everyone was trying to save face and allowed a fraudulent election results due to time constraints.

    5. @Slothy first of all Biden 8 months. Second of all Trump doesn’t shut up long enough for anybody to forget about him.

    1. @Satguy 141 your statement is untrue no facts whatsover in your statement congress has power over the entire country they can get peoples taxes an other powers that they have its not just over people in government looks like you need to take a civics course make sure its not taught by fox news

    2. @Yousavedbro Heaven Bound how does this have anything to do with what they are talking an yes there was a insurection by a bunch of trump supporters and are you really trying to say that following trump is following jesus give me a break hes an athiest hes said it in many interviews ill stick to biden an im glad all of those insurectionist are getting arrested and put in prison an i cant wait for trump an his evil cronies to go to jail also if you wanna follow a real christian than you need to follow our president Biden

    3. @Graham Galloway everything you just said is false an has been disproven so many times you sound like a fox news pundit check your facts buddy also biden released his medical records an cognitove tests unlike trump who is the person who was unfit to be president secondly biden is just following trumps deal with the taliban the first president to negotiate with terriost an your on here calling people stupid lol get an education bro i have a masters in political science an government none of what you said is true an yes there was a insurrection caused by trumps remarks he caused an insurrection against his own government because he lost an election by 7 million votes also trumps own party leaders an cabinent members an attorney general barr along with 50 judges 33 of which were appointed by trump have stated there was no fraud and that biden won so suck it up snowflake and remember biden is still your President

  1. Tells you all you need to know. Those who aren’t guilty have nothing to hide. Those who are do anything and everything to hide it.

    1. pls enjoy the thought of the him going to jail….my only thought is he would not have messed up the afgan deal…like your buddy has…i wonder what the parents of the americans and american supporters in afgan would say to your thoughts

    2. @Nobody Knows he pulled troops out before getting Americans out first. Then put them back in after everything was compromised. today 11 Marines were blown away because they were vulnerable. Yes he is responsible. The Marine corps is the president’s personal military. The president can send them anywhere in the world for 90 days no questions asked. He pulled them out. Security was lost. Then put them back in after the chaos. They could have held the city. Their orders were to leave and then go back and manage the mess at the airport. He failed. And their blood is on his hands. The decision he made to leave Afghanistan was right. It was time to go. It’s the way he did it.

    3. @Jairo Mendoza forget party lines for a moment. Nobody is mad because he left Afghanistan. It’s the way he left. He pulled the troops out before getting Americans out first. Then when the chaos started. He sent Marines right back in to manage the mess he made after the city was compromised and our service men were vulnerable. Obama wouldn’t have done this. Trump wouldn’t have done this. They could have held the entire city. Get Americans out. Then leave. The u.s marine corps is the president’s personal military. The president can send Marines anywhere in the world at a moment’s notice for 90 days no questions asked. He mostly faild and as a result marines were slaughtered today.

    4. Take look at this from another direction Dem’s need Trump out, and as whole world knows the impeachment was a load of bull, January 6 inquiry is made up of dem’s with let me add bias to Trump, you guys in America cannot see it, or are too stupid to see it. Yet whole world knows its all political. Don’t get me wrong with the exception of certain countries Japan, Isreal, Australia, Taiwan and some others, the rest of world is glad to see trump gone, for 1 reason he would not be taken advantage of and if you were buying USA services you had to pay. Now under biden everything is good $5 billion to Iran 1/4 billion to Lebanon, 1/2 billion to WHO, Pipeline to Russia, plus sanctions lifted, Paris climate, estimated cost to USA = 50 billion, banking restrictions and other restrictions lifted on china, no imposed, and i could fill page with other handouts, just don’t forget these handouts are your Tax Dollars. The 6.5 Trillion Dollars are your children and children’s children Tax Dollars. Trump Stated in Press Conference back in 2017 ” The consequences of a rapid exit from Afghanistan are both predictable and unacceptable” would create a vacuum and return country to same as before 9/11. What did Biden do? Ignored Advice from all Generals, and CIA and went ahead for what can only be described as political points. Look at news channels outside USA Whole world knows election was rigged, biden not fit to lead dog let alone country, in fact many are saying that biden is not on side of USA, more towards China and Russia. he did say in un-broadcast speech, there is no America. and we are only 8 months in, what does it look like to you the american people?

    5. @Graham Galloway understood
      It would be best to replace trump with another republican
      However , at this stage of the spectrum, a Democrat less govt would be better than it is today

  2. How the F*** can he claim executive privilege if he’s no longer the executive? Just BS…..he needs to be investigated and indicted!

    1. Both sides are in on it, obviously. If Trump gets put away all the ratings will die down. I believe with the constant coverage Trump is going to get elected again and democracy will be dead, hope I’m wrong!

    2. @toni harmon His shtick is running out of gas quick and will sputter out as the last of his legal resources dry up.
      This is a turning point for this era ushered in by Nixon and that whole shitshow…about damn time

  3. The DOJ already said he can’t use the executive privilege. So no, if he asks then he should be slapped with the word he hates to hear and that word is no.

    1. @S A
      Who’s President SA? Who? Can u name him? How about you talk about him & all his criminal dealings & leaving Americans in Afghanistan?
      No you won’t because Trumps STILL IN UR MT HEAD!!!

  4. “These people have only one tired trick that they use again and again”
    Says the man using the same tired trick he always uses.

    1. @Thor Dean well maybe since republicans are just as bad as democrats just with a different title. But democrats literally get violent criminals out of prison for “the risk of spreading covid” in California and also push pedophelia as a sexual orientation. So I’d say it’s pretty much just y’all that are to blame for it

    2. @Roman Caruso You are so proud of your new copy paste skill. Any other tricks up your sleeve or is that it?

    3. @Renda Jones Congress is an inherently corrupt swamp of career shills, plagued by a mass dual citizenship epidemic and can ultimately govern themselves by voting on their own term limits, salaries, audits, lobbyism regulations, etc.

      The democracy aspect of our republic is dead as we have no blockchain voting infrastructure to guarantee the legitimacy of elections on any level of government.

      Biden is literally importing illegals across the country strategically to throw off the census for political gain because illegals count for some reason.

      Operation Mockingbird is still active to this day in corporate media.

      When will CNN cover any of these issues?

  5. Ha! I knew Trump would resort to this! The fact that he’s so desperate… I can’t WAIT to see what he’s hiding.

    1. i hope you get your wish…i know the american people in afgan did not…the execution of the “deal” has been a calamity…which ever way you look at it….

    2. @RM M your talking about jan 6…I get it
      I am talking about the current expertise in the Whitehouse
      Oh boy!!

    1. I can’t wait to see Hillary and other Democrats hang for treason for their attempt to enslave Americans.

  6. Lol…he knows that executive privilege won’t work he just wants to stall. I’ve never seen an innocent person fight so hard to block everything.

    1. Many ages ago a blue lady veiled in black wings banished a naked red man from Heaven. The red man made a place for himself called Hell. In Heaven the blue lady with stars in her eyes is sad and dwells in the hallway where many doors hold many of those who sleep in peace and content. In Hell the red man with the void in his eyes is happy and dwells among bodies where many sleep claustrophobically and uncomfortably. The blue lady said, “People call me Yin and call my brother Yang”.

      What has been seen cannot be unseen.

    2. @R So you want Kamala Harris to be POTUS.
      Okay. She’s qualified unlike IQ45 who is qualified and experienced in grifts and cons. It could be argued that he is one of the greatest snake oil sales frauds in world history. He had no idea how our government is set up and learned very little while in office.

    3. Like when the democrats tryed to block everything Trump proposed, even if it made sense and was non partisan?

    4. @Renda Jones for the sake of all, Trump’s brute force and strength is needed by us all to right the ship so it doesn’t sink.

    1. @Belly Dancer Em also refer you to the FBI investigation where they said there was no connection to what happened and Donald trump? Or do you just ignore it cause they didn’t side with you??

    2. @Cool Condo and they still haven’t finished the investigation, mind you there will be hearings too

    1. @scott shannon so then there should be no problem with them getting any information to find out if that was true .Or are you of the opinion that nobody in the F.B.I. would take orders from kkklown boy like the rest of his illiterate cult?

    2. @All American yeah you’re right what happened in America was a coup attempt by a guy with a 10 year old brain and money!

    3. @scott shannon forreal lol. it’s the people in the media’s fault. they repeat it over and over so these sheep just follow it and believe it.

  7. I’m at an amusement park and you can get thrown out without a refund for cutting lines. Unless you pay for a ticket that allows you to do just that.

  8. One would think when it’s your failed coup attempt being investigated, executive privilege isn’t yours to claim.

    1. You the thing that the FBI, which is extremely favored to the left, even admitted it wasn’t an insurrection….. ouch, it’s almost like republicans have zero power, this is the lefts problem

  9. The stable genius is feeling a bit unstable these days.
    Things done in the dark always come to the light.

  10. What happened to swearing to protect the Constitution?
    How can Execute Privilege work when Trump’s actions were Treasonous, and go against his initial oath?

    1. You do realize requesting completely vague subpoenas that have nothing to do with the 6th is unconstitutional right? And you only want the constitution when it involves the orange man, you just want conservatives to have their information leaked so someone will shoot them up like they did the senators at that baseball field

  11. Thank you Representative Thompson for standing up for everyone who were killed, hurt and threatened during this insurrection!!!😷😷😷🤗🤗🤗

  12. He is no longer the executive, and as far as I’m concerned, he incited an insurrection and his rights as a citizen are forfeit because of it.

    1. @ABC XYZ No, it was an insurrection, and he did indeed incite it. Over a year of his lying about “If I lose the election it means it was stolen from me”. In fact, you know two of his idiotic “lawyers”, Sidney Powell and Linn Wood? They’re both about to be permanently disbarred, meaning they will no longer be able to set foot into a courtroom as a lawyer ever again as long as they live. Giuliani has already been disbarred.

    2. @That Filthy Weeaboo no the FBI said it wasn’t an insurrection, so once again you’re lying and have no proof, trump said that because dead people were voting and out of the hundreds of people across the country double scanning ballots one or two were republicans so you can’t blame both sides. I know you just tout the same talking points as CNN but you don’t even follow things up from the initial report, why is it that cyber security companies with former CIA, FBI, NSA, and guys from MIT says that the code found in the voting machines allows remote access and an algorithm to make random selections and a percentage alternate to favor democrats over twice as often. You have zero facts on your side to prove your claim. And you have no idea the lengths people have gone to cover up everything like hiring hit teams to silence people who expose reason testimonies of poll workers in these big cities

  13. “he’s gonna make a mess & he’s gonna drag it out” like a true toddler, how did we get here where its just normal that a grown man became president and we just collectively agree the best way to describe his behavior is akin to children throwing a tantrum 🤦‍♀️

    1. @All American mommy letting you have some ipad time? dont waste it in comments sections where noone cares what you think, theres probably some bubbles game thats a little more on yer level 😂

    2. @TJ let’s not talk about dragging anything that’s all liberals do. Trump this trump that you ain’t tired of it yet.. it’ll continue to drag because Biden is the ultimate Drag.

    3. @TJ don’t say that Corona is biblical man bc it ain’t and hey u think trump is a lier and he sucks up to dictators and what not but don’t say Corona is biblical if u truly are a believer that Jesus died for u then u belive his word and his word says not to (duet 4 vers 2 )btw the word is the Bible just in case u didn’t know) have a good day

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