Will you be required to take a COVID-19 vaccine to go back to work? | USA TODAY

Will you be required to take a COVID-19 vaccine to go back to work? | USA TODAY 1


  1. Buy a hundred percent agree I can tell a lot of idiots a lot of right-wing idiots are going to be demanding their rights and denying their vaccine that means they can’t go back to work but I know a lot of smart people are going to say yes we need the vaccine before we go to work

    1. If you sre an American why are you not for freedom? Are you for freedom? Have you ever heard of the constitution for the United States of America? You need to realize that if all you believe is what the teachers and mainstream media told you rather then really go look at everything for yourself then you are deceived.

    2. @phoenix rexx He is Socialists or Communist sympathizer he no American his kind is the problem brainwashed.

    3. @Swiss Army Josh yes. Its crazy to see people like this huh. But its sad because these people are created due to the school system and media. Pretty much all they get in their life is… is… just brainwashing and dumbing down of what freedom and the constitution for the United States of America is. My man but at the same time please calm down. I love you and I love our creator endowed rights and noone will take them away period. But please you know what I am saying. I wanna live a happy life with my family until the end and work all my life and all good things. We are being targeted to be divided then conquered.

    4. @phoenix rexx His kind will destroy all America if we let this continue he needs to understand what he is asking for . I will fight if need be so my sons dont have to. I wont start a fight but im not one to walk away or run from danger never will be. But i do understand so i stand by and stand ready.🇺🇸

  2. Tested yes. But forced to take a vaccine, and not knowing the side effects is against your rights! And no, I’m not a right winger!

  3. After a vaccine shot I took when I was a kid – I got meningitis, almost died. I’m superbly skeptical towards any vaccine, even flu shots.

    1. @VIVANOFF I’ve been vaccinated for chicken pox, measles, flu, I think tetanus, and I’ve never had any bad side effects except for a bit of bruising and a small cut on my arm.

    2. @Swiss Army Josh no it works. Seriously look it up. There have been hundreds of studies on vaccine effects. Smallpox was eliminated by vaccines, if your able to take out an entire plague with a vaccine, they work
      Plus it’s 95% propaganda free 😉

    3. @The Unnamed cousin You need to wake up it dont work no vax has ever eliminated anything.ever you cant cure a virus never been done sorry look it up. Not sure were you get your info from must be mainstream meadia it sounds like.

  4. Let all the rich people take it first. Since they have all the money for insurance, medical bills and funeral expenses. IJS

    1. No one is going to pay you to get any type of vaccination brainiac. And fyi…you’re perpetuating a negative stereotype about those of your faith💯🤣

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