William Knibb High Student Sentenced to 4 Yrs 10 Months for Fatal Stabbing | TVJ News – Dec 5 2022


  1. What do they mean he pleaded guilty for the offense he couldn’t do otherwise everyone knew it was him ! There were lots of witnesses 🤷🏻‍♀️

    1. Friends All These calamities that are going on around the world is going to lead to a Sunday law which will be the MARK of The BEAST, Those that keep God’s seventh day sabbath will be persecuted and prohibited from buying and selling, Jesus is coming soon.

  2. This is why sentencing guidelines are necessary. You can’t trust some of these judges to make fair, sensible, and practical decisions!

    1. lol. all a guideline does is allow the judge to play favoritism . unless the law say, stabbing someone gets 20 years a judge with the guidelines you speak of could give the minimum if they want or give the maximum. there is no law that forces a judge to give a specific sentence and you see that nonsense in the US daily especially when you compare black versus everyone else

    2. A lot of people today only care about their feelings, so most of the time they can’t even understand if what a judge does is either right/wrong because as long as it makes them feel good then it’s fair enough. Judges as well as everyone also don’t think of how they can help the wrongdoers to become better people, they just throw them in prison for a few years and then expects them to change.

  3. 😒😒😒It’s so sad 😞 We are in Sodom and Gomorrah Generation…People just goin their own way…He said If he don’t shorten the days no flesh shall be save 😢

    1. @Ackeem Crandex People should learn from their mistakes, but nobody ain’t teaching them nothing other than locking them up in prison, then releasing them and expecting them to change.

  4. 4 years on 10 months to kill someone on Jamaican expect crime to stop you’ll crazy when this young man come out from prison nobody can’t talk to him, because they are afraid of him, he will let them know he can do again on that going to drive a lot of fear into Jamaican

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