1. That better have been the best ice cream ever. So don’t use plastic. Traveler check and cash? Really isn’t fair.

    1. F☆cking SNAKES!!!🐍🐍🐍 Always Be Aware ESPECIALLY when out of country travelling and these things won’t happen…

  2. Hay doctor, how much do you charge for a twenty min. dental examination? If I do the math, just
    Two or three examinations should cover the cost of the ice cream for your family.

  3. It isn’t a simple mistake at the other end, it is calculated and deliberate. Never been to Jamaica but have many friends that have, they are criminals, but as a Canadian I know they are everywhere including parliament hill !

  4. “ he he he “ gotta love ice cream 🍨 as a dentist he should know better not to buy sugary treats, they are bad for your teeth 🦷 and your wallet. 😬

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