1. Today is Wednesday Oct. 20.

    TVJ Videos should be posted same day that the event took place for a news channel. If video is gonna be posted after, the date should be included so we can know when the events took place.

  2. That poor baby’s backyard seemingly leads to the wilderness, it was so easy to snatch her. God bless her. Lord have mercy!
    God bless the man whose birthday it was.

  3. “A him star the show name Taken?!” Jah! Jah! Me nah laugh enuh!
    The community should never have allowed this vagabond in!

  4. This might be going out on a limb but I wonder if some of the missing/ kidnapped persons in Jamaica have any connections to the cult β€œchurchβ€œ in Montego Bay. Suppose people are being kidnapped and taken to that place to be sacrificed? As I said it is a little bit of a stretch.

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