With Biden's Big Wins, What's Next For Sanders? - Day That Was | MSNBC 1

With Biden’s Big Wins, What’s Next For Sanders? – Day That Was | MSNBC


Joe Biden won Michigan, Missouri, Mississippi, _______ and _______, while Bernie Sanders struggled, even in counties he won handily in 2016. Some leading Democrats were ready to call it a primary and pronounce Biden the presumptive winner of the nomination, but that could alienate Sanders voters. Aired on 03/10/2020.
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With Biden's Big Wins, What's Next For Sanders? – Day That Was | MSNBC




    2. @Snatcher Claus Dementia Joe capable of sound decisions with due deliberation verses the confidence man that robbed and cheated people all his life, blatantly lawless all his life. Tax cheat, bank fraud, contractor fraud labor fraud, thousands of lawsuits. He thinks he is God. Therefore he makes decisions on his gut instinct which he is wholly lacking in perspective. Does not take counsel to make sound decisions. So although I wanted Bernie it looks like Biden will win and I will be running to the polls to make sure that a con artist thief who lies by first nature has one more vote against him. I am 68 years old and sometimes forget what I went to get in my backyard sometimes having to contemplate 5 minutes or so to get my bearings. But I can assure you that I am probably more sound of mind with more common sense than many half my age. Occasional confusion in old age is not alarming. It is normal. We have Trump rambling all over the place repeating his ignorance over and over again and he sounds like a fool, often slurs his speech and is incoherent and illiterate. We don’t know for sure if he is just an imbecile or a drug abuser. So I don’t see the great disadvantage for Biden in the upstairs department..

    1. @Kevin NYC So Thomas Jefferson and Madison said limited Government . Nations got as big and powerful as fast as they could , Spain was a second rate power until Columbus found the new world .and Spain became the most powerful country for a time . Do you think the people who run this country . want small government ,to be unprepared for a major war with China and Russia . grow up .

    1. Because Bernie is losing…now you call the already corrupt system CORRUPT!! Don’t use that excuse!! Bernie is an INDEPENDENT DISGUISED AS A DEMOCRAT!! He filed to run as a Democrat for President 2020 but filed to run as an INDEPENDENT FOR SENATOR IN 2024…now that’s corruption to the DEM party

  1. Since the DNC has made it clear that progressives have no place in their corrupt party, I will simply be observing from this point on. Hope the Dems enjoy Trump’s second term.

    1. You guys keep saying that but then you keep coming back. All you ever do, all you have ever done, is help Republicans win.

    2. @Gail Em If it’s locked in, like the Earth is “locked in” to the Sun, what’s the point of complaining endlessly? It isn’t going to change….at least not anytime in the near future….

    3. As do I. It’s my hope dems will continue to put forth bad candidates, unelectable candidates, like Kamala H., like Pete B., Amy K., et al.

  2. Senator Sanders should be given credit for reminding politicians they serve at the will of we the people.

    1. @Citizen EU like in 2016 Bernie helped trump!!so you want the same? It wouldn’t work this time Russians trolls!

    2. @GH1618 It is what Joe Biden said, just before he challenged to voter to a fight outside. Just admit it, Joe Biden is the worst candidate the Democrats have, even Bloomberg would have been better, at least he was not senile.

    1. Yes, we do. Getting that disgrace out of the White House. If you’re not on board for that, you’re no progressive.

    2. @Rodsuper 1213 Vote Blue is a terrible strategy as you hand over your leverage to change your life for the better to the Corrupt Establishment. Trump 2.0 is your fault.

    3. @Allan Burns When you ignore/endorse Corruption, YOU give away your leverage to be Progressive. Shame on you.

    4. TexUS Progressives — Biden was referring to the goal of defeating President Trump. If that isn’t one of the goals of Senator Sanders, why is he running in the primaries? Defeating Trump is the first priority of Democratic voters everywhere. That is what this election is about.

  3. Whats next for Sanders, i dont know. But for the U.S its 4 more years of Trump. Congrats democrats on wasting time on “russian collusion”, impeachment, stoping the “socialist” and then choosing a dementing candidate who cares nothing about your healthcare, or education.

    1. @twzxaa russian trolls dont have to do anything. Because this time bernie voters arent going to vote for anyother democrat. Not like last time. Which was by the way the only reason Hillary got the popular vote.

  4. Joe: We share a common goal.
    Bernie: I wanna do away with a broken health care system that’s cheating everyday Americans.
    Joe: I wanna give you a public option that’s just as expensive is private insurance but hey it’s thorough the government.
    Bernie: let’s invest in higher education and wave tuition for working families and struggling students.
    Joe: eh…We’ll make Community College free. That only leave the average person with a 35 thousand dollar bill rather than a 50 thousand-dollar bill. Good luck guys!
    Bernie: We need to get big money out of politics and make sure we hold our elected officials accountable for raising from corporations rather tharther from multinational corporations.
    Joe: eh……sorry guys I’ve gotta cash this check from Mike Bloomberg. Did I mention that Mike has also funded George W Bush. Gee that was a swell time that was?

    No Biden not the same. We need to finally FIX problems not soften them.

    1. Fixing the problems means you have to go back and steal from your own people instead of stealing from white men

    2. @Rodsuper 1213 No thanks. I don’t have stockholm syndrome. I won’t watch our one chance at winning with a powerful, non-corrupt grassroots movement get smothered by the wealthy donors & party elite and then bend the knee. Yall are joking yourselves if you think the democratic party has a real future in its current state.

    3. @Peaches Williams There is no choice. Private health insurers make all the choices and that’s the problem.

    1. @Devin Smith all fair points I agree, it’s good that Bernie has started a movement and hopefully Biden will let that movement join his campaign, so far I have yet to hear what he is planning to do except to veto Med4All because it is a tax on the middle class, which btw polls highest in what Americans want. The real question is would most of these supporters show up in the general? There are some who already decided not to vote and others vote for Trump. I ask do you really think Biden can unite people to come and vote “blue no matter who” we’ll see, let’s hope I’m wrong.

    2. @Paul Estrada
      To answer you..I don’t know. The more passionate and hard fought the primary is the harder it can be to bring the various sub factions together. IMO as long as one agrees to let all factions be present at the table then that alone should be enough to unify all of the left…especially considering that more Trump and Trumpism represents a clear and present danger to all that is right and decent in American way of life.

      So I guess I am saying that because the stakes are as high as they are and because the opponent is as extreme as he is…unification of the left shouldn’t be at all difficult. If it is and Trump wins again.. well that that just means that he is the president we deserve and the direction he and his yes men take the nation is what we all deserve. At a certain point the politicians can’t really be blamed anymore and the responsibility falls squarely on the people themselves. I think this is one of those points.

  5. The DNC has been vilifying the Bernie Sanders supporters and now they expect them to get in line and support a rambling candidate.

    1. @Alex Hamilton DNC knows Alex too well. Blow the dog whistle and Alex throws away all his leverage and votes corrupt Republican-Democrat in every election.

  6. MSNBC: That way you might understand how much you undermined the well being of the American people!

  7. We will not vote for Biden. Dearest Bernie, Do not drop out yet. Destroy dementia Biden in the debate.

    1. It will make no difference, the people have spoken.
      You’re just too arrogant and delusional to accept reality.

    1. SharpWelder65 — That guy deserved to be told off. I would have said the same thing. I think a lot of people respect others who won’t be bullied. Nobody likes a wimp.

    2. Don’t misled anyone that worker is a fool hi thinks that the second amendment is going to disappear (fool)

    1. Bob Loblaw it’s an absolute disgrace. The establishment would rather keep the status quo and live with Trump for another four years. Biden’s brain is literally melting before our eyes.

  8. “I want to thank Bernie Sanders and his supporters”? Did I miss something? Has this guy won already.???. The level of ARROGANCE is astounding… Hey scooter, it ain’t over yet till Bernie kicks you out on the debate. You won’t remember what hit you…DNC already RIGGED the setting….

  9. “Why am I? Who am I here?” Okey-dokey, Commiecrats. You’ve run this campaign like you ran your kangaroo court impeachment. & we’ve seen the result. Your top guy is doing an Admiral Stockdale impression. Your #2 is Karl Marx. Now, if you’d like to win the White House in 2020, you run Gabbard/Yang. A
    beautiful, anti-war Prez and a hard-working mo-fo vice-prez. They run a strong campaign & they could even win. I don’t even vote Democrat. Wouldn’t at gunpoint. But watching your stunning incompetence is painful… painful.

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