With Covid Raging, GOP Is Focused On Trump's Election Attacks | The 11th Hour | MSNBC 1

With Covid Raging, GOP Is Focused On Trump’s Election Attacks | The 11th Hour | MSNBC


Joe Biden is busy unveiling more Cabinet appointees as Trump is looking to a long-shot, panned lawsuit asking the Supreme Court to effectively steal Biden's legitimate 2020 election win. Aired on 12/11/2020.
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With Covid Raging, GOP Is Focused On Trump's Election Attacks | The 11th Hour | MSNBC


    1. You must be 0ne of those dem0rats who are funded by the CCP.
      Or are you 0ne of those blm/antifa Terrorist dem0rats?

    1. @Bj Lucas Definitely an excellent movie, but no, Dustin Hoffman played the whacky Hollywood producer they brought in to spin up a ‘false war’ to deflect the public from a scandalous president.

    2. @Van Halen 78 i think it was Biden with the broken foot. Must be fragile if he was only playing with a dog both contenders are morons

    3. @sevenstringshaman tronald dump is the moron Joe Biden is the new president of the United States come January 20th

    1. @Tubee It’s hilarious that people think every hospital should be full of covid-19 patients. Where I live our local hospital transfers out heart attack patients, stroke patients and lots of others I’m sure because, and here’s the important part, THEY ARE NOT EQUIPPED TO HANDLE IT. That’s why your local 100 bed hospital doesn’t have any covid-19 patients and probably why you think all hospitals are empty.

    1. @Just Say’n I’m talking about anyone who just says “LIES” as a response to any story. And I base my answer from personally asking some of these people “so what’s the truth” like the poster above and getting no answer. It’s happened a lot this year.

  1. Mom and Pop stores are being replaced by Amazon and Walmart. The economy is being reshaped by those in power picking winners and losers.

    1. @Donovan Martin Just the threat of another pandemic is enough to create trillions of dollars out of nothing. That’s what they have learned from COVID. Screw real wars…pandemics are more profitable

    1. @Christian Olson You must be one of those informed news junkies receiving your information from the likes of Bazooka Joe, Laffy Taffy and someone named Bill on the internet. Whatever floats your boat eh? /s

    2. @Jell O I hope you didn’t say that with a straight face. The media may very well be the most corrupt group on the planet.

    3. @Michael what does that have to do with them uploading a clip of news onto youtube exactly? and why are you here watching the evil news?

    4. @Jell O Actually, I didn’t watch it. I went to the comment section to to read stupid comments like yours. Amazing how many soak up their ilk as fact

    1. Trump is the liar whistling Dixie as we die and starve. Republicans only want power and money. Wake up people before our democracy is overthrown for a dictatorship by a sociopath and his minions

    1. @Shane Skye You teach people to murder their babies, for votes. You are responsible for 3000 of God’s innocent babies being ripped apart alive limb by limb everyday, for votes. That’s 70,000,000 and counting. Your brother in satan, hitler and the Godless and evil people he led are not even responsible for the murder of as many innocent lives as you and your brothers and sisters in satan in the Godless and evil democrat party are. You can’t even talk crap about your brother in satan, hitler without condemning yourself. hitler and the people he led is small potatoes compared to you and your brothers and sisters in satan in the Godless and evil democrat party.

  2. Bernie admitted they delayed the stimulus til after the election as part of strategy. Now the GOP delaying after as part of strategy.

    Sick of this tit for tat BS

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