With Two-Thirds Of The Vote, Dr. Cameron Webb Wins Dem. Primary In Virginia | The Last Word | MSNBC

Dr. Cameron Webb is taking care of COVID-19 patients at the University of Virginia Hospital, and now he's also the Democratic nominee for Congress in Virginia's 5th District, which Trump won in 2016. Webb says you can't choose your moments in politics. "The crisis in healthcare, the crisis of racial injustice all over our country. I'm a physician, I'm a healer by background, and I've focused my entire career being at the intersection of healthcare and social justice. I think the timing is right." Aired on 6/24/2020.
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With Two-Thirds Of The Vote, Dr. Cameron Webb Wins Dem. Primary In Virginia | The Last Word | MSNBC


  1. Progressives rising. A result of 3.5 years of Agolf Twittler’s insanity, and the pathetic cowardly behaviour of Republikkklans up and down government.

    1. @Daniel Morris Trump is defeated. Tulsa, coronavirus and protests prove it. People are fed up with Trump and his clown circus.

    2. @Snow Flakei wasnt the one who came up with it it was Dr Dubois i was just admiring how creative it was

    3. @Snow Flake Just like Crooked Hillary will win in a landslide 🤣🤣 all you clowns blaming Trump instead of China have turd for brains.

    4. @Snow Flake The only thing defeated is Crooked Hillary and now its Joe kid touching Biden’s turn to loose.

  2. The doctor says it:
    No matter if M4A or ‘public option’, PROGRESS ITSELF is what needs to be achieved.

    1. Tessmage Tessera

      It’s frustrating when some progressives have a my way or the highway attitude and consistently block progress.

    2. @Stella Shepherd “Consistently,” you say..? I challenge you to name a single time that a progressive blocked progress. Your response will be fact checked.

    3. Tessmage Tessera

      I’m a fourth generation Vermonter. We Vermonters have been watching Bernie do it for 30 years. Voting against the Brady Bill over and over and over isn’t progressive, it’s playing to the voters who prioritize the second amendment over anything else.

      Seeing progressives deciding to vote against defending ACA from Trump’s efforts to destroy it “because I support M4A” while chronically ill and disabled protesters BEG them them to vote for protecting ACA makes me ill. When we have 60 democrats in the senate then push M4A, but in the meantime don’t hurt people with pre-existing conditions.

      Insisting democrats support the GND when it’s an economic program with Climate Change shackled to it is something Greta Thunberg thinks is foolish at this time and I agree. Climate change should be a priority and until we get a huge majority of democrats in Congress no progress will be made if you insist your economic policies be prioritized.

      I could go on but I believe doing something is better than talking, something I don’t see Bernie or AOC doing. Twitter and rallies don’t count. Building coalitions does. I hope they do that soon. Otherwise they’re ineffective lobbiests on tax payer money.

  3. Conservatives will give great farewell to Donald Trump in November 2020 and then this country will rise again with its secular and democratic values .

    1. I disagree. As much as I despise Trump, he didn’t create all of the problems in our society. However, he did make them a lot worse. We also need to vote out every Republican in Congress. Still, there’s a lot of work to do.

    2. @Lotta Sunshine You are correct. As many have said, Trump is a symptom of a larger disease… not a cause. As progressives, we have to tackle these problems on all sides.

  4. Never thought I’d be praising Virginia for much of anything but “Congratulations Virginia for seeing the light & electing a Democrat.”

    1. forgive me if im wrong but isnt the democrat that is running the state of virginia the one who wore blackface?

    2. Ferret HiggiBottoms : I dunno bout dat but last Halloween I went out as my alter ego-DJtRump, so what does that make me? Racist against Orangie people?

    3. @Bunker Baby dRumphi dont know i just heard alot of people really didnt like when he did that, also the way you worded your first made me think you thought a republican was the governor. in your orange racist comment, were you wearing orange face? XD jk personally i dont really care because i think the whole white/black/yellow/orange face is the least of our worries in today’s america. anyways have a good day.

    1. No Stan. More like THE BLUUUE TSUNAMIIII IS COMING BABYYYY, WOOO HOOO!!!!!!😄💙💙💙🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸💙💙💙

    1. Keep the momentum going! Vote, progressives… VOTE. Never get complacent. We have a hard fight ahead of us… a fight that we can win.

    2. That’s true, they’re winning the, “argument,” with the American people. But, that won’t be enough, without YOUR involvement. You can be certain that the GOP are NOT just waiting to lose the elections and go to jail for the rest of their lives. They are busy stealing your Republic, right now, and literally putting up a WALL around the White House, in anticipation of a revolt, when they’re forced to tip their hand. Be a part of the change, or lose your Republic forever? That’s your choice, and I truly wish I was exaggerating ✌️👍

  5. Well spoken guy. I miss leadership that can form complete thoughts and sentences.He’s got my vote.

  6. Progressive Democratic candidates are making the Democratic party stronger and more inclusive.
    This Chicano from East LA is impressed by this doctor .

  7. So refreshing to hear and see someone who is willing to hear and unite people. Nice job Virginia.

    1. Elen, that is your choice. You’re choosing to not unite with Democrats.
      Let me ask you a serious question. When you go outside to talk to people, or talk to people online, and get to know them, become friends with them, like them and care about them… then find out they are a Democrat and begin to hate them?

      I am Far-left/progressive. One of my best friends is Far-right. We don’t talk about politics much because we don’t like to argue, but we respect each others’ stance on things. We became good friends in a video game because our goals aligned within that game.

      We can be united with or without politics. It comes down to a choice to do so. Please make the right choice.

  8. He’s right, it doesn’t matter what you call it, as long as everyone has affordable health insurance like in every civilized country except the US.

    1. MVVpro : It’s so disgraceful. The rich back private insurance because lobbyists pay them to, while the poor are just fearful of a tax, when they can’t afford healthcare and never pay for it. The whole, “pre-existing conditions,” thing, started out as a benign attempt to get people to take responsibility, and not just start buying healthcare once they got too ill to work, or their family member got too ill, etc. But, that got out of hand, in like a MINUTE, when they started refusing to pay out, for the really sick, because they found they could start listing everything, including “being BORN” as a pre-existing condition. So, we have the very poor and the very rich, all lined up against the middle income Americans, with their middle of the road, common sense, healthcare plans, that would solve the problem over night. The biggest mistake America ever made (apart from Typhoid Trump) was allowing private insurance vultures into what should have been, from the outset, a government run healthcare service. Let’s hope they finally get it? And, get past the giant financial resources and corrupt politicians in the way of basic, financially sensible National Health . . . Smh ✌️👍

    2. Because I won’t pay for some drug-addicted, overweight coach potato?? I’m not “investing” in your decrepit life style. Take care of your own bills.

  9. Congratulations Dr Webb! I will contact all of my friends in Virginia to vote for you!

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