Witness Breaks Down On Stand Watching Floyd Repeatedly Say ‘I Can’t Breathe’ | Katy Tur | MSNBC

Witness Breaks Down On Stand Watching Floyd Repeatedly Say ‘I Can’t Breathe’ | Katy Tur | MSNBC 1


  1. I would also cry if I had to revisit witnessing a man being murdered but everyone around being helpless.

    1. Calm down everyone, we’ve already established that it was an accident. Derek was just a bit clumsy that’s all. He just needs to go on a refresher course so he can kneel on someone’s neck for prolonged periods safely. Let’s just move on and forget about it. His family has their compensation now so they’re happy.

    2. I couldn’t sit there and watch that happen I’m sorry that’s a black man I wouldn’t allowed that to happen. Yes I will put my life on the line for my people!!

    3. @AllNiteLemonade So that’s your real name you’re using on YouTube, “AllNiteLemonade”? Hypocrite.

      And what’s wrong with being paranoid that you’re likely to be doxxed and harassed, if you upset the online mobs by voicing unpopular views? The “majority” made Socrates drink the hemlock, and crucified Jesus, after all.

  2. All these witnesses need to get some therapy.
    It is not natural to watch a murder.
    The impact of the trauma from witnessing a murder like this will have long lasting effects on their lives.

    1. Gramps was in a concentration camp 2 years same trauma. 1000 deaths is worse when the next one could be you, but here’s the thing. Its as bad emotionally as it gets the first body disappears. Your heart us buried first shovel full of grief. Just takes one horrifying death.

    2. Everyone’s seen it now though cos it’s been on telly around the world. It’s probably the most televised thing ever. Fact!

    1. Me either. I have not been watching either, I just can’t. I can’t. Heartbreaking and I just can’t take this trauma then I think how awful those witnesses must feel. PTSD.

    2. @babybree175 I saw a little bit of it when the story broke and had to stop watching. That tiny bit I saw was enough to traumatize me.

    3. @N K I really do believe that traumatic encounters exists without a doubt! Cause I will never forget the 30 seconds I watched the original video for…I will never get that back

  3. You don’t have to know some one to “love” (be fond, want now harm to come) them. When you see others hurt, it hurts you as well if your not an emotionally stunted human.

    1. It would shock you how many people out there lack the empathy trait. We have become a minority in a world of narcissists and psychopaths.

    1. @Tessmage Tessera It’s because their PR people told them to cry to get people like you to believe lies.

    2. @BLUE ANON Nah dude, only you kind believes everything is a big conspiracy. Looking at your username, maybe you should change it to QAnon. Must be sad living in such paranoia every day.

  4. I always wish superman would fly in and knock that cop off George to rescue him…..but he never shows up.

  5. It is human to cry, to witness someone being killed right before your very eyes. There was really no reason for Chauvin to stay on Mr. Floyd’s back when he was already subdued. When you saw Mr. Floyd have liquid(spittle) come out of his mouth and under his groin, you knew he was near death. He had lost all control to control his own body due to oxygen being cut off.

  6. Thank you to all of the witnesses. Blessings to you all may you find strength, may you find peace. Thank you.

  7. I believe the saddest part is knowing the witnesses each have a personal burden they do not deserve of “what if” i did more.. that there is heartbreaking.

  8. This trial of Chauvin is effecting everyone who has been a witness. The female prosecutor has a human side.

  9. I have decided not to look at the trial.. it is painful and inhuman what he did to GF.. To those of you looking and seeing this all over again I pray you get some type of counseling.. This is truly heart wrenching.. God bless you all.. peace

    1. Why are you blessing us? Why didn’t your god bless Mr. Floyd and his family, you know, the actual victims here?

    2. @Jon Dishmon Music and STUFF!! Why should I, as you so eloquently put it Jon, shut up? I simply asked two simple questions.

  10. The psychological and emotional toll that Derek Chauvin has put on all these Witnesses is completely outrageous appalling and unbearable…. HE NEEDS TO GO TO JAIL.

    1. He will go to prison. He will be convicted. Then if he isnt in isolation then he will likely not survive prison. But he will have to be held solitary for his 30 to life.

    2. @Thorny Turtle Ranch Hm.
      Sorry, but no.

      The defense is hitting the racist “angry black man” angle. Now why’d he do _that_ in current year?
      My guess is there’s a white supremacist on the jury, and as long as the defense gets that one juror, it’s a hung jury and Chauvin walks.

    3. @Joshua Sweetvale nope, not gonna happen but i hear you. Even in a hung jury there is a retrial and no walking. NOT Guilty has to be unanimous too. The jury has to convince each other or there is one that wants to hold out and make a name for themself. I had a jury twice in two cases and I was on a criminal jury once. There was a hold out in my civil rights jury against corrupt law enforcement and he messaged me on my old YouTube channel, I knew it was him the way he looked at me. But he didnt hold out the 9 black women with master’s degrees made him cave. This cop is done, toasted, murderer.

  11. That was the answer that we all have been waiting for WHY did he put his knee in his neck And held it there for nearly 10 minutes because he knew he was already having a hard Time breathing and he wanted to suffocate him to death this is the moment of truth we all have to cry can’t hold back the tears

  12. That poor man on the stand. I cry everytime I watch the video. I could not imagine witnessing George Floyd’s murder, have no power to stop it and have to testify. Praying to God that justice will be properly executed.

  13. Someone who murdered another human, and tries to say that they are innocent, is a murderer and a criminal. No different than those in prison.

  14. This was me after watching the video on the evening news for the first time. I was on my to work & cried & shook for my whole 45 minute drive.

  15. As a nurse I have seen many people die, but we were always trying to save the life, but to have to stand there helplessly as a paramedic or health professional and not be allowed to render assistance, I can’t even begin to think what those people went through and are still going through.

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