Witness Describes Early Moments Of Shooting At Boulder, Colorado Supermarket | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC 1

Witness Describes Early Moments Of Shooting At Boulder, Colorado Supermarket | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC


Anna Haynes, editor-in-chief of the CU Independent, the student-run news site at the University of Colorado at Boulder, describes what she saw in the parking lot of the King Soopers supermarket across from where she lives after the sound of gun shots drew her attention. Aired on 03/23/2021.
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Witness Describes Early Moments Of Shooting At Boulder, Colorado Supermarket | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC


  1. You know what we’re all thinking?

    But hey, if it were; Chicago, Baltimore, “Blue State.”
    We’d call it what it is…

    1. @Joe when 9/11 happened and people were buying “American” flags made in China, I bought a prayer rug made in Syria and took my kids to pray in the local mesjid with the Muslims of our community. My kids started learning Arabic for the next few years from a Syrian woman through a local Christian church in order to learn appreciation for the language and the people who speak it. When #45 was elected I was physically ill for days and told my kids this country had something some people were calling a president now, but it was not a president. It would never function as a president. This country became ruled by an oligarchy. I am not really in touch with my Nazi tendencies. I find it tragic that the two youth who shot so many people dead these last few days were not upheld to understand how precious life is– even when we all have these tendencies to misread each other so egregiously. Being American, how can we avoid being twisted up by racism? When are we going to learn to let people LIVE?

    2. @Joe Plz, let off the pipe or needle.
      Or, work on that reading comprehension.
      Or, do I call YOU a “coward nazis get nervous as the revolution burns cities?”
      Or, point out the HYPOCRITICAL STUPIDITY of your OWN irony? As Nazis burned cities. Protesters, protest.

    3. @Sally Redondo Padilla not sure but I can tell by the way you talk that you’re nothing more than a bigot and you think that it’s about “scoring points” it doesn’t matter what culture you appropriate you need to acknowledge your racist tendencies.

    1. Yeah…I saw that too… I don’t know your point, but I heard he stripped himself and walked out backwards… I imagine to show he had no hidden weapons and hope the cops would not shoot him after all he did

    2. @thechariotcard yehh, but who kills 10 people and decides they wanna spend the rest of their life in prison?

  2. Final Jeopardy… Cult America
    Analytical dissection of the release of information to the viewers of these kind of stories chronologically.
    What is knocking out the teeth of judgement in … insurrectionists ?

  3. I decided to call it like I see it on the effectiveness of… “Pithy”
    Comments kept short and shallow have the effect of defusing the seriousness of the subject matter being discussed.
    This truth can be used by tool users to accomplish goals.
    O’Reilly a tool user … who new ?

    1. @Buji What does Qanon have to do with mass shootings and mental health? Those were brainwashed people not mentally insane people. There’s a major difference. All these crazy people have been cooped up in their homes for the past year, now they are starting to get back out on the streets due to restrictions being lifted. I fear more mass shootings will occur in the following year.

    2. @Michael Afonso Because it happened in the same time frame. i fundamentally disgare because the majority of the ‘crazy people’ with access to guns to do these things were out on the streets anyways because they dont care about covid or claimed it was a hoax. of course more mass shootings are going to happen, welcome to America buddy.

    3. @James Morrison I’m not blaming this specifically on Qanon, the other guy asked if thought lockdowns didnt cause people to be crazy, and i pointed out something that actually did cause people to be come crazy that happened in the same time frame. if he’s been crazy that long he shouldnt have had access to guns in the first place imo

  4. The interview was the 1st substantive news of this horrific event, with a timeline of how it started. Thank you.

  5. Another shooting? Everyone will be talking about this for a week, show some concern, then move on, business as usual. This will never change.

    1. Well, he’s a syrian immigrant. I seriously doubt he owns any documents proving his age. A common tactic us to claim you’re younger than you are to be considered a minor. I suspect he did that.

    2. @The Immortal Everything is possible. However, his family arrived in 2002. For sure immigration agents saw him during process, 3-years old baby at the moment.

    3. @SexyWhiteMail He was in ordinary high school, therefore not on “heavy meds”. I don’t believe even “heavy meds” could ruin you to such extend in 2-3 years.

    4. @Robert Carter He was taking pills for Schizophrenia since at least 2017 because he suffered from Paranoia. His older brother said that he used to think that people were following him around in the halls of high school & that people were trying to get him. His sister said that when they were in a restaurant, he kept telling her that people were out in the parking lot & trying to get him, she said that she went outside & didn’t see anybody. I don’t how “He was in ordinary school” has anything to do with what I typed or even the point that you were trying to make. lol I’m assuming that you think kids that are in public schools aren’t hopped up on something… either something that they shouldn’t have been taking or something that was prescribed to them (with still the possibility of overdosing). Have you ever seen someone that was on heavy medications? You’ve never watched their body deteriorate?

  6. the amount of virtue signaling with “thoughts and prayers” in the comments is disgusting. if you truly cared about any of these victims you’d be promoting the many kick starters. it takes one google search with the names, and I encourage you all to go donate what you can to help.

    Tralona Bartkowiak
    Suzanne Fountain
    Teri Leiker
    Kevin Mahoney
    Lynn Murray
    Rikki Olds
    Neven Stanisic
    Denny Stong
    Jody Waters
    Eric Talley

  7. Just like the Las Vegas shooting FBI didn’t do sheeeeeiiiit to prevent the killer from having multiple automatic assault weapons

  8. “thoughts and prayers” there literally isn’t anything we could have done to prevent this and future shootings, guess we have to live with it

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