Witness, Off-Duty Firefighter Says She Would Have Given Floyd Medical Attention | MSNBC 1

Witness, Off-Duty Firefighter Says She Would Have Given Floyd Medical Attention | MSNBC


Witness and off-duty firefighter Genevieve Hansen gets emotional during her testimony at the Derek Chauvin trial as she recalls wanting to give George Floyd medical attention but being denied access from officers at the scene. Aired on 03/30/2021.
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Witness, Off-Duty Firefighter Says She Would Have Given Floyd Medical Attention | MSNBC


    1. Speny Spen we definitely doesn’t need any COPS like this KILLER and he needs to be in PRISON where he should have been in the first place and not sitting in a courtroom on trial. He murdered that man on NATIONAL TELEVISION and what more proof do they need????

    2. @quest 77051 Not quite. She wanted to do her job but didn’t. There was nothing preventing her from calling 911. Nothing preventing acquiring equipment.
      And nothing preventing her from informing the cop that if he continued to try to prevent her from doing what she was legally required she would have him arrested once the incident was over.

      Easy to say and wicked hard to do, especially when dealing with folks with guns, power, and no discernable souls.

      No diss to her. Only hope that other first responders will use this opportunity to plan and prepare. Because without planning deference generally wins. And giving deference to monsters leads to where we are.

    3. @speny spen great comment, if you’re doing satire. But if you are a real fascist then please take some classes on ethics, equality, equal protection, and the sanctity of life after birth.
      Not saying you, but most GOPper/fascists seem to believe that once born people only have rights conferred by having a bigger gun or bank account.

    4. @dayone I was agreeing with you. Your name (Dayone – だよね) in Japanese means ‘ain’t that right!’.

    1. @Julian Rivera would that be felony or misdemeanor. LMAO of the limited ability to an intelligent conversation you present.

  1. I feel for this poor woman.
    “Know better than to get involved”
    That says it all.
    They all murdered George Floyd. All those officers.
    She should have been allowed to help him.
    My heart goes out to her.
    She was wonderful today.

    1. did you watch the cross-examination by the defense, where she explains what the officer meant by that?

    2. As heartfelt as the teenagers were, I think the EMTs testimony was far more important, not just because it helped prove they didn’t take Floyd’s vitals, or allow them to be taken, but also to counter the sick us or them narrative around this incident. By showing a white person, one blocked from helping, in agony over that. To clearly show right and wrong. To indict her testimony, all the hate mongers can do is scream about her perceived disrespectfulness, call her a “lib”, etc. They can’t get away with the race baiting they’re doing with the black witnesses.

    3. @eme eme she says it. She would have checked Floyd’s vitals, his pulse and breathing. She would have done chest compressions to keep his heart beating. She would have dispatched someone to see if the nearby gas station had emergency gear, as many do, like shock paddles to restart someone’s heart. Etc.

  2. Bless her for trying to help him. They were blocking her from doing anything to help keep him alive.

    1. The fire fighter had to make Chavan move his knee off of George Floyd’s neck when they arrived because he was still applying unnecessary pressureto his neck even though he had stopped moving and breathing. . They killed George Floyd.

    2. @shirley russell
      Didn’t Floyd and Chauvin have history? I think they worked together. Maybe bad blood?

    1. I tell you what…I would have walked into the Cup Foods and bought the biggest BIG GULP they had. Would have filled it up with tons of ice and tons of soda. Would have walked outside and thrown it right on Chauvin and took off running.

    2. @Jason C. Sadly, some police make the rest look bad. I think it’s a natural response to then hate them all when we see something like this.

  3. Now THIS woman is a person deserving of respect, and of the badge she wears. SHE is the model that public servants should aspire to. The cop who murdered Floyd should be in prison, and the two that were with him should be be immediately terminated, and barred from ever working in the public sector again, if not charged themselves.

  4. There are no words that can express the trauma these witnesses will live with for the rest of their lives. They tried their best to save a man’s life and reason with those who were supposed to protect and serve.

    1. I will never understand why Chauvin kept kneeling on Floyd, like a zombie in a trance. Didn’t he hear everybody yelling to let up?

    2. How can we expect other individuals who wear uniforms and or badges to work, to trust the gang known as the police?


  5. Just imagine being trained to save lives and your witnessing a life being taken away from someone by force and,you can’t do anything about that must be horrifying

    1. @Vig C There’s something fundamentally and deeply wrong with you if you believe the guy whose neck was knelt for NINE MINUTES died of an overdose.

    2. You know what I get from this? Police are trained first responders as much as firefighters. They absolutely knew exactly what they were doing and actively stopped another first responder from trying to save his life. Sounds like cold blooded murderers to me

  6. The video combined with refusing assistance & not attempting to revive George Floyd shows all officers on the scene deliberately caused his death; this is murder.

    1. I will always remember when EMS pulled up and how they lifted him into the stretcher, they absolutely knew he was already dead and that they wouldn’t be able to do anything for him.

    2. Ummm the one police officer who spoke up said we need to turn him over was a rookie that was in another video.

    1. I am medically and military trained… having a very similar experience in reaction to what these witnesses endured then and every day since.

    2. @Renee Reinhardt i am a black man…tax payer..ive had a similar experience to George Floyd’s. There ain’t nothing you couldve done that the police didn’t want done, unless you were ready to become a casualty yourself…

  7. These cops are power tripping. People on the sidewalk could see the guy was out and in danger but all the cops did was berate them for trying to help.

    1. We all saw it. 🙁 Everyone I know, myself included, wanted to jump through the screen to push that cop off of George Floyd

  8. It is so distressing being a first responder and not being allowed to help someone who you know is in distress and dying!! These cops need lengthy jail time for their brutality

    1. @Brian Last a report came out that Mr. Floyd was an informent nlt sure of spelling my spell check is messed up. Maybe he had something on Office C. And the officer C didn’t want it to come out

    2. @Jen Snow everyone was yelling at one another but the officer. One thing I know about active situations is first responsers need to stay calm and cool under pressure, the EMT should know this.

    3. @Faith Hudson how does she clearly have anger issues Faith? Where is your evidence for such a defamatory statement? If your job is to save lives and you observe someone taking a life are you going to skip off to Starbucks for your pumpkin spiced latte? What in the serial killer level sociopathy are you saying about yourself here?

  9. The stark difference between a department that has it in their heads they “protect and serve” vs a department that actually does.

  10. Watching someone be slowly, intentionally, murdered right in front of me, and being prevented from helping the victim when it might have saved his life, would be the worst day of my life.
    These police officers should be prosecuted for what they did to her as a separate case. This level of trauma is life lasting. I salute Genevieve Hansen.

    1. This guy is toast M welling up just watching her…and what notes in Chauvin making..really notes?

    2. @thesun collective147 You would think so right, but no until they read guilty it ain’t over…………this system is horrible!

    3. And think about the then 17 and 9 year olds that were there too. If not for that 17 year old young lady we the public might never have seen what happened that day. I hope all these witnesses are getting therapy. God bless them.

  11. They basically told the off duty firefighter theirs nothing you can do but watch us finish killing him before the ambulance arrived.

    1. @Julian Rivera I would say she was angry…she had no EMT patches on her clothing. I would be skeptical…she also lost her cool in court…not a good look for a first responser…just sayin!

    2. How many more police departments out there that has folks like these monstrous gangs? I bet there’s more like those who took up arms on January 6 and they call themselves Patriots wow !!

  12. “Know better than to get involved”??? That doesn’t sound like something a good officer would say to a medical professional trying to offer help. Her professional assessment, which she is qualified to make, was that he needed medical attention right away. this cop denied George Floyd help that could have saved his life and he threatened her. Wow

    1. This woman’s testimony is heartbreaking and made me cry for her pain. It’s a shameful day in law enforcement and shows the depth of the racist, self-righteous & militaristic stink that will take a very long time to be overcome.

    2. @Carol Miller It’s not the difference between cops and firefighters like FF Hansen. It’s the difference between right and wrong.
      Retired engine co capt and she’d be welcome in any department. Current and former FF tell me I am wrong?

    3. She showed exactly the right attitude of a first responder, to do her best for anyone in need. Stark contrast with the cops who denied her the opportunity to try to save Mr. Floyd’s life.

  13. Heartbreaking. This woman has been traumatized by this horrible event. She wanted to help and the cops didn’t let her or take any of her advice.

    1. The thing is she would have saved him, too. He’d be alive today had those murdering cops let her help him but they wouldnt. The anger she must feel.

    2. She is an argumentative witness trying to paint a narrative who was scolded by the judge at the end of her testimony. Watch the whole testimony not just clips

  14. She has such a kind heart and a good soul. God bless her, she’s reliving the tragedy that she helplessly witnessed that day again.

    1. Where was God on that day? Stop exploiting someone else’s suffering for your gain. Your cult gets no credit for people being decent.

  15. her, the 9 year old, the others, watched a man scream for his life for 6.5 minutes until he died at 9.5 minutes unable to stop the murder. I can’t imagine living with that image.

    1. @Larinda Nomikos He was shouting “I can’t breathe”. What do you aim to accomplish by making this distinction?

    2. @Larinda Nomikos breathless scream never heard of the phrase? Usual done by the dying and exhausted.

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