Witness to B.C. stabbing describes ‘chaotic scene’ 1

Witness to B.C. stabbing describes ‘chaotic scene’


Rylan Harvey was a witness to the stabbing that left six people injured and one woman dead in British Columbia on Saturday.

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  1. Will this story be dropped in 2 days like the Colorado shooting? I guess they had to in order to protect Meena Harris and her racial charged accusations which somehow she got away with…I wonder why !!

    1. The RCMP knew about this person’s mental state as did the FBI knew about the Colorado shooters mental state. Both did nothing

  2. Add Knives and vans to the restricted weapons list, if concealed carry was legal this story would be different

    1. That’s what I’m wondering. I’m going on a whim & saying that the suspect isn’t Caucasian, otherwise there would be a name & picture.

    2. @Ken Azzopardi Yep he’s not, and there are pictures from his facebook page with only his eyes showing through a shroud. Wonder what that means huh?

  3. My condolences for the families those Criminals shouldn’t have a space inside the libraries .

    1. Talk to any library security guard and you’ll hear they’re little more than warming centres for the certifiably insane.

  4. So is this a new thing?
    Nobody wants to identify the suspect. I guess I am so used to hearing; “____ ____ has been arrested.”
    Like when the RCMP are looking for a suspect and need the publics help in the case. They know the description of the suspect but won’t tell you. How does that help? What kind of a world do we live in when someone goes on a rampage gets immediately arrested and it’s none of our business who that is?
    Will the trial be a secret too?

    1. His name has been released…I saw it on another news channel if I recall his 1st name Yannick and he’s is 28.

  5. Terrible situation. More likely to come. But not sure why the guy walking by is being interviewed. Reporting vs investigating has become the norm.

  6. Sounds eerily similar to that stabbing spree in London on a bridge back in 2019. He was only stopped after a bystander went into a store and grabbed a Narwhal Tusk and beat the suspect with it.

    1. @Level Z
      How so? If all diversity is great and is equal then why don’t you move into a neighbourhood predominately occupied by a demographic that has been known to be very violent and criminal and prove that diversity is as great as you say it is?

  7. Can we please think of the children’s and remove all knives from this country!! Canadian will never be safe untill this assault knive are in circulation.. Nobody needs a knive to slice a pepper! Please please ban all knives

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