Woman Dies in Rio Cobre River in Jamaica | TVJ News – June 4 2021

A woman is dead following an incident along the Flat Bridge, St. Catherine reports are that the vehicle she was driving plunged into the Rio Cobre around two o'clock Friday afternoon.

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    1. lol well the bible says if you commit suicide you going to hell โ€ฆ so good luck with your wishful thinkingโ€ฆ ohh I am not a Christian or of any religion

    2. @Life Time I’m not disputing your comment but could you tell me where in the Bible that is found?

    3. @Dawn P i actual donโ€™t know but when I was growing up I would hear it said that if you do such thing you will not see the face of god so I donโ€™t know I could be absolutely wrong โ€ฆ

  1. Unhealthy signs of mental health issues should not be ignored by families, friends, coworkers, bosses and general public.

  2. It’s truly sad that she would resort to such action.
    If we only would seek help when at our weakest point, lives would be preserved and our situation better. God is able

  3. So sad Rip why o lord why….why can not they stop drive on that Road the Government must stop Car anything that move on wheels

  4. Whole heap a people head a chipin Jamaica, but most keep fighting . Survival of the fittest. Me a run this life right out ,no matter how hard the struggle.

  5. What ever it was, she couldn’t handle it. She was at that dark place in her life and couldn’t get out. Its a very good thing to believe in a higher power. Talk to your God whomever he or she is. Believed things will be change…dont kill yourself. I HAVE BEEN IN THAT DARK PLACE, PRAYER BROUGHT ME OUT. THANK YOU LORD.

  6. Depression is real!! Only the strongest will survive. My condolences to her family. Every day I thank God for how far he has carry me. Smh only if she would talk. Talk to God ppl will sey yuh mad but if you can’t find anyone to talk to talk to God. Ppl please speak out!! I went through a stage of depression and if I did follow the devil when he was speaking to me I wouldn’t be here today. I am a strong black woman who survived a phrase of depression.

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