1. Sheep No More Did you SEE what he was doing? Clearly the dumpster fire at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave was mocking a disabled reporter.

    2. Agreed. I’ve seen real “punching” on the subways of New York City. He was making her as uncomfortable as she was making him; that’s all.

    3. YT4Me57 – thanks Capt. Obvious. Surely there is a better way to go about addressing complaints? Also, she is entitled to use the seat she paid for, in its intended manner. Think about that.

    1. @Diane L …So why do the airlines give passengers the option to recline? Perhaps it’s because they want to give passengers like you the opportunity to virtue signal.

    2. @bngr bngr Actually, most people DO have recliners. Besides, when you are on a airplane, you are a captive in extremely cramped conditions and there is ZERO leg room. It makes me twitchy just thinking about it.

    1. Why even make adjustable seats in first place , its much cheaper to make fixed seats , if you wanna to save money .
      Its funny how people have gotten taller , under decades , but seat place , not only in airplanes also in busses , have gotten smaller and smaller .
      I am over 190cm , 6´4″ and there is no room for my legs in airplanes or busses , at least in busses you can sit side ways , when those are not packed full as airplanes .
      There is an bus company here , that still 30 year ago , had their old 1960s busses as replacement if newer ones had issues … damn those were roomy and had soft seats .

  1. The story should be airline should look into giving a bit more space for the passengers instead of pinching every last inch. These are people, not shipments.

    1. @Jonathan Benitez no that’s not capitalsim, it’s the sheep like you, who keep buying tickets and never complain with airline companies .
      same with all the fees …
      but hey, people are stupid so they get shafted

    1. Greed? Do you have the slightest clue as to how much it costs to upkeep an airplane? How much it costs to fuel a plane that holds around 8,000 gallons of fuel?

    2. @Brian Bianco I couldn’t care less, every business has over heads, it’s like when they bump their prices up and down at the blink of an eye, their profit margins are big enough , Iam sure others will agree that they should not be putting people in seats that are only fit for children, airlines have made seats smaller out of greed. More squashed in then more profit.

    3. @brick wall and if a business isn’t covering their overhead while making a profit, there is no reason for them to provide a service that can get you on the other side of the world in a day.

    4. I’m not a dwarf but I’m short and people recline into my space all the time. I guess you are paying for safe carriage not the seat. But I’d rather that seats didn’t recline so I can use my tray table throughout

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    2. Fucking crybaby Liberals, deal with or walk LOSERS!!!!!!! What’s the matter trying to change subject?? What happened to Trump you Moronic Dem Idiots


  2. Flew for 11 hours recently with a smelly mans bald head inches from my face. He reclined it on the runway in London and didn’t put it up until we landed in Dallas.
    I was considering murder by the time we landed.

    1. He paid for a seat that reclined. Likely the seat in front of his also reclined into his space. Next time don’t be cheap. Just pay for a better seat. Problem solved.

    1. She was told to contact the FBI by the stewardess if she wanted to file a complaint. She has not, as of yet, because she said it seemed to be overkill.

  3. I don’t recline or even put my head on the headrest. Not on a plane or train…ever. Those seats are FILTHY!

    1. You definitely never been somewhere far. It’s filthy, but it’s the only choice if you’re a traveler. Especially when it’s > 2 hours flight.

    2. @Trema I live in the mid west. I’ve traveled to Texas, New York, Chicago, Seattle, California, Hawaii, Canada, Japan and the Philippines. Is that “far” ?

  4. the seats need re-designing so the seats are a bigger unit so the seat can recline in the unit without taking someones space .

    1. But that will cut in on the profit for the airline. Space was never a problem before airlines make see smaller and smaller.

  5. Oh – I just saw the “punching” – can barely make it out + she didn’t seem to mind (don’t even turn around) – confused about the point of this vid? 😮 – anyone got something?

    1. @the blue penguin On the bright side, I’m finding something poistive in suche rudeness and using their seat as leverage to get out my seat to have highly advised periodical leg stretch. Totally legit.

    2. @FMR Legacy from the times of more legroom. They still have ash trays. Even though smoking is not permitted for years.

    3. @LisaPet then they should bolted the chairs the same way they did with the ashtrays.
      but a good solution is to change the mechanic of the chair. instead of putting the seat back.. move it forward and the backrest lower. so if you want to chill… you get less leg space.

    4. @FMR 1:17 I’m considering to getting this tool. Your proposal will be to expensive in order to be compliant to aviation safety demands. The bottom part of the seat shall stay still when aircraft goes off runway and starts deccelarating sharply.
      But in any case, I prefer communicating with arrongant passengers via flight attendants. It’s really effective, and the case would be solved would the guy on the back row ask crew to explain that selfish pig about lack of room due his seat rigidity.

    1. @Mo A so did costs. Airline margins are like 9%. Of the Coronavirus thing goes on for a while I could put Cathay air out of business because China is 30% of their market.

    2. @Holstorr Sceadus Then increase prices, don’t torture us, especially a tall person like me. My knees is pulverized on some flights.

    3. @Mo A if they increase prices they lose money because less people fly. The price point is at the correct point in the supply demand curve. It is what it is.

  6. He was eating his meal and she was laughing. He asked, and she still reclined it more. She was rude, period. I know how uncomfortable that can be because there is very little space.

    1. !!!WHAT!!! Did you not listen to opening monologue???
      What is wrong with you people!? Regardless of how the plane is made, or the airlines so called greed, this man was a PUNK!!!
      Do you think he would have done what he did if the person sitting in the seat in front of him was a 6’4″ Green Beret?
      NOPE, because he’s a misogynistic PUNK!!!

    1. conference Justice well I think he was causing the rocking but it was definitely non-violent and the talk about her neck injury is bullshit, she sat there, enjoying her head moving slightly back and forth because she knew as long as he did that, she was still annoying him. Petty childish behavior on both sides really. But yea, bottom line, all good on the law side

    2. @Zach Davis
      I do agree with everything but one thing. It was the jet making the seat rock like it was. He was holding his fist there protecting his laptop.

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