Woodsville Bridge Collapses; Bridge Located at Hanover-Westmoreland Border | TVJ News

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  1. Why every time Jamaican residents raise concerns about deteriorating infrastructure the government doesn’t respond rapidly when it matters? 😤

    1. ​@Wayne Christie you didn’t vote at anytime either?? Pnp in and out, jlp the same, they both didn’t attend to this bridge, so what r u saying,
      Jamaica needs good governance and thats all, time come for a new fresh change. So put your vote for a better governance and change .

  2. Was on my way to St Elizabeth from Lucea Hanover on Saturday using Google Map.. after driving for 1&1/2 hrs on some horrible roads with some craters in them …. only to told by a resident to turn back because a bridge has been blocked from January due to being on the verge of collapsing..had to turn back and drive back through the worst roads I every seen in my life …it’s the grace of God carried us..our 2 hr journey turned into 4hrs.. I am heartbroken to see some of these so called roads and bridges in the rural areas….it’s very sad horrific and scary at times to see the conditions..our vehicle almost mash up SMH..I feel like the politicians for these areas dont cares… my 10 yr old son refused to come to visit Jamaica because of the bad road conditions and the bad driving..he is so scared and it makes me feel bad SMH

    1. The amount of time and energy each person that uses this bridge or road. If each person had of spent some of that energy and time to address the issues directly this wouldn’t have happened.

    2. ​@Ironhell the only thing that matters is jumping up and down at election time with their party colours.

    3. @Ann Gore I guess? What 10 year old boy cares about road conditions? That’s strange. I’d have just fixed the bridge myself as a citizen with rocks and mortar if I used it. Enough citizens come together it would have been fixed. If the people fancy their government corrupt then you either remove them or you address the problems as a group without their help.

    1. Correct, you see : the people of Jamaica 🇯🇲have been tricked into believing that the country is independent but it’s not, every move that this so-called independent Jamaican government makes they have to get the ok from the United Kingdom this is why the British monarch is still the head of state of Jamaica and the governor general is his representative that is why all the roads bridges are falling apart.

  3. Send this video to the tourism ministry then they will fix the roads, since tourists are in it.

    1. Remember that the tourist are just visitors to that grate country of ours so the complaint should not be only on behalf of those who are visiting the country because after they have enjoyed their holiday and returned back to their countries of origin the appalling Roads bridges and other inferstructor are going to remain with us.

    2. @Clovis Cameron  I agree. My comment was an indirect way of casting shame on our government for not caring about it’s citizens while they make sure that the tourist corridors have decent roads.

    3. Right cause a the visitors pay the taxes here not the citizen..Look how they clean their elegant corridors constantly and in land where the people lived only clean in December…😢

  4. I’m glad those Tourists got the full Jamaica experience….disgraceful…Bet them ago figure out who responsible for that bridge now..Good Job TVJ

    1. The improvement of the infrastructure should not be just for the tourist to enjoy but for the whole of Jamaica.

    2. @Clovis Cameron but as you saw this bridge was in a deplorable condition about a year ago or beyond that …and now it has collapsed….they don’t care about the people ..if it had collapsed with that Benz on it today tomorrow it start fix

  5. Tourism money can fix every roads in Jamaica if they give it to the right ✅ contractors, along with the Chinese.

  6. Woodside a adjoining community to Pear Tree Grove, have ,”Daddy Rock”, “One Bubby Susan”, and alot more attractions.

  7. Just take a look at that flat bridge, that bridge has been there since the 1770s which is more than 250 years and since the bridge was constructed hardly any improvement has been carried out on that bridge, is darned right dangerous and a health and safety hazard some Jamaicans things that it is fun when drivers are negotiating that dangerous road structures ,but I suppose there are those who are wanting for the Chinese government to come and build a proper bridge.

  8. I can swear on my grandmothers grave that TVJ take news from social medias..They really hide and watch PDTV at nights…😮their cameras have no Lenses 😢😢

  9. All over Jamaica most of the road need to be fixed apart from the new road and high ways that china is building

  10. The residence represented well, not the usual shouting “we want justice” , I hope the relevant political leaders realize Jamaicans are intelligent people and stop disrepecting us by insulting our intelligence by ignoring the responsibilities they are paid to perform .

  11. Where is the government, do we not have a government, shame on the ministers ,for a country that rely on tourism, how can this happen ,people must march and protest at the prime Minister gate ,this is really sad for tourists to come to jamaica and see this dangerous situation. Shame shame ,shame .

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