Would Boris Johnson cause more chaos in Brexit negotiations?

University of Aberdeen's Colin Barr discusses the latest in Brexit talks and the Tory leadership race to take over from Prime Minister Theresa May.

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  1. Soon now, Johnson is going to have to walk the walk. Another crappy deal with the EU is no use, and his own party would rather commit suicide than allow No Deal. So, on with the GE and let’s vote the clowns out.

  2. Sure Boris would cause more chaos. That is exactly what is needed. Chaos is when you break eggs. You’ve got to do that to make a nice omelette. Colin knows what he is taliking about.

    1. Too much change, too fast has always led to deadly situations. Canada is the perfect example of how slow and measured change produces better results. The French, American and Russian revolutions were disasters.

    1. @td603 td60é I am unable to think for myself, therefore “I am the clown” !!!

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