Would You Marry without Letting Your Partner Know you are Sick or Dying? | TVJ Smile Jamaica

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  1. Now I know I’m gonna have to check for their medical records before I start anything with anyone..medical records, credit score,dental records

  2. I know of a man who married a beautiful woman and have children went to America live his best life get sick come back home and she is taking care of him now.

  3. It’s still her responsibility to do all the responsibility who she chose to be in a committed relationship.

  4. Da. I can give you a better one. I met a friend when my daughter started preschool. I met her because I noticed that her preschooler was fable. So I asked her what was wrong with the child. That’s why she opened up and told me that her husband (returning resident) had diabetes and never told her. Now the child has juvenile diabetes.

  5. On the other hand, sometimes when you tell men the truth they drop you like hot potato. I once met as medical doctor and in the initial stage, he asked about my family make up and I told him I was the last of 10 girls and 2 of my sisters had died. He asked how they died and I told one from gunshot and the other from pancreatic cancer. That was the last time we talked. So I told one of my other sisters about it. She said it’s because he thinks that I could have cancer too.

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