Wright Family Atty. Crump: Bring 'Manslaughter' Charges Against Ofc. Potter | Hallie Jackson | MSNBC 1

Wright Family Atty. Crump: Bring ‘Manslaughter’ Charges Against Ofc. Potter | Hallie Jackson | MSNBC


Ben Crump, the attorney for the families of George Floyd and Daunte Wright, joins Hallie Jackson to discuss the two developing cases. Crump says the resignation of the officer who shot Wright is not sufficient and calls for charges to be brought against her. Aired on 4/14/2021.
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Wright Family Atty. Crump: Bring 'Manslaughter' Charges Against Ofc. Potter | Hallie Jackson | MSNBC


  1. not being able to make a distinction between a gun and a taser after 26 years on the force surely tells a lot about one’s capability!

    1. @V she may have been confused because of the intensity of the situation….adrenaline kicking in, sweaty hands, fear,…….

    1. You are woke. Without leaders the rest are misguided and inept to move correctly it is truly they fault. The movement is just a show on our resilience

    2. Don’t forget to charge Andrew Cuomo for manslaughter for killing thousands of nursing home patients with Covid

    3. @mij cirtap I like Andrew cuomo and I feel sorry for those and their families that died from the nursing home . Let’s have heart. Stop the quick pulling of trigger on black people. The evil is glaring.

  2. Criminal citations (tickets) are given out all the time. deescalate situations and keeps the judicial system flowing. Shooting unarmed citizens ends up in 29 million dollar settlements

    1. Uh, first Floyd wasn’t shot and number two, citations are fine, quit resisting arrest. As far as the woman, I am 100% pro police, with that said, I clearly see where she could be charged with manslaughter, but everyone saying there is no way she could make that mistake you are wrong, and as far as writing him a ticket, he had outstanding warrants, evidently he didn’t respond well to written warnings. And could you please explain to me why, if black men are so afraid, they don’t simply comply? Can you post all the videos of black men that DON’T resist arrest being shot please. And no sir, not every black person in America agrees with you, because 90% of the ones I know agree….comply!

    1. @soma gamecat getting shot and dying is a result, not a punishment in this case. None of this would have happened if he hadn’t have tried to flee.

    2. @CoconutKev ‘None of this would have happened’ if the officer didn’t pull her gun, either. Again, far worse than anything Mr. Wright did, even if you charitably accept the incident as an ‘accidental discharge’. Police use of force, if not the entire institution, needs a SERIOUS overhaul. It should have already happened.

    3. @Keith Tomlinson how about in nazarios case the military guys arrest he did everything he was supposed to and it did not matter he was still humiliated and threatened If he complained. your the problem if you keep ignoring the issue.

  3. Much love and prayers Brethren Amen God bless Humanity Amen
    Prayers for George & Daunte’s families Amen

  4. The “training” factor needs to be looked at also……the cop who killed George was also “training” a newbie. It seems that when they are training a new cop they are showing off. Look how we treat these animals.

  5. The “Wild West” attitude is still alive and well in the good old U.S. of A. I am sure it is really helping your tourist Industry!

    1. You are absolutely right. I will never visit US as it is over there. Most countries are safer of the simple reason all countries all over the world has gun regulations except US and of the countries counted as democracies the police has proper education and regulations except US. And mass shooting is a US phenomena.

  6. Despite what you say about attorney crump at the end of the day what he just said as somebody who knows the law who studied the law and as a black man is 100% true there’s no way us black people should have any faith in the justice system when it comes to White police officers unjustly killing unarmed black people that’s why he always hit them in the pocket point blank period very well said

  7. In the Army they teach us there’s no such thing as an “accidental discharge” and if it actually does happen there will be UCMJ….

    1. @Craig Crawford I’m actually Pro cop but these cops are really f****** stupid if they don’t know how bad this s*** looks they deserve everything bad that happens to them. I don’t care if George Floyd would have survived that encounter Derrk still should have gone to prison for the way he treated George

    2. @81FireFlights Oh, it looks really really bad and rightly so I think however, you gave onky two options and there is definitely at least one other. I think during the trial there will be some light shed on both her state of mind and overall demeanor that very many have no clue about, and no one knows one’s state of mind except them. .

    3. @Craig Crawford a gun feels a lot different than a taser especially the weight difference and the way that you use them and simple fact you use your dominant hand to handle the handgun. I’m pretty sure in the Army if I did something like that I’d be f***ed

    4. @81FireFlights You are speaking from first hand knowledge I don’t have so can’t speak too that. It is however a very logical assumption but it does not negate an honest mistake. Was it an honest mistake? I don’t know, that speaks to her state of mind not mere physical action. Her being an officer of the law they should be held to a higher standard and that, that has been sorely lacking. Her being charged and removed from from duty is proper.

  8. What about this story: the murdering officer’s child is given the wrong machine and dies. You think for one second the words “sh_t happens” crosses her mind?

  9. Will we finally see the police held accountable and justice actually served? Or are we just waiting for another city to be burned to the ground? Based on the track record… I’m betting on the latter. In the meantime… Thoughts and Prayers and Hope for the BEST!

    1. They shout erasure and censorship. When that’s exactly what they do to there fanbase. They put them in a dark room and tells them how to think and act.

    1. The poor little wannabe victim blaming everyone else for your own mistakes cant handle the truth

    2. @Craig Crawford i don’t know why anyone would say that. did you hear his full statement? he was simply saying in all of his years of being Black, he has never seen justice for Black people who are murdered by police. he was speaking scientifically. the punishments are meager or none at all.

    3. @Jonelle Whitlock The point I am making is that those who are poor, regardless of color, rarely ever get justice. Justice has become a rich persons luxury would be my point. Bigotry exists sadly but in my opinion if man wants to end as much bigotry as they can then they first must be honest with society and society must be honest with itself.
      There was a guy where I am from who is a pedophile but since his dad is a lower court judge he basically got off very easy whereas a poor white man would of been sentenced too life or the death penalty and another who dad very affluent onky got a few years. .

  10. They hoped he ran so they can shoot it worked they slowed cuffing him
    Look at the video he slows down cutting his giving him a chance to run then shoot
    It worked

  11. Others have mentioned that her screaming taser, taser over again was almost intended to make the shooting seem accidental. Usually when cops use tasers do they actually say “taser taser taser” or just do it? It almost seems like the idea was being planted to say the shot was just an error.

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