1. We The Few . Are fighting in the DUMPS..PROTECT THE Children/People . Be Calm. We Believe in G’D and his WORD/ LOVE. MARINE Will protect and keep fighting for FREEDOM. JUSTICE. FREE WILL QQRAH………………….

    1. @rickster Sounds like you think all those cases upon cases upon cases thrown out and the ample time and patience given to prove it and the lawsuits for slander are still unfair. I guess you simply are unable to adjust your narrative when new facts are provided. Too bad. Makes life hard sometimes.

    2. @truzar100 True, but at least Obama wasn’t profiting from his golf outings by extorting the Secret Service.

  1. “Thou shalt not call witnesses!” … I know who wants that obnoxious truth. Those faux facts!? OMG! I think we need to impeach the republican party.

    1. Right? His threat is so stupid. Yeah, let’s bring in the FBI and hear them say how it this was preplanned by the proud boys and some Republican lawmakers and this was encouraged and stoked by many more republicans.

    2. So he’s basically saying it would be a *bad thing* to learn more about the capitol attack, and not only that he makes it sound like a threat?… In what universe does that make any sense? LMAO Your hands are dirty Lindsey!

    3. — That’s right, Lindsey, everybody will go home and forget that ever happened . . . so you won’t have to worry about your campaign funding and future employment. –> *ENTITLEMENT PLAGUE!*

    4. Republican “lawmakers” led terrorists on reconnaissance tours of the Capitol Building.
      They may have even directly coordinated with terrorists as the attack unfolded.
      Was Lindsay texting terrorists details of the building on a Jan 6 ? I wouldn’t be surprised.
      Probably, many Republicans were doing just that.
      That is what Pandora’s Box holds. And that is why Lindsay doesn’t want to open it.

  2. They can crowbar in the “left” all they want it is a cognitive dissonance level of irony that history will not judge kindly. Don’t threaten us with a good time Lindsey. #trumpRICO

  3. Republicans: This cancel culture has got to stop!
    Republicans: Cancel every Republican that doesn’t bow to Trump.

    1. Cheney did the right thing. While her job is to “represent her constituents,” anyone who can still support Trump after 1/6/21 is either sick, willfully ignorant, or so mired in their hatred of Democrats that they don’t care about the good of the nation. (Or all three.) For what little it’s worth, my future as a registered Republican depends on what the GOP decides to do about the CAUSE of all this strife. If Trump walks away from all this unsanctioned, Republicans will have proven themselves to be hopelessly corrupt.

    2. @SlowSpyder So. She took an oath to her constituents. Silly me. I thought she took an oath to the Constitution.

  4. Open Pandora’s Box, Lindsay!
    That’s *exactly* what we need you to do. We want *all* of the facts dragged out into the light of day.

  5. Better to be the “middle finger” to the republican party as it now is,, than to the whole of the country.

    1. The traditional conservatives keep saying “the qanon Trump ppl are not representative of the republican party, but we keep seeing state republican parties in Arizona and now Wyoming censuring people who go against Trump.

  6. It’s rare these days for a republican to put country before party. Being from the Cowboy State I say thank you Liz for speaking truth.

  7. There actually was a point when Lindsey Graham actually told the truth.

    “If Donald Trump becomes our candidate, he will DESTROY us and we’ll deserve it.”
    August 2015

    He was right.

  8. “No evidence”, I wish they would do that for other people. These politicians are not for the people, they are only for their pockets. Read about it

  9. That second guy had a mini stroke as he was in the middle of realizing he is now a part of “cancel culture”

  10. So here’s the story. Congresswoman Cheney was sent to DC to use her best judgement. She isn’t supposed to reflexively do what the unwashed masses want. She did the right thing, given the data.

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