1. @Shawn Hartmann wow thank you !!!! I appreciate you doing the translation. I trust you much more than I trust any news outlet. Thanks again.

  1. 🌏🌍🌎 All leaders, in each and every country around Earth, surely should be aspiring towards excellence in governing on behalf of their citizens, not pitting countries against one another. No matter where any of us are born, we all deserve to live in peace, and have our basic needs met.

    1. @RandyRoadtrip07is and honor to be communist, communist were C chaplin, J Stalin, J lennon, J F Kennedy, Sadam Hussein, Gaddafi, Fidel Castro, Pancho villa, Bobby fischer, Che Guevara etc men with ideals, moral, honor and most of all with BA. I ..lS ..S!

    1. It really is a great song! Not gonna lie, at the grocery store today, the “Grease is the word” song was playing. I sang along lol.

  2. Well, as China moves to a war footing, let’s move past the whole idea of “China doesn’t invade countries.” Most recently, resourcing Russia via NK or otherwise.

    1. @Jane Doe
      China illegally invaded India in 2021.

      Just one of many conflicts china was involved, that the average person doesn’t know about.

    2. @A C
      You see fragments from one side of a conversation and came to that determination, eh? Mature and rational adults don’t do that. Perhaps you should have a complete set of information before arriving to conclusions.

      Save the advice and ad hominems for yourself.

  3. Orwell summed up Xi’s vision like this: “If you want a picture of the future, imagine a boot stamping on a human face– forever.” –George Orwell, “Nineteen Eighty-Four” (1948)

  4. And to think that some years ago I believed that the world was at peace and had learnt from years 1930/45 about all of what we did not want to see or be. What a sadness.

    1. I also remember reading about the fire in San Francisco. I think it was like around 1890s. Oh no it wasn’t earthquake or something that started fires. And the white people were helped but the people in Chinatown were left on their own to survive as best they could but most of them died.

  5. The real past is never as great as we remember it, so all of this ‘make xyz great again’ is doomed to fail.

    The world is constantly changing, and so surely we also need to change, in order to adapt and achieve prosperity.

    1. The United States winning victory after victory, especially against people who first encountered a wheel in the 1700s should be celebrated

  6. The best defense against communist authoritarian dictatorship is to strengthen democracies from corrupting influences and nepotism. It takes an active and concerted effort of the people, to ensure that our democratically elected politicians are truly representing our interests.

    We must also address what hostile communist countries are doing, both domestically and abroad. Democratic Nations must stand together against their lawlessness in defense of global security, human rights, and enforce International Law.

    1. @Buzás András
      No one is talking about destroying anything.
      …..Well except for Russia and China.

      All they have to do is pursue peace.
      ….but they choose not to.

  7. That’s why an autocracy can’t compete in the long term. Power corrupts, and having a mad king for a leader is devastating in today’s world. Stalin and Putin, Mao and Xi — they set their countries back by decades.

  8. How come that these people can never just try to make their nation great, by fixing the stuff that goes wrong INSIDE their country?
    Why does it always have to involve going outside their border and take over other countries…?

  9. 1990. The Economist. China’s economy has come to a
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    1. @Dan Reiser that’s a bit of a weird combo, but ok. They have their opinions and you have yours. 😊. Stay happy

    2. LOL Xi is looking towards the future. ALL should be more like Xi, a humble man that actually interacts with the people.

    3. @lol cultish? I only see it how it is. If he stops interacting with the people then I will not say he does so. But for decades he has dedicated himself to the ideals of socialism.

  10. Even tho it will be extremely hard, we need to cut of business with all these countries that we are simply not in good terms with and never were, we depend so much on China especially when it comes to making things for cheap prices but this can’t continue

  11. We’ll, I guess Trump can finally legitimately claim something was actually stolen from him: make China great again

  12. You see, in Beijing, some people are brave enough to stand up and express their opinions! Even if hegemonic political oppression cannot stop the people from expressing their opinions!

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