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  2. true I agree 100% you have to be at a specific level to be recognized but the moment you stop winning it’s as if you no longer exist and there are so many talented athletes out there all the need is the help.

  3. Lets face it. They all do tremendous work but we dont have the cash to care. Cooperate Jamaica money don’t always turn like that for constant support. America has the money so everyone gets taken care of

    1. He said no care, you gonna really overstand what mean, sometime its not even about the money like that too, this lady that giving the interview loose cause true she know he is doing what he is going and a give back, she make it look like a fe him job to do that, I hate when they doing that..the man basically a say other can help , we noh fe call noh name know company who on the ground for more thang 30year, them noh even build up a gym fe the athlete them or some running track, stadium east and national stadim that about it to hell sad for a country that bring back track and field to live on the world stage its sad bro but deh women deh a game she play that why she flip it pon the man cause she noh want get in a trouble ..

  4. Young man you are just a good person, millions of blessing father. God will pour down on you. Mr. Blake,. Well done my friend,. God love you,

  5. It’ so sad that we fail to help our youth when they need it most. Proud very proud of you my dear Mr Blake. And yes when you do for others and you remain humble. God will surely rewards you. I pray that Almighty God will bless your business, and your health so that you my dear will continue to be a blessing to others. The best is yet to come for you in JESUS Christ Name AMEN 🤗🥰🙏🏿❤😇👍

  6. VERY,VERY HUMBLE YOUNGMAN..on top it,I’m a ST JAGO Oldman class of 67… Humble as we go .,🙏❤️

  7. as a jamaican what i want to know is why the jamaican media not asking the sport minister why funs not been allocate for up coming athletes

  8. Yohan is phenomenal as a person and an athlete. He’s giving and given so much over the years. His talent is undeniable. Respect Yohan, all the best.

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