York professor says remote, hybrid work will be ‘non-negotiable’ in future

York University law professor Valerio De Stefano says he sees 'only benefits' in putting remote work in a collective agreement.

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  1. HYBRID work is the best. I get a lot done when I work from home. If you require Micromanagement then Hybrid is not for you…

  2. They will hire out of India like the call centers do. Why bother with Canadians when all you need is a laptop and an internet connection.

  3. The professor nails it: “focus on outputs.” Employers and workers need to accept the reality that each job (and each day on each job) has unique requirements. Some jobs need to be in-person every day. Some are better in-person once a week or less. Some are perfectly fine remote every day. No one should be arbitrarily denied remote/hybrid, but there are also some justifications for in-person work.

  4. 1:08 “eye to eye control”, well put to describe the old guard’s reluctance. Leadership and inspiring rather than keeping employees under management’s thumb is the only way forward. (I’m in management).

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