‘You broke my wrist’: Georgia man sues police for excessive force | USA TODAY

Man sues police for excessive force in a case of mistaken identity.
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A 47-year-old Black man is suing the City of Valdosta and Valdosta Police for excessive force after being body slammed in a case of mistaken identity.

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  1. The Officers was wrong they violated his Civil Rights. I am so glad he filed a Federal Lawsuit in the U.S. District Court.

    1. I agree, the police were totally in the wrong. I hope this poor guy gets a ton of money from that city in his lawsuit. Especially suing that cop who grabbed him from behind without knowing anything about the situation.

    2. Listen he already broke his wrist and hurt him scared him traumatized him. That he will never get back. Why the police are cruel brutal to another human being. May Almighty hear the oppressors. This days are very bad. No justice no peace…….

  2. Some cops act first then ask questions. They seem to like the power and just need to BACK OFF 👎🏻😢

    1. @phoenix rexx they approached him. He was minding his own business. Cops have a way of inserting themselves in your life sometimes.

    2. In the police report, he claimed that he ask Mr Smith to put his hand behind his back and he resisted. He claimed that’s when he used the “bear hug” when we can see that’s false. Us little folks can get charged for lying, why don’t lying cops get charged too? #defundthepolice

    3. And people will still defend these cops too just so you know. To them cops are above the law and are always right basiaclly but never will admit it. They will always billshyt and slime around the facts and just defend them. And when they can’t respond with facts they insult you. Its just sick to say the least

    4. @Zondra Terry you’re right but just be very careful with the pigs when they do get in you’re way. As you can see they do stink and will hurt you or get you in trouble always. Snd most of those cops dont know the law really they just work say by day and do as their trained. Most of them are really just hypocrites

    1. yea… we took it away from the Seattle cops, now we have a shtt hole in the middle of the city O_O

    2. @2bRealist your a white supremacist. The cops left chaz and peace broke out. You just have an evil heart, evil mind, evil spirit….work on it.

  3. I read a article 2 years ago that said Georgia was the best place for young African-American professionals to go and start their young career for it was “wakanda.” Boy was that article fake news for Georgia sure looks like Mississippi burning in 1961. Disband the blue gang and rehire the “good” cops that know the law. Have harsh penalties for police officers that infringe upon a citizens right. Black people are citizens aren’t they?

  4. That one cop should not have did that without knowing what was going on. He definitely deserves to be paid and all his medical expenses covered.

    1. From my experience it’s usually the second cop on the scene who causes the most damage. He didnt ask any questions. He assumed the man was guilty of something. He should be arrested for assault.

  5. Please get the guy who came up behind & assaulted him like that in trouble! And that guy who said “so this isn’t the guy with the warrant?”… wtf why tackle him and bend his wrists back without any knowledge of the situation going on? I hope he gets medical attention just a man minding his own business ):

    1. @06evo4g63 I’m sorry I offended you officer, blue lives matter you say? 5 million sound about right. 2.5 million from tax payers and 2.5 million from the police union. An example needs to be made, 700k is a slap on the wrist thus they will do it again. If they bankrupt their police department that’s their fault, start again, rehire good cops and file for chapter 11.

    2. @Crown Ary you just assume i support the police? you want to hand over 5 mil of the peoples money for a broken wrist? nice logic bud. paying settlements with the taxpayers money will never make an example. the officers need to be personally held financially responsible and you would most likely see less of this.. get a grip

    3. 06evo4g63 Fellow citizen. I think the point Crown Ary is making is that the punishment should be very harsh so bad cops like him think twice before they do these kind of stuff and the good cops step in when they see stuff like this.

    4. @06evo4g63 The point is hitting them where it hurts. It’s supposed to be an “absurd” amount to make an actual impact.

  6. Sir I’m so sorry. These officers should be fired and charged. Do something everyone. Please. I’m a white woman of 70 with black grandchildren. Grown. I worry everyday I text them an tell them be careful. Lord please help .. I’m afraid for the blacks

    1. If you look at the officer that slammed the dude and see his stripes, he’s actually the supervisor the one that should know best actually smh

  7. This video is heavily edited. The full video is despicable. He complied the whole time. Gave him his ID without hesitation and still got f’d up!

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