“You don’t want this”: Wild parsnip lands Ont. man in hospital with severe burns

Jayson Delorme shares harrowing story of serious burns caused by a brush with wild parsnip. CTV's Jeremie Charron reports.

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    1. @mrpotatohead and hisfantastic eyebrows lmao dumbest thing I’ve ever read. Phytophoto dermatitis is NOT an STI! BTW your showing your lack of education by using STD. They are called sexually transmitted infections.

    2. @IthinkthereforeIam OrsoIthought yard! & exactly which plant caused it that I came in contact with

    1. @Don Greek Don’t do that. edit, 1st yr tuber can be eaten raw but without experience it is highly inadvisable.

  1. we have some plants like this on Vancouver Island. It might look harmless but will do worse than this. you need to respect nature because it doesn’t respect you

  2. Negligent in inaccurate description it can grow up to 2m, toxin is photo reactive, also it can cause 3rd degree burns not just 2nd degree

  3. Would be useful to know its botanic name and eradication methods. Otherwise this is just a scare story.

  4. I saw many plants along 5he Highway from Sudbury to Thunder Bay in 2018. Why aren’t they destroying these plants.

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